How to find a person in the periscope

We have already written different articles on how to do something in the periscope, but have not yet been told about how to find a person in the periscope.

But in fact, it is quite important information, because if you do not find users who are interesting to watch, then the social network itself becomes meaningless, because you have no broadcasts and no one to watch. Let's learn how to find people in the periscope and friends.

How to find friends in the periscope

How to find friends in the periscope

You can search in the periscope in different ways, for example:

  • You can search for accurate nickname;
  • You can search by name;
  • You can search by last name;
  • So that the search was more accurate, it is worth writing and the name, and the surname.

How to find friends in the periscope

To find exactly your friend, the best algorithm is:

  • Look at its exact nickname on Twitter or Vkontakte.
  • Learn from him as he registered through the phone or twitter.
  • Find out the exact nickname.
  • After that, click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the left and enter the exact nickname of your friend.
  • After the search is issued to people, choose your friend (it can be only one and other people there will be no) and click add it to friends.

How to find a user in the periscope

How to find a user in the periscope

If you want to just see the various users in the periscope, and not a specific friend, you can also do this and look for different people and see their video in the entry or direct broadcast. We do this:

  • Click on the magnifier icon from above on the left.
  • We drive into the search is simply the name or what will make up. You can enter your city, country, club or whatever you want.
  • We look at various people and who like - subscribe.

The search procedure is actually satisfied simple, the most important thing you need to decide who you want to find and what you are looking for it (if it's just any user).

For example, if I wanted to find a person connected with bodybuilding, I would first have written in the search word "body-building" , "fitness" and the like. Thus, began to search by category.

We hope that we were able to help you, but if you have any questions, write them in the comments.

How to find a person in Periscope, we use the search correctly

Periscope is a service that allows people from different cities and countries to see each other's world. This is the fastest growing network over the past year, in almost a couple of days the number of users who installed the application exceeded 10 million. The first question arises from any person, is how to find a person in the periscope. In fact, it is not at all difficult and we will tell you about it below.


Why do you need periscope?

In this article, you will learn how to put likes in the periscope, is it possible to remove them and what they give likes in the periscope. Almost all social networks there are husky or their analogues, this action fixes ...Periscope was created with the aim of bringing together people from "different worlds" and open them new opportunities. In this program you can become a real director and share your life with other people. This is an improved alternative to the popular Skype program. Only now you can communicate not only with one person, but at least with millions and at the same time be anywhere.

If you think that the role of the director does not suit you, then accept the appearance of the active viewer. Move into the worlds of different people, watch the life of interesting personalities. By the way, world stars also loved this network and pretty much of them regularly be on the ether. Put the hearts for good ethers, write comments and stay always in touch. But to start using the periscope, it is necessary to study the specifics of its search. To start watching ethers, you need to know how to find a person in Periscope, and read about it below.

Search parameters

To understand how to find friends in the periscope, you should figure out the features of the search engine itself. In the periscope, the search for people is available in several ways. So, first, you need to know how your friend is signed on another social network. Very often, for example, in Instagram, you can see links in the user profile for other social networks. It is also the situation, for example, with VKontakte. By the way, to score more views and collect people around themselves, people are divided into preceding ether in their instagram. If you follow the person interested in the networks, then you are unlikely to be asked about how to find a user in Periscope.

If you know what the App Store is and how to search in it apps, ...

If you have not forgotten, this network was based on the creator of Twitter, therefore these are two inseparable components. If a person registered in the program through Twitter, then it is enough to know his nickname in this service. Of course, if registration passes through a mobile phone, he himself is free to choose a name.

But many people do not even think about the name and choose exactly the same as they stand in other services. You can try to search for a person based on its data in other networks.

If you are in close relationship with the person you are interested in, then try searching by location. Just enter the city and look for the desired broadcast.

So, we dealt with the search parameters, now let's go to how to search in the periscope.

How to find friends in the periscope?

We already know how we can learn nickname or username, now you need to understand where the search is in the periscope and how it works. To use the search, simply enter the name or nickname in the user, depending on which data is known to you. If you find someone you were looking for, just subscribe to it. Now the user's esters are available. When a person wants to contact his public, you will be notified about it. But if at this time you will be occupied, then you can view the broadcast during the day.

So, to understand how to look for a user in the periscope, you need to deal with those who are interested in you. After all, looking uninteresting to you broadcast is to spend your time. If you, for example, subscribed to Alain, which travels regularly, you can try to trace the people you will recommend the service, and which are in subscriptions from the girl.

The question of how to look for people in Periscope will be allowed only after you understand who you are interested in watching, and what life like you. Subscribe to those who are actively reading on Twitter and whose life you really like. If you have noticed active participants in the comments that are divided by their emotions and support an active conversation, then users can be useful and interesting for you. After you learn a nickname or a person's name, the question of how to find a user in Periscope can be considered solved.

If you use Periscope not just as a viewer, but create broadcasts, you most likely wondered how to remove broadcast in the periscope. Perhaps you did not want to run a broadcast or ...

So, to find out how to find friends in Periscope, you need to find out the contact details of the person and enter them into the search string. Availability of friends in this service allows you to follow the life of other people and every day to be in different places. You can also share your broadcasts and visit the role of this director of your life. Choose what you like and be an active user of the service.

The unique features of the Periscope platform, allow it to stand out among its competitors. Video materials can be viewed in the record, going to the user profile page you can see and evaluate them. There is an opportunity to limit the number of viewers by sending an invitation to a certain circle of persons. The Periscope service is distinguished by an ever-growing audience that is configured very positive. On the periscope you can see subscribers and visitors present on the broadcast and their location. The actual question arises, how to find a person in the periscope Since it is not as interesting on random users as, for example, on well-known bloggers, stars or politicians. Periscope Search for people

[Notification Type = »Alert-Info» Close = »False»] Many people know that each participant has two ways for which a person can be found: Nick and username. [/ notification]

The first value takes, as a rule, from the twitter account or the user independently indicates it when registering through a phone number. But usually nickname from Twitter, so you can look for a person to friends of this social network.

How to look for a person in the periscope by name

When specifying the name and surname of the right person in the search bar, there is also a chance to find it. You can still find an accurate nickname, and write it in the search. People often indicate their nickname in other social networks.

Go to the mock
Click on the search
Search line
We enter nickname / name
how to look for friends in the periscope
Button Start Read
Search for people in the periscope
Read user

By subscribing to an interesting person, notifications will be regularly coming to the start of its broadcasts. When you pass an interesting video material, you can re-view through the main page of the application during the day. This person can come to you recommendations to subscribe to other platform participants. During online broadcasts, you can leave comments in the chat, communicate with subscribers, make new acquaintances. The circle of communication will be gradually replenished thanks to a unique service. By the way, you can now download the video from the periscope directly to the computer, this is described in our instruction.

To find out how to find a person in the periscope, you need to decide with your interests or attend the popular channels in the program. This mobile service from Twitter, so you can sign on videos of those people who are already signed in the social network. You can also join your channel followers from Twitter or just random participants. At the beginning of the broadcast, potential viewers receive notification from the application. The link to your roller can be sent to your profile, and then anyone can join the view, and put the husky to your idol.

First of all, to find friends in the periscope, you should be sure that these friends use periscope. The application itself is associated with a tweeter, and therefore the easiest to look for friends who use periscope through this social network. Further, everything is simple, we open the periscope to find the Users tab, the one where several people stand a bunch and press the Search button. After that, in the search bar, we introduce the name of a person who is looking for, in other words, the nickname under which he is registered in the periscope (usually coincides with the name on Twitter). When a person is found, put a tick against his name and you are signed on the broadcast of this person.

To benefit from the time spent in Periscope, it is best to connect to broadcasts that coincide with your interests. To find such participants, you can see the subscriptions of people with similar hobbies. Otherwise, you will receive a lot of information debris. The program itself will offer you a list of those people you have already subscribed to twitter. It can also be well-known personalities from the world of politics, musicians, bloggers, and so on. Users who are planning to subscribe should regularly broadcast their video broadcasts. Otherwise, it makes no sense to subscribe to these people. Periscope Search

How to find friends in the periscope ─ The principle of searching for people you wanted to subscribe is similar to other social networks. After the subscription to you will receive notifications about broadcasts. From the main page you can see the replay during the day. You will receive invitations from other network participants.

Take advantage of PODSCOPE

  1. Open the application go to the settings: How to find a person in Periscope
  2. Click on the search icon in the periscope: Naiti-Chelovek-V-Periscope
  3. Enter the username, surname, or login if you know it: KAK-NAITI-CHELOVEKA-V-PERISCOPE6
  4. Press the person's profile, then click "Read" to subscribe to this user.

In the tab with images of a group of people, you can use the search function. The central place is occupied here recommended users. You can arrange a subscription using a human symbol on the username. There is an opportunity to also look for participants on Nickname from Twitter or, pointing the surname in the search bar.

You can find friends in Periscope through "Search"

Often an interesting personality can be determined by the number of subscribers and the number of "hearts". If a lot of people signed on a person, it means that he is engaged in something unusual or leads a saturated life. Inquisitive people can be connected to transmissions worldwide. After you have found friends, you can put like them during the broadcast. KAK-NAITI-CHELOVEKA-V-PERISCOPE5

There are various ways, How to find friends in the periscope. For example, you can enter a visit to the video broadcast. To do this, just click on the number of people. At this point, you can see their interests, choose a participant who want to subscribe. This opportunity can be used after the end of the video broadcasting within 24 hours. Thus, you can find any person in the periscope by name or surname.

The number of participants of the program product from Twitter is growing rapidly. Download and install Periscope at your smartphone is very simple. With a user-friendly interface, any user can cope. It remains only to add friends, subscribe to interesting users and view their videos. This application contributes to the unification of people, allowing them to develop and lead a saturated life.

Find an ordinary user or star in Periscope is not easy. Now it became an urgent question "How to find a person in the periscope application", because at random users they will not leave.



Let's consider all the nuances to find people you need. Everything will be considered on the example.

How to find a user in the periscope

As you probably noticed, each user has two properties for which you can find. The first is the nickname itself and the second - the username. Naiti-Druzei-V-PeriscKopeThe first parameter is usually taken from the twitter of the account, or the user writes it itself when registering through the phone. Most often, this nickname is taken from Twitter, so you can safely break through users to friends of this social network.

If you write in the search just the name and surname, then there is also the likelihood that you will find the person you need.


Well, the last option is the easiest, just find its exact nickname and write in the search. He can point it to VC or other social networks.

How to find Davidich in the periscope

I decided to conduct an experiment and without unnecessary information to find such a well-known car survey as Davidich. I spent no more than half a minute. Naiti-Druzei-V-PeriscKopeWrite in the search for Davidich and begin the search. As always, you will come across many different fake accounts, but in Periscope there is one big advantage and these are subscribers.

It is for them that a real user account can be defined. If there are many more them, it is probably a real profile.


True, consider another nuance, one user can have several accounts. Just look a broadcast and you will see, or found a person you need.


The most effective way to search for a person in such a social network as a periscope, perhaps it remains easy to find a nickname in other original networks. In the live search, you just have to check for translations.

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How to find a person in the periscope?

Periscope not so long ago went into our lives and some is quite difficult to get used to the new platform and understand all the functionality. If you decide to find a certain person, and not just move around the world map, then you need to do the actions that I set out in my example below. How to look for people in the periscope? You can in two ways: on nickname and name.

Let's find for the example of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Alas, but I do not know what nickname from Arnold, so we will look for a second way.

How to find a person in the periscope?So, go to our periscope and open the page Users - the first icon on the right below. Before you there will be a list of popular users of the periscope. We look at the upper left corner and we are looking for a magnifying glass, which will lead us to the search page. Enter the desired request and you will find a person.

At the Schwarzenegger avatar at the top you can see a tick, it suggests that this page is real, others can go around the party, of course, if you do not look for another person with the same name?! On some devices, the application may differ in design, icons can be a little different place, for example, at the top of the screen.

Immediately, as you find a person in Periscope - become his reader, in order to keep track of all its new broadcasts. You can make it directly on the search page by clicking on the appropriate icon, or go to the person's profile and subscribe to it by clicking on the read button.

If you know a man's nickname in Twitter can enter it into the search if he is registered in Periscope, then you will find it!

If you go to the periscope from the computer using Bluestacks then, note that the search icon here is located at the bottom of the screen - this is exactly what I mentioned earlier. How to find a person in Periscope - Results

I hope you understand how to find a person in the periscope?! If you want to increase the number of people who will read you visit the schedule on the periscope. Good search and large discoveries!

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