Top 50 Gifts Boy (Son) 7-8 years for New Year: Toys 2021

Top 50 Gifts Boy 7-8 years for New Year

What to give a boy for 7-8 years for the new year? Even middle-income parents are often lost before the holiday. On the one hand, the market is filled with goods, on the other - it is impossible to concentrate on something one, and it seems to buy nothing.

New Year Santa Claus cones

Here are 50 ideas to help parents. If the gift does not fit literally, then at least the direction in which you can move.

Typewriters and other toys

Many parents think: if the child is Doros to school, then he no longer needs toys. They are mistaken. In stores a huge range of fun, which will be interesting to the workers even at this age.

  • Blaster Elite Firestroke and Target - Suitable for shooters of shooters and compete in the accuracy with friends. A laser sight is built into the weapon, so you can even play in the dark winter evening.
  • Hasbro race game - A fascinating game for future motorists. Players wear a bandage with an accelerometer and run away, trying to not exceed the speed.
  • Machine-flipper on radio gesture - Trick all-terrain vehicle, which performs a turn on 360 degrees and is controlled from the bracelet worn on hand.
  • Big set Spin Master Bakugan Battle - Alien beings that initially have a shape of a ball. But it is worth throwing them - they turn into gigantic monsters.
  • Electronic Designer "Smart Machine" - The toy for a child who dreams about the profession of the autocontstructor.
  • Interactive figures Star Wars Hasbro - Not all dolls for girls, the boys are playing some willingly.
  • Spyware Spy x catch a signal at a distance of up to 30 meters, so the partner of the agent 007 from the neighboring house will always be in touch.
  • Night vision spy glasses SPY X. What scout will cost without such a gadget? The device allows you to see at night at a distance of 7 meters.
  • 3D puzzle - Typewriters, trains, carousel. Particularly interesting constructors leading to a battery or mechanics.
  • Table soccer . This game can be played with a friend or with any family member. Such an occupation contributes to the development of agility, upbringing the command spirit, raises faith in victory.

For creativity and development

Ahead of the longest holidays in the school year. This means that in the absence of lessons you can do your favorite thing - draw, photograph, etc.

  • Tree burning kit Give the first professional skills, but you only need to work under the supervision of the father.
  • Flomasters-tassels - Tool 2 in 1 for the guys who show a tendency to visual art.
  • Book Encyclopedia According to the topic of interest, for example, about dinosaurs, history, cars or space.
  • Picture by numbers . The image must be chosen under the range of interests of the child.
  • Plasticine Magnetic Magnetic Putty Contains millions of particles responding to a magnetic field under the action of which they "come to life" and begin to move, fold into a variety of patterns.
  • Digital camera XOKO KVR-100 Bee is a camera for children in a funny case with two cameras (primary and frontal) for the first steps in photo art. The camera also removes the video duration up to 1 hour.
  • Series "Fix Experiences" - Sets for experiments in chemistry and physics that will help to understand how the world is arranged.
  • Astronomoma telescope . The toy introduces a child with a starry sky. A small telescope is able to increase the shining 40 times! The device can be taken even in a hike.
  • Studio cartoon - A scientific game that will help with the help of a smartphone to remove the animation in its scenario and with his own hand-made characters.
  • 3D handle - Excellent gadget for the future architect. Develops not only fantasy, but also the ability to spatial thinking.

For sports and outdoor activities

Son is impossible to put out on the street and tear off the computer, especially cold in winter? Yes, you just need to give the right gifts with which it will be difficult to keep it on the sofa. Here are 10 ideas for the New Year's gift.

  • Aerofootball Hover Ball - Ball that can be played even in the apartment without comments of the parents. Thanks to the airbag, the gadget flies above the floor and does not spoil the flooring.
  • Tubing inflatable sleigh Angry Birds with rubber autocamera. With them, the child wants to stay outdoer longer. Store sleigh more convenient than classic wooden.
Tubing Sani for riding from a slide
  • Lesson in the horse club. Communication with horses improves well-being and gives a sea of ​​positive emotions.
  • Fashionable branded sneakers for physical education lessons.
  • Accessories for sports - boxing pear and gloves, skates, skis or ball.
  • Scooter snow scooter. Why and winter in the snow not ride on the loved form of transport?
  • A ticket to a sports camp for a winter holidays.
  • Swimming session in the pool with dolphins. Children will tell for a long time to tell classmates about this adventure.
  • Magnetic darts (safe, without sharp arrows) for the development of the accuracy and removal of stress.
  • Sports kite allows you to get acquainted with the basic laws of physics.

What to give a son who has everything

Such a child surprise with something extremely difficult. But even in this case, you can pick up the gifts that the son will be delighted.

  • Photoclot with the image of a family, son, his friends is the usual accessory, thanks to personalization, it becomes particular importance for the child.
  • Ticket to the master class on dancing, vocal, photos, playing musical instrument from the idol of the child.
  • New Year's collar in the water park.
  • Ticket to the country's main New Year tree with a trip to Moscow.
New Year in Moscow on Red Square
  • New Year's party for friends.
  • Soccer ball (boxing glove, microphone, poster) with an autograph of the idol.
  • Ticket for participation in the New Year Quest "Save the Snow Maiden" or similar to family or friends.
  • The new model of the designer, which is not yet in the collection.
  • Trip to ski resort.
  • Panoramic flight by helicopter over the city.

For school

A huge number of gifts can be chosen for school sessions. It will make their studies more interesting and more exciting.

  • Fragrant markers for drawing - writing numbers and letters them much more interesting than ordinary wovers.
  • Fashionable pencil case for office supplies, for example, in the form of a typewriter.
  • Desktop organizer for school supplies.
  • Original school backpack - pixel, on wheels or depicting your favorite cartoon characters.
  • High-quality ready for lovers to draw.
  • An interesting table lamp in the form of a giraffe or an elephant with a night light, like Horoz Electric Jumbo.
  • Training Interactive Globe VTech. The toy not only talks about countries and continents, but also teaches simply phrases in English (but it depends on the interface).
  • Flash drive chain with a curly hull, for example, in the form of a hero from "Star Wars".
  • The e-book is cheap, if you consider the cost of paper textbooks, which, moreover, occupy a lot of space.
  • A set of tools for work on Pebaro tree. So far, you can work with them at home under the supervision of your father, and later - to use in labor lessons.

What not to give

Choosing a gift, you need to take into account the weather. If there are no snow and frost and traveling to the mountains will not be foreseen, it is better to abandon the purchase of Sanok, skis, etc. otherwise, the mood because of the inability to apply spoil.

☝️ Pediatricians do not recommend choosing helicopters, quadcopters. The child at this age does not understand how the devices work, and may be borrowed (at best, there will break the device). No need to buy computer games. Preferably, gifts encouraging in activity - balls, rope, etc. Robots with the possibility of accessing the Internet by unprotected channels can transmit personal data, passwords.

And most importantly, it is worth asking the Son that he would like to get for the New Year. You can find out if you offer him write a letter to Santa Claus. And it is not necessary to punish his gift, for example, having bought a clean school diary as a hint of bad estimates. Let the child feel the holiday and love.

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👦 35 Cool Gifts Son for Birthday 7-8

8 years is a special age when a child is already expressing the desire that I would like to see as a gift.

And here the phrase does not fit at all, that the main thing is not a gift, but attention. Children really want to get what they thought, and parents should carefully refer to the desires of their kids.

List of gifts for the boy:

At 8 years old, it is quite difficult to determine the gift. All children are different, so their interests add up depending on what environment they are, what are interested in, most importantly, which parents are focused on. Gifts can be very different. And if you, numerous friends, grandparents break the head over the fact that to give an eight-year-old boy, we offer you a few ideas that are for sure that you are suitable.

What gift to give an eight-year apartment?

The most important thing here is not only utility, but also that the child is really happy to be presented. It is stupid to explain the eight-year-old that an orthopedic mattress is a good gift and investment in future health. The child will not appreciate this gift from the parents, will be very upset.

Therefore, if you want the gift to be not only pleasant, but also useful, we started to ask to ask the opinion of the child about what he thinks about this.

Also, choosing a gift, focus not only for your desires, but also at the desire of the child. Be sure to look at what the surroundings are interested. Perhaps all children have long been smartphones for a long time, but your child is so far without it and has long been dreaming about his own gadget.

However, all gifts that are intended for a child can be divided into several categories.

Therefore, it is possible to repel from them.

But before we proceed directly to the categories, we will give you several rules that will allow you to choose the right gift.

8 years - this is usually the age of a second-grader. It means that this boy will be interested in everything. This is the age of age when the child is still fond of cars and robots, but at the same time, it is already wondering the solar system and mathematics. Therefore, a gift should encounter new knowledge and discoveries.

Also, children at this age will know the world through the game. Therefore, if your choice falls on a developing toy, the child will remain delighted.

Focusing on the child's hobbies, you will create the soil for new victories and discoveries.

Types of gifts

We offer you a list of presents of gifts that can be given to a second-grader. You have to make a choice in favor of this or that gift.

Sports Equipment

Boys love physical education. Also, parents take care that the child must have visited the section.

If your child also loves sports, perhaps it is time to give him something from the sports equipment, which will not only be a welcome gift, but also will allow the child to strengthen their health.

  • Hockey inventory
  • If a child adores hockey, the best gift will be a washer, helmet and club. If you have significant money, you can also give him a set with protection. The child will be delighted with a gift.

  • Swimming
  • If the kid is a wonderful swimmer or visits the pool, it may take him a new hat, glasses, swimming trunks, or a bag with which it will visit this section.

  • Wrestling
  • A child who is engaged in struggle or karate needs new plates feet, kimono, boxing gloves and other devices.

  • If you are just planning to teach a child to a sporting life, it will not be superfluous to install a specially Swedish wall in his room, equipped with a horizontal bar, a staircase and a rope. The child will be pleased to spend time on it.

  • Football
  • If the baby is interested in football, he will certainly appreciate the new boots like a favorite player of the football team.

  • Movement - Life!
  • If a child has a birthday in the warm season, it will certainly be very pleased with roller skates, a bike or table tennis.

    In winter, the boy can be given curly skates, but provided that it has long been interested in such a sport.

  • Additional accessories

If the baby is just at school attending physical education, for sure it will be happy to be a new beautiful sports suit, sneakers and a special bag.

Also, before making one or another sports style, you will definitely ask the desires of your child. Perhaps you do not know that the kid has long been dreaming of new kids.

Toys: Designers, Sets

The eighth grader still loves toys, and accordingly, not played in the cars and robots. This is the age of age when the child gradually begins to move away from the toy, so in order for it to be interesting, it is important to choose a high-tech.

In 8 years, the boys still play the game, but only if they are very cool and nontrivial.

  • Airplane
  • An ideal gift will be a toy plane that can rise to height and fly over long distances.

  • On the control panel
  • Machines and motorcycles on the control panel, developing enough speed, will also become an excellent gift.

  • Tank
  • What kind of child does not like to play a warman? Therefore, the tank will be the perfect attribute for this.

  • Boat
  • If your house has a swimming pool or you live near the reservoir, please the child toy boat, which can float over long distances, furrowing expanses of the reservoir.

    Surely the baby will be happy to replenish your technopark with such models.

  • Route
  • Also, every child will be happy if you will give him the most realistic racing track or railway. However, remember that it should be destroyed not for young children, namely for older children. Otherwise, the child will not be very free to your gift.

  • Construction
  • Surely every boy in the soul dreams of becoming a builder. Therefore, you can give him a class designer, along with him there is also an lifting crane, which will raise the details of the designer to a large height.

    If you want to please a child who loves to play role-playing games, give him a transformer robot. Such a toy will become not only a friend, but also a permanent element of games.

  • Superheroes.

If your baby is fond of any superheroes, you can give him a growing figure, quite large in order to play with her in the victory of good evil.

Educational games

If you are a parent who believes that a gift should be not only interesting, but also by developing, then in this case, the attention needs to be paid to educational games.

In 8 years, the child can give a gaming console. However, you should not worry that the child will spend all the time for a toy that will distract him from classes. Try to download only those games that are directed not only for rest and entertainment, but also teach something child. Even the same races teach him to quickly respond to obstacles, as well as, orient on the screen.

  • Monopoly
  • An excellent presentation will be such a game like a monopoly. Baby to learn money relations, and also knows the Aza entrepreneurship.

  • Mafia
  • The Mafia, Manager, Cosmopolis, in which the child can play with an eight-year-old age will be a good way to entertain.

  • Lotto
  • If the boy prefers simpler games, then in this case you can give him a lotto. This is a wonderful pastime of the whole family in the evenings.

    If you see a child with a child to one or another object, they must also be carefully developed. Therefore, toys can have a slight bias on certain objects studied.

  • Sets
  • Pay attention to stores on sets of young physics, electrician, chemist or biologist. These sets are intended to not only have fun and have fun, but also to receive new knowledge, put safe experiences.

    For example, the child at home can independently grow crystals, check on itself dynamic or optical laws.

    An ideal gift for a boy who is engaged in the study of our world is a microscope with a set of stalk.

    With such a set of a child with pleasure will comprehend the basics of biology and chemistry, and in the future, perhaps will be successful in these disciplines at school.

    Gifts for a creative child

    If the child is closer to creativity, and not to science, you should not try to remake it. The creative potential of the kid is worth developing, as it can later grow into any interesting hobbies.

    • Vocals
    • For example, if a child sings perfectly, it will be worth it to give him a microphone, as well as a collection of karaoke songs.

    • Tool
    • In addition to outstanding vocal data, the child can perfectly own any tool. Therefore, parents can purchase a guitar, a synthesizer or even a drum installation, but with the condition that the kid will observe the mode and do not interfere with neighbors at night.

    • Drawing
    • A child who perfectly draws can be glad to new easel, paints and brushes.

      Also, if you see any talent from your baby, you can offer him to develop it. To do this, it is enough to sign up in any section or courses, in order for a child under reliable leadership, they have compiled some kind of knowledge.

      A creative child who has not yet decided on the main directions of its activities can be given other types of gifts.

    • Tree burning kit
    • Perfect for ampful boys.

    • Set for creativity and production of gypsum magnets for coloring
    • It is not only a wonderful pastime, but the obtained magnets can become perfect gifts for the birthday of close relatives.

    • Plasticine, large set of markers or paints.
    • For the development of creative thinking.

    • Tattoo

    You can give a set to create a wash off their tattoos in case the child loves to draw on all nontrivial surfaces.


    Modern children rarely prefer books. On the contrary, most often they prefer gadgets. But if you managed to instill your child's love for books, you can congratulate you.

    After all, in addition to the main gift you can give the baby a book that will take it into the world of fantasies and adventures. But what editions are better to give the baby?

    First, the book should clearly comply with the interests of the child. If he loves adventure novels, make an emphasis in their favor.

    If the child loves to read the encyclopedia or is interested in dinosaurs, the output suggests itself.

    Usually boys come in full delight, reading the novels "Treasure Island" of Stevenson or Robinson Cruzo from Defo. The eight-year apartment immediately begins to represent himself a conqueror of the island, and fall asleep with the feeling that today he made a grand opening.

    Also, a wonderful gift will be a good bright colorful encyclopedia, with his favorite theme. Boys develop enough versatile, so depending on the interests of your child, the entities of the encyclopedia can be of one or another.

    The most popular in the boys are the following types of encyclopedia.

  1. Animal world.
  2. Birds.
  3. Insect.
  4. Dinosaurs.
  5. Aircraft.
  6. Military equipment.
  7. Cars.
  8. Story.
  9. Sea ships.
  10. Geography.
  11. Lost worlds.

It is best to acquire encyclopedias that are intended for children. They have a lot of bright colorful pictures, and information is distributed in such a way that the child will easily absorb her, while they spend a little time for reading, more, looking at pictures.

Also, children who cannot long be able to read the additional disk with the electronic encyclopedia. And this means that on the monitor screen, the child will see all the same bright colorful pictures and video files, but in parallel, and also read the information.

Various certificates

It often happens that parents cannot decide on the gift. It seems to be all the material from the child has long been there, and at the same time, I want to do something special for him.

In this case, parents can purchase a certificate.

For example, buy a card with a specific cash fault in a toy store. The child himself can choose what he wants the amount allotted to him.

The same can be done in the video game store or technology. Just buy a child a gift card with a certain amount in the account and suggest acquiring everything he wishes.

The certificate can be given to visit any section, pool or mug. However, the child should want a similar thing that your gift does not become an unpleasant surprise for him.

Electronic and Modern Gadgets

And although there are completely children who are completely different, but still, they like many other older children dream of gadgets.

Someone dreams of the phone, others about the console. We offer you a list of the most relevant gadgets for second-graders.

  • Home planetarium or telescope
  • This is a very good gift for a small researcher who is fond of astronomy.

  • Impact installation or synthesizer
  • And although it is more a musical gift, nevertheless, he may seriously captivate a boy, whose interest revolves around such a lesson.

  • Digital Watch
  • This is not just a gadget, it is a whole system that will be useful and parents.

    The fact is that the electronic clock is most often equipped with a SIM card. This means that parents can call their child, also track his movement on the social card. Thus, synchronizing the clock with a special application, your child is definitely not lost and you will always know where it is located.

  • Notebook
  • A laptop is perfect as a gift. And you should not worry about the fact that the child will spend a long time after the monitor screen. Yell, the baby will really be passionate about the computer, will set several games on it. But still, the monitor screen will also be useful. The fact is that the child can now find out a lot of new things, and the computer will also adapt for the learning process. And this means that in the end, the child will be faster, it means that they will receive many useful new knowledge.

  • Smartphone
  • Surely the classmates of your child already have a smartphone.

    However, you should not be afraid. Smartphone is not just entertainment. This is a need.

    Thanks to the smartphone you will always know where your child is. Also, it will have an idea of ​​how a child spends time.

    And if you are afraid that the baby will receive access to the prohibited content, you can put on it the corresponding limitations, and the child will synchronize all your actions through the parent phone.

  • Player
  • If a child loves music, a wonderful gift for him will be MP3 player. Upload the music albums in advance of those performers from which your baby fans.

  • The tablet
  • Excellent alternative to laptop. It can be as a subject for entertainment, as well as a good learning tool.

  • Accessories
  • As an additional gift, you can also give accessories.

    For example, good columns, webcam, good mouse with rug, keyboard or headphones.

    To date, there is still non-standard electronics.

  • Electrociphel
  • For example, an electrical piggy bank that does not open until the specified date arrives.

    However, too expensive electrical devices to give the child should not be, as it is the likelihood that they will be sooner or later they are broken.

    However, if you wish to embody the fantasies of your brainchild in real life, you can choose between the following expensive gifts.

  • Gyroscuter
  • This way of movement gained popularity two years ago and is still at the peak of popularity. The gyroscur allows you to move on a small platform, the movement is carried out by moving two wheels.

  • Electric scooter

This is also a way of moving, which allows the child to quickly move from place to place.

However, before giving such movement methods, be sure to instruct the child about what rules it should be guided by when driving.

The best gifts with a limited budget

But not always the parents have a budget to make the child a truly memorable and cool gift.

In this case, you can give something original and interesting, and in this situation the child can also be glad.

  • Domestic loves
  • If the kid has long asked you a puppy or a cat, and you have already mentionedly reconciled with the fact that you are ready to take a pet home in your home, boldly acquire. This may not be at all ponded animals, on the contrary, some kind of cute, street animal that you will lick at home. The fact itself is important. The child will surely be happy to give such a gift.

  • Board game
  • Also, you can give your child a desk game with which he can play with you friends.

  • Cake
  • An excellent gift will be a cake in the form of a favorite superhero or car.

  • Chandelier
  • If you make repairs in the kid's room, give him a chandelier in the form of a helicopter.

  • Clock
  • Order Wall clock with a portrait of your baby, and then it will be very fun when someone will ask him, which is an hour.

  • Lighting
  • Give an unusual desktop lamp that has an alarm function and simultaneously MP3 Player.

  • Tickets
  • As an inexpensive gift, you can give a ticket a ticket to a concert of your favorite group.

  • Quest
  • Also, offer the child to go to the quest together with parents and friends.

  • Sadders
  • Surely the baby will be happy if you offer to celebrate his birthday in McDonalds, and pay for everyone from his friends Happy Mil. It turns out cheap, but very tasty and fun.

  • Sweet

Some children even at the age of 8 are very loved by sweets.

Therefore, if your child also prefers sweet, you can give him a big box with sweets. It will all be inexpensive, but at the same time, very tasty.

Examples of unsuccessful gifts

However, it is not always possible to make a gift that will impress the Furior. Unfortunately, parents believe that some gifts are able to please the child, but in fact everything turns out to be quite the opposite.

Let's find out what gifts in no case cannot be given to reports.

  • Stationery to school
  • Buying stationery to school is granted. In any case, you will acquire a notebook, textbooks, handles and pencils. However, if you presented all this as a gift, the child will feel deceived.

  • Old things
  • You can not give old things. Even if the baby has a brother and sister, things after which remained in perfect condition, yet, you do not need to give, as the child will also feel the trick.

  • clothing
  • Discard the idea to give the child the wardrobe subject. Despite the fact that you think you are guessed, still the second language has its own taste, so you do not have to try to fake him under your desires.

  • Training or Sport

You should not give the baby to record on any seminar or course that he did not want. For example, the child is completely unsportsfined, fond of languages ​​or creativity. And Mom, wanting to make it more courageous, sends it to the boxing section. Naturally, the child is not a meant of such. Therefore, you need to take into account the interests of your baby including.

Another widespread mistake that parents often admit to their children is a comparison with you.

For example, the player once had once known a long time ago, but he was not given. And so, Mom decides to give his baby player at that moment when the baby is not interested in music at all, he doesn't need this gift. The same applies to more expensive and cheap gifts. No need to personify your child with you.

He is an independent unit, a person who has its own needs and opportunities. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to navigate on the interests of your child, and not on yours, or on what you were once deprived. Otherwise, such an attitude can play a joke with you. For example, you can give the child a thing that we do not need to be at all, thereby his disorders, but torshant his pride. Do not allow such mistakes, and then yes your baby will be grateful to you.

Tips and recommendations

There are several tips and recommendations that can be given to parents, breaking your head over what to give your child.

  1. First of all, try to ask. However, you need to ask for a month, maximum 2 days old. If you ask for six months, the likelihood that the child's opinion will change, therefore, the closer to the birthday you ask, the better.
  2. If the child says that he does not know what I would like to get as a gift, speak with him the question of receiving cash. Some children would like to spend them on any trifle or postpone, but sometimes it often happens, shy to tell parents. However, to give a small amount of money to the child at such age is already permissible.
  3. Look at your friends. Pay attention than you are interested, do what your child's friends have. Based on these knowledge, you can always make the right output.
  4. If a child is doing something or enjoys, with the help of an expensive and necessary gift, you can further warm the interest of the baby to certain classes.
  5. Make sure that the gift is relevant. For example, if you buy a child new cool boots, be sure to do so that the child with them passed at least one season, so the size should be taken a little more. The same applies to the shape and other items of the wardrobe.
  6. Ask teachers than your child is interested. Very often in school, children are revealed much more than at home. Perhaps the teacher will be able to give advice on what your baby wanted.
  7. Be careful to your child. See what he is interested in what he wants, what does not pay attention to.
  8. Suggest strolling shopping together. Watch the child the sum that is ready to spend on his birthday. And invite him to go to any shopping center. Superior condition. The child can acquire everything that enters the scope of the amount you specified. So you give the baby freedom of choice. However, prepare for what you should take all the wishes of your child, and in no case condemn them.

A gift for 8 years is always very interesting. Agree, it is curious to observe how your child grows, changes, becomes older.

And together with gifts, his character changes.

However, it is not necessary to make a decision too quickly about what you want to give your baby. Be sure to analyze the desires and needs of your child, as well as the environment in which it grows.

Based on the knowledge gained, be sure to make the right choice as the most loving parent.

Author Yana

Hello, I am very pleased that you are on this page! I will be very glad if in my articles you will find the ideas of gifts your loved ones for the new year, birthday or another holiday. I really try to select only the most relevant and original gifts for you. If you have thoughts, as I also have ideas to add my articles, be sure to write about it in the comments!

The birthday girl will definitely be satisfied.

The birthday of your son, nephew, a goddle or grandson is approaching, and you do not know what to give? It seems that the boy already has everything and not surprise him. Our article will solve your problem. I will tell you to give a boy for 8 years to cause delight and amazement. Consider more than 50 gift ideas.

Gift Tips

Let's start with useful recommendations. They will help you not be confused in the variety of proposed options, avoid mistakes and make the right choice.

  1. The first thing that is worth navigating when choosing a gift is your budget. Determine how much you are ready to highlight the present of the present, and make it up from it.
  2. Then pay attention to the identity of the birthday room. What is it - calm or hyperactive, sociable or modest. Recall that he loves what is fond of how time spends. If you find it difficult to answer these questions, ask for advice from his parents.
  3. If you are afraid not to please or do not want to bother, you can choose a universal gift. This category includes, for example, gadgets, robots, LEGO sets.
  4. If you decide to give something narrowly specialty, associated with a boy's hobby, no additional information do not do. For example, you want to buy a novice hockey player at sports equipment. You will need to find out the exact size and all extra nuances.
  5. To strengthen the impression of the gift, beautifully pack it. You can buy a bright package or wrap the present in the gift paper.

Top 5 gift ideas

Let's first analyze the 5 coolest, universal and modern gifts. And then we will move to thematic selections.

Sports complex

In order for the boy to grow healthy and strong, give him a mini-gym. You can buy an option for an apartment or for giving. See that he be safe and approached the boy by age.

  1. Gaming Center-Batut Intex Boxing Ring.
  2. Football set Bestway: inflatable gate and two goals.

Portable speaker

Young Melomanana can give this practical device. You can listen to music with him anywhere. Take models with a powerful battery so that the disco does not interrupt at the wrong time.

  1. Portable column JBL GO 2.
  2. Digma S-37 portable column.


Excellent transport type for urban jungle. They are bundled with shoes, and there are removable, wear on top of the shoes.

  1. Roller skates with adjustable size.
  2. Safe videos for beginners.

Rollers - it's fun

Musical instrument

Creative boy can give a musical instrument. The most universal options: guitar, synthesizer, lip harmonica, ukulele. Pay attention to exotic tools from distant countries.

  1. Ukulele.
  2. Kalimba (African mini-piano).


About such a gift dreams of any boy. Choose models with a powerful battery and bright design.

  1. Mizar MZ6CS gyro.
  2. Digma TB-105 gyro.

Even if you do not choose this option, remember it. Such a gift can be given to the boy and for 10 years, and 15, and even by 30.

Gifts for intellectual

In 8 years, the child goes to the second class. In order for the study to be given to him easily and brings pleasure, it is necessary to constantly stimulate his curiosity and mental activity. The following gifts will help you with this.

Interactive globe

With him, the study of geography will turn into an interesting and exciting game. The boy will be able to learn the names of countries, oceans and seas, mountain ranges and other geographic objects.

  1. Interactive globe Oregon Scientific SG 268 RX.
  2. Interactive globe Oregon Scientific SG102RW.


It is very convenient when all the necessary knowledge is collected in one place and are well structured. For this I love encyclopedia. Choose the direction that the boy is most interesting. The publication should be in solid binding, with high-quality illustrations and photographs.

  1. "Large children's 3D Encyclopedia about everything in the world" Vyacheslav Likso, Elena Papunidi.
  2. Space. Encyclopedia.

If you did not like the presented options, here's another dozen.

  1. Telescope or pickle pipe.
  2. Microscope.
  3. Set for chemical experiments.
  4. Set for learning anatomy.
  5. Ant farm - to observe hardworking insects.
  6. Aquaferm - to study small underwater inhabitants.
  7. Intelligent desktop game, such as scrappy or chess.
  8. Designer LEGO technic.
  9. Set for assembling robot.
  10. Subscription for programming classes.

If the boy has to you brother, read also our selection of gifts brother for your birthday.

Gifts for creative boy

One option we have already considered at the beginning of the article - a musical instrument. If the boy does not feed the special love for music, you can please him with something else.

3D handle

Steep modern toy. With it, you can create multi-colored bulk figures.

  1. 3D CACTUS CS-3D-PEN-A-BL handle.
  2. 3D CACTUS CS-3D-PEN-G-SL handle.

3D pen - excellent gift for boy

Picture by numbers

A perfection and calm boy can be given to such a "picturesque" gift. After a few hours of drawing, he will be able to boast his own masterpiece created by the masterpiece.

  1. Picture according to the numbers "Sea Wave".
  2. Picture by numbers "Funny animals".

Still want options? We have!

  1. Canvas, brushes and paints.
  2. Molbert for drawing.
  3. Set for burning on wood.
  4. Skotbuk.
  5. Set for modeling Play-Doh.
  6. Aquamosaic.
  7. Set for drawing light.
  8. Wooden designer.

Sports gifts

To maintain physical activity, you can give a boy to some sports inventory. He will always be by the way.


In 8 years it's time to transplane the adult serious great. Do not forget to buy a set of protection to it.

  1. Forward Apache 27.5 2.0 Disk bike.
  2. Bike Format 7414.

Children's snowboard

Excellent inexpensive option for novice extremals. On him, the boy will be able to master the naise of snowboarding to subsequently ride on an adult board.

Catch some more options.

  1. Skiing.
  2. Skates.
  3. Snow scooter.
  4. Tubing.
  5. Kick scooter.
  6. Soccer ball.
  7. Tennis rackets and balls.
  8. Table tennis table.
  9. Table football or hockey.
  10. Home simulator.
  11. Inflatable pool.
  12. Lusts and swimming mask.
  13. Subscription to the sports section.


If you do not want to bother with the choice, give the boy a modern device or accessories to it. This is a universal and practical present. Do not buy too expensive models, an eight-year-old child too much frills.

The tablet

It is convenient to play games, watch movies, sit in social networks. But in his studies, he will certainly come in handy.

  1. Digma Plane 7700T tablet.
  2. Lenovo Tab M8 tablet.

Boy with smartphone


Even if the boy already has a mobile phone, he still dreams about the model more abruptly.

  1. Smartphone Xiaomi REDMI 7A.
  2. Smartphone Honor 8A.

A few more options for you note.

  1. Notebook.
  2. Smart watch.
  3. Smart column.
  4. Wireless headphones.
  5. Game console.
  6. VR glasses.
  7. EBook.
  8. Action camera.
  9. Reflex camera.

Games and toys

Finally we got to toys. In 8 years, children still want to play, enjoy the last years of childhood. Give them complex high-tech toys.


Answer in the child interest in modern technologies will help a small electronic friend. Or maybe big - depends on the capabilities of your budget.

  1. Robot WOW WEE Dinosaur.
  2. Mini Roborover WOW WEE.

Radio-controlled transport

The machine on the radio control is probably the boy already has - this is a very popular toy. Pay attention to other transportation - boats, tanks, helicopters.

  1. Yako amphibian tank.
  2. Truck-transformer on radio control 1 Toy.

Here are some more options.

  1. HOT WHEELS track.
  2. Toy weapons.
  3. LEGO set.
  4. Quadcopter.
  5. Board game: Jenga, Monopoly, Imaginarium, Macchin.

Top 5 unsuccessful gifts

We could not bypass the face of typical mistakes when choosing a gift to an eight-year-old boy. Read and remember that you should not give.

  1. Pet. If you are not a parent boy, for you this option is prohibited.
  2. School supplies. At least on the holiday, get rid of the child from thoughts about the school.
  3. Textile. Blocks, towels, bed linen, of course, will make a boy's mom, but not himself.
  4. Tools for bath and soul. Severate them for February 23.
  5. Dangerous toys: perochy knife, lighter, pneumatic pistol. Such presents are definitely not for children.


We reviewed more than 50 ideas of gifts for an eight-year-old boy. Choose, buy and give - a child of 100% satisfied. Share in the comments on which option is your choice, you may help to determine the rest.

I also advise you to see our selection of gifts for a boy of 9 years. In it gifts are divided into price categories, perhaps it will be more convenient for you.

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