How to insert a photo in the photo in Photoshop -

On an interesting example, we will consider the question of the insertion of the photo in the photo using photoshop.

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We all love to use the Adobe Photoshop program to edit images, various photos. As you know, it is ideal for working with photos. Photoshop helps perform such operations with the photo as - glue, connect, process, save and so on.

In one of the past lessons, we looked at how to insert a face in Photoshop to another photo. In this lesson, I will tell you how in Photoshop insert one photo to another. There is nothing complicated in this. You must first decide what you will insert and which image. Therefore, prepare images or download pictures that are used in the lesson.

Fig. 11-Package photo from one area to another

As in all other photoshop lessons, we will work in stages.

Preparation of photos. Load in Photoshop.

The first thing you need to open all three files with images in Photoshop.

To do this, perform an action. File - Open , find the folder where photos downloaded, highlight all three files immediately and click Open .

As a result, you can change the position of the displaced photo.

We will work with the main photo - room. It is in this photo that we will insert other photos. On the table we insert the photo of the cat and next to the flying butterfly.

Fig. 12 - the result of inserting photos from another tab

Insert photos

Now our task in photoshop to transfer all the images to one thing. For there are many ways, we will use one of them and the easiest.

Go to the image with the cat - cat.png, selecting the desired window on the panel from above with the image in Photoshop.

Another insert method is to use a computer conductor. Open the first photo in the photoshop program.

On the layers panel, right-click on the cat layer and select the Create Duplicate Layer menu item.

In the window that appears, we need to specify the destination of the copied layer, select Room.jpg.

Note : Be sure to make sure that all three images are open in Photoshop, otherwise you will not be able to specify where to insert a photo.

Then locate the "File" section on the main menu panel. Click on "Place".

Click OK. After that, the layer with the cat will be in the document depicting the room.

By the same way to transfer the image of the butterfly into the image with the room.

Processing inserted photos

With the step of transferring images to another image in Photoshop we figured out. Now it is necessary to process objects - cat and butterfly.

Why do it? In order to arrange them correctly on the new photo. You also need to make a correction color so that they fit and looked natural in the new environment.

Go to the image with room - Room.jpg

In the conductor window that opens, find the location of the second picture, select it and click on the "Place" button.

We see that objects have been successfully transferred, but have a large original size, unpaid room.

What you need to do first:

  1. Reduce images
  2. Correctly arrange images

Let's start with the butterfly, as it turns out the whole review. Find a layer with a butterfly on the layers panel:

Change the scale of the added object, then click on the free area to apply the change.

Select this layer by clicking on it once with the mouse. Click Ctrl + T. To scale the layer image. To reduce the image of the butterfly - pull the corner, with clamp keys Shift + Alt. , diagonally down to the right.

Fig. 13 - Using the "Place ..."

When the desired size is reached - press ENTER.

Creating a smooth transition between two pictures

Go to the layer with the cat and do the same.

As a result of the execution of this method, two pictures will be connected to one using a smooth transition.

Find the Move tool tool tool.

Change the scale of the added object, then click on the free area to apply the change.

Move the cat to the table, and place the butterfly on the cat.

Tip: Moving in Photoshop works very simple. You choose a layer that needs to be moved and just move it with a mouse in the photo. From how you will have correct objects in the photo - the overall success of the event will depend on. Everything should look natural.

Open both photos in one project using the "Place ..." command.

It looks interesting, but not fully realistic. The room is strongly clung compared to a butterfly and cat. Also from the cat, you can add the shadow that will fall on the table.

Select an image with a cat, press Ctrl + L to call the level function. This feature will help to configure the correct shade.

We need to dry a little image with a cat, so the middle slider I pulled a little left.

Change the scale of the added object, then click on the free area to apply the change.

I also evil the image with a butterfly - using the "on the eye" settings.

On the layer panel, make the top layer transparent, but only half.

Now create a new layer - on which we will draw shadow from the cat.

To do this, go to the layer with the background (room) and press the layer creation button (drawn by the arrow) and a new layer appears (layer 3).

To do this, select the "Opacity" parameter and reduce it to 50 or 60 points, until the bottom can not be clearly visible through the first layer.

Select and configure a brush in Photoshop (by reference a whole overview dedicated to the brush setting)

  1. Choose black color
  2. Find the brush on the tool panel
  3. Adjust push - 1%

Fig. 14 - changes in the transparency of the top layer

Carefully try the shade under the cat. Cut the brush several times in one place so that the shade turns out fat. Yes - from the first time, the normal shadow may not work out, so in case of failure, cancel the last action in Photoshop and draw a shadow again.

Tip: Focus on already existing shadows in the photo, for example, on the shadow of the pots.

Now neatly move the two pictures in such a way that their edges come into contact.

For the realism of the movement of the butterfly, you can add a filter " Motion blur »On the butterfly.

Go to the butterfly layer and apply the filter:

Conflect photos so that one harmoniously continued another, as shown in the figure below:

The angle I chose 0%, and the offset - 3. The more you set the offset, the more the image is blurred.

Change the scale of the added object, then click on the free area to apply the change.

The result of our work:

Fig. 15 - alignment of pictures

Keep photos

It remains to save your photo. Run the menu item File - Save as

Change the scale of the added object, then click on the free area to apply the change.

Select JPG format, set the file name and click Save.

Change the scale of the added object, then click on the free area to apply the change.

Thanks for attention! Specify questions in the comments.

Photoshop is not only an advanced graphic editor that allows professionals in the design of the design of creating complex effects, objects or images. It uses a large number of ordinary users, for example, for simple operations for working with images. In this article, we consider an example of processing two photos, as a result of which one (portrait) will interfere with the other (frame).

Preparatory work, selection of images

  1. First we will select suitable for demonstrating the image. Let it be a photo of the famous Hollywood actress - Charlize Theron. Smooth transition can be created using the "Eraser" tool. Its use allows you to create a smoother transition and better quality outcome image.
  2. We will also find a suitable frame in the network and download it. Or you can use previously downloaded options. Add two pictures to the project. Set the gum such parameters: rigidity - 0, size - depending on the area that you want to "blur", opacity - 20-30 percent.
  3. Run Photoshop and open both pictures in two separate tabs. File opening occurs standard for most programs: " File "-" Open ". Then using the button " Overview "Go to the folder where the images are stored and open them.

Step 1: Image Positioning

Now proceed directly to the combination of selected images.

  1. Select a tab with a photo of the actress and highlight it using a key combination Ctrl + A. .
  2. Now you need to cut (or copy) the selected area to transfer it to the image with the frame. For this:
    • Either use the team " Cut out " on the menu " Editing " (in our case);
    • Either use a key combination Ctrl + X. .Will erase unnecessary parts of the top photo. Now set the opacity as 100%. It will make the layer opaque, but those sites where you used erase will be transparent.
  3. The cut image is now in the exchange buffer, from which you need to insert it into the second tab with the image of the frame. Go to the tab with the frame, where:
    • either click on the team " Insert " on the menu " Editing ";
    • Or press the key combination Ctrl + V. .Match the edges of two drawings.
  4. If the operation is successful, Palette of layers There will be a new layer called " Layer 1. "On which the photo will be located. It is located at the highest position. Add a new layer mask. Select the gradient mode (smooth transition from black to white).
  5. To access the frame image, you need to change the layer properties and make it possible to edit it:
    • We bring the cursor on the layer with the frame and press the right mouse button;
    • In the appeared context menu, select the first line - " Layer from the back plan "And click on her. Make a mask active and add a gradient to the photo connection area.
  6. In the window that opens with the parameters of the created layer, we do not change anything - just click OK .To make a picture more natural, you can independently draw white areas with a brush.
  7. If the selected layer has changed the name on " Layer 0. "And the lock icon on it disappeared - it means we did everything right.

Stage 2: Sizes Alignment

In order for the photo organically to fit into the frame, it should be slightly reduced its initial size, while maintaining the initial dimensions.

  1. В Palette of layers Click on " Layer 1. "On which an actress image is in order to edit it with its sizes.
  2. Choosing an item " Free transform " on the menu " Editing "Or use a key combination Ctrl + T. .The result of using the "eraser" and the gradient is indicated in the figure below:
  3. The layer was selected in the form of a frame with square markers, with which we will change the size of the image. Fig. 16 - Total Image
  4. Pulling the left mouse button, pull one of the angular markers inside until the photos decrease to the desired size (control visually). So that the decrease occurs in proportion to the process of resizing while holding the key Shift. on keyboard. Good time! We continue to study such a wonderful program as Photoshop. In today's review, let's talk about how to work with pictures. This is a very useful feature, having mastered which you can easily create a different type of collages from several small images.
  5. The next steps of this section are not mandatory in a situation where the frame has a solid background, different from white. However, in our case, this is not so that the result, indeed, it turned out to be spectacular, some refinement are required.
  6. Choose the tool " Magic wand "On the toolbar on the left. These skills will be useful if you have to work with the framework. For example, you want a photo of your child to put in the New Year's frame and give a beautiful portrait, but you never know what else you can do. In short, come in handy. Today there will be simple and easy techniques with a video on the topic. We read, remember, take to armared! So…
  7. Click on the area that was released on the upper layer as a result of a decrease in the photo to highlight it. A small image can be inserted so that it would be both in the background and in the front. By inserting the photo, it will be necessary to change its size. Well, the most interesting thing is that especially attracts many - this is cut out the head of the object and insert it into another picture. Welcome to surprise your comrade, "Cut" his head and attach it, for example, to Stallone or Schwarzenegger. All these adhesions will be told in the article.
  8. Then choose the tool " Fill ", After installing as the main white color. And yet, one thing I would like to mention. If the foreground is placed entirely, then for convenience it should be
  9. Click on the selection area to paint it completely white. On a transparent background
  10. The created white framing will allow in the future to organically enter the photo into the frame. , that is, have a format

Stage 3: Alignment Image

This is the final stage on which we will configure the joint display of the photo and the framework, which at the moment overlap each other.

  1. Using the left left mouse button, move the layer with a photo directly under the layer with the frame. PNG.
  2. Now the photo is not visible at all, and the entire area of ​​the working canvas occupies a frame. Our task is to place a photo in this framework. Add two pictures to the project. Set the gum such parameters: rigidity - 0, size - depending on the area that you want to "blur", opacity - 20-30 percent.
  3. Select to edit the top layer by clicking on it with the left mouse button. . It will work easier and faster.
  4. Re-select the tool " Magic wand ". These skills will be useful if you have to work with the framework. For example, you want a photo of your child to put in the New Year's frame and give a beautiful portrait, but you never know what else you can do. In short, come in handy. Today there will be simple and easy techniques with a video on the topic. We read, remember, take to armared! So…
  5. We carry the cursor to the middle part of the frame and press the left mouse button. This action allows you to highlight on the image all the borders of white. First learn to combine images without any actions and transformations. Open the program and via the "File" menu - "Open" select any photo background. It can also be inserted with simple tightening from the placement folder in the program window. What would be convenient to work, as always in the layer window, create a copy of the background.
  6. Remove the selection area - for this press the key Del. . Then remove the selection by combining the keys Ctrl + D. .Then, in a similar way, via the menu is "File" - "Open" Select another photo to insert. It will open in another window.
  7. Next, you can work a little over that the final result looks more harmonious and attractive, for example, to remove clear borders of the photo. Open this window, choose the "Rectangular Area" tool, result in a picture.

So, with the help of enough simple actions and tools, it turned out to be beautifully insert one image to another in the Photoshop program.

There are several ways as in Photoshop insert a picture to another image . In this article I will describe them in very detailed.

Preliminary preparation

First you need to open the main image in Photoshop in which you want to insert different. It is very simple, if there is difficulty here, then read it as you need to do.

At the edges of the picture we will see a flickering dotted line. Now copy the selected picture using the Editing command - "Copy". We open the background picture and through the "edit" top menu item insert. The image will appear in the foreground.

Then, in the same way, open the second picture.

That's what happened. Please note that the inserted picture in the layer window lay down on top of the background. This means that it is in the foreground.

Thus, two images opened in the program. They must be on different tabs. The task is to transfer one of them to another. That is, in your example, I want to put the logo of the series to the portrait of the character, so that it happens like this:

It can be moved to the back plan, that is, move the layer down in the work area "Layers". However, the inserted picture will not be seen.

Method # 1: Dragging Pictures from the tab

Most often I use this method. It consists in ordinary dragging pictures from one tab to another.

By default, Photoshop shows the panel with tabs in one line:

In order to look like a picture in the background, we highlight the layer with the background. Above open the menu with a drop-down list and select the "Darkness" item. As a result, the picture in the background appeared. Moreover, notice, the white background, on which it was disappeared.

We need to make it so that all images can be seen. To do this, pull the tab with the logo down:

  • Mouse over the logo on the tab with the logo;
  • Press the left mouse button and, without releasing it, move the mouse down;

The second option, how can I insert a picture without using the "File -" Open "menu command - this is immediately dragging the picture from the location on the background.

  • You will see that the tab will take the window shape like a window of Windows, it means you can release the mouse button.

As a result, the window should be turned on top of the main picture with another picture, like this:

Here, notice, the guides for which you can edit the inserted picture. Stretch, press, resize, turn.


You can move this window to any location within the program. To do this, hover the mouse over the top of the window containing the name of this picture and move the window in any direction with a clamping mouse button.

You can also safely resize this window if it is too large or small. To do this, hover the mouse over the lower right corner. When it takes the shape of a double-sided arrow. Pull this corner to the side. The window will change after the movement of your hand.

Now you need to connect two images!

Select "Move" on the toolbar (Hot Key - V)

Pull the picture located in the window to the main image. To do this, click on it with the left mouse button and, without letting the mouse-clap mouse, pull the picture towards another image. The mouse pointer will take the appearance of the arrow with a small plus icon. Let go of the mouse button.

Edited by editing, press the "Enter" key and the guides will disappear. However, the picture is on a white background. If you apply the "Darkness" function to it, the background will disappear, as in the operation described above. Thus, summarize:

All! You just inserted one picture to another.

The picture can be inserted by simple dragging from location directly on the background.

Method number 2: Copy - Paste

Before the pain, a familiar combination of action also works in Photoshop. The essence is the same: one image is copied to the clipboard, and then inserted in the right place.

Now more about how to do it

Open the picture you want to copy, and click the key combination Ctrl + A. (select all). "Marshiring Ants" should appear around the image - this means that we have created a dedicated area. And this, in turn, is important for photoshop, because he needs to always indicate what we want to copy. Thus, everything that is in the selected area will be copied.

We download the picture directly into the program, copy it and insert it into the background picture.

Copy the selected area - Press the key combinations Ctrl + C. . Now the drawing in the clipboard!

Return to the main image and click Combination Ctrl + V. . If everything is done correctly, Photoshop places the contents of the buffer to the center of the open document:

Insert the image to the picture and reduce

Method # 3: Menu command "Place"

This is a special way and it is qualitatively different from the previous two. A distinctive feature is an automatic creation of a smart object.

Opening the original image, select the command File - Place .

So, the picture inserted in any of the methods described above. Now you need to change its size. If you inserted directly from the location by dragging to the background picture, then as mentioned earlier, in the picture we will see the lines for which you can resize.

The Windows Explorer window opens. In this window you need to find the picture you need and click the button. "Place" .

If you bring the arrow of the mouse to the corner of the picture, it will take the form of a double arrow. Pulling the left mouse button you can increase or decrease the size of the picture. If you bring the mouse cursor to the point located in the middle of one side of the picture, you can change the size in width. However, the height of the picture remains unchanged.

As a result, this picture will appear on the main image. But:

  • It will not fit its original size;
  • It is displayed in the editable frame.

Do not forget after the changes to press "Enter" so that the lines disappear and the picture has taken changes. If you inserted a picture from the program itself by copying, then its dimensions vary through the "Editing -" Transform "menu -" scaling ".

What happened?

Using Menu command "Place" We automatically created smart objects. I already wrote a detailed article about what smart objects are. Briefly: This is a container layer, which can be changed in size as you like and how much with the slightest loss as pixels (about the process of losing the quality of the photo with a decrease in its size, I wrote in this article).

The picture appeared at all in the amount of what I would like. You need to adjust it. To do this, pull out the ends of the black frame in the direction of the decrease or zoom. When finished, press the button in the form of a check mark located on the parameter panel.


To the picture changed in proportional sizes, hold down the key Shift. .

To again call the editable frame, click Ctrl + T. .  

Method number 4: Dragging photos from the OC Windows folder

It would be logical to talk about this method after the first when you learned to drag the picture from the tab. By and large, actions are similar, but the result is different. The result will be exactly the same as if used Team "Place" , that is, as a result, we add a picture as a smart object.

This method is suitable if the picture you want to insert from you is saved somewhere on your computer.

Open the folder with the picture and place the window more comfortable.

Next, drag the picture from the folder directly to the main image. In this case, the mouse pointer will show the icon in the form of a plus card.

Around the picture will appear frame with squares in the corners and the middle. If you press the "SHIFT" key and holding the right mouse button one of the corners, then the picture will change the dimensions proportionally. If the "SHIFT" key does not click, then the picture changes the dimensions unevenly.

After that, the image will be added as a smart object, that is, it will repeat what I wrote above in this article.

Noticed a mistake in the text - highlight it and click Ctrl + ENTER . Thank!

When working with different photos, we may need to impose one picture to another. We can wanted to combine our portrait with any attractive background, add to a beautiful scenery any individual element, perform other similar operations. Such ideas can be realized in various ways, programs and services. But this material will be examined by the implementation of this task using the program " Photoshop. " Below I will tell you how to impose two photos on each other in the photocopy editor. And also what the algorithm for the implementation of the specified task is.

Several basic abstracts of the program Photoshop

As you know, there are various options for the imposition of pictures on each other in Photoshop, directly dependent on the specifics of the added images. I will also be a pretty simple and convenient method of merger photos, which will be useful even beginners.

Before you begin to overlay the photo you need to understand the following in the work Photoshop:

  • Ideally, the photos you use must have the same permission. If one photo has 300 dpi, and the other - 74 dpi, it may be necessary to convene one of them in order to one image corresponded to another;
  • Try to pick up images with the same light source . Of course, you can independently create artificial shadows and light glare, but in this case it can be difficult to achieve the naturalness of the photos obtained ultimately. Optimal will find similar to the specifics of light photos;
  • Try to overly do not complicate the process of overlaying photos . Attempts to add different curved elements and other similar difficulties often lead to the fact that the final result looks not realistic.

Let's look in detail the steps that make the collage of two pictures in Photoshop.

See also: How to apply photos to the photo online.

Step number 1. Download photo to the program

First, think over which elements of two photos you want to combine together. Sequentially download photos to photoshop using the File tab. First, the basic photo (to which you will add any items), and then the photo from where you will take these very elements.

How in Photoshop insert a picture in the picture and paint it into the background color?

Step number 2. Circuit of the desired area

On the first photo you need to highlight the area where you want to insert an object from the other photo. This selection can be done with the help of various tools, usually " Lasso "," Straight Lasso "," Magnetic Lasso "," Fast allocation " other.

By clicking on the Lasso tool, circle the area you need.

What is it necessary for? For example, we have a photo of a monument where you need to change the background. To do this, load a picture background with sky in Photoshop. Copy a picture with a monument here. Please note that on the window of the layer window with sculpture is above the background, in the foreground.

It can be useful: how to cut face and insert into another photo online.

Step number 3. Selecting an item that will be imposed on the base photo

Now switch to the picture, from where you will take visual elements to insert. You can mark both the photos using clicking on Ctrl + A and its part, with the help of the Lasso tool already mentioned by me.

If one of the pictures less, you need to make them the same. It is best to change the background size. Now we highlight a layer with a monument and ask him a mask by clicking on the icon with a circle in the square.

Circuit the second photo (or part of it), which you will impose on the basic photo

After you mark the desired object, press Ctrl + C, after which this element will be added to the clipboard.

Step number 4. Insert images

Now, to insert our image into a selected area, switch to the main photo. Then go to the "Editing" tab, and choose the option " Insert " The image from the second photograph will appear in the previously labeled area in the first picture.

As a result, a white square next to the monument is seen. In this case, on the toolbar, the main color should be black, and optional - white. On the resulting layer-mask we will replace the background. To do this, choose the "brush" toolbar. And on the panel of the layers, choose a mask by clicking on it with a mouse.

If the image you inserted into photoshop is too large or too small, use a special tool " Free transformation »In the Editing tab. With the help of regulating markers, you can set the desired size of the image you insert.

If you just want to insert an image (without inserting into some kind of defined area), then it will be enough to use the Ctrl + V key combination.

Thus, on the layer panel, we will have two layers, as well as a layer-mask.

By installing the brush, the desired size and rigidity, it takes it in the drawing. As a result, we see how the background is erased by the picture with the monument, and the new background is manifested instead.

After adding one image to the second, you can play with the various effects of the layer mask using the toolkit presented in the program. To save the result, you must select "File" - "Save As".

I also recommend you to familiarize yourself with the alternative way to merge pictures in Photoshop, presented in this video:

Recommended for reading: Retouching photo Face online.


In this material, I was disassembled a quick and efficient way to impose one photo to another in Photoshop. Of course, the toolkit of this program is not limited to the above overlay option, but it will be enough to solve the task.

Shalom everyone who wanted to let the photo and its processing in your life! I continue to tell you about the chips and secrets of Photoshop. And this article is no exception. Many at the initial stage of work are faced with certain difficulties and questions. One of them - how to insert a picture in photoshop?

It would seem that in this complicated, you ask? Take and insert! But here is not so simple and there are several ways to do it. In fact, the complexity is only to thoughtfully read this article and remember to remember all the options. It is about them that I will tell you here in more detail so that you remember and forever remembered and no longer returned to this problem!

What methods there are

And so, why do we start? Well, of course, with the opening of the program. Just kidding! You and without me you know perfectly well. I'm sure all thousand percent! Now let's go to more serious things and leave jokes aside.

I list all the ways with which you can do it:

  1. Dragging the image from the tab in the tab
  2. Copying and inserting through the clipboard - Ctrl + C - Ctrl + V
  3. Team "Place"
  4. Dragging from the computer folder

Not bad, right? It seems such a simple action, but so much variations! We will consider every way. I will not pull a long time and immediately turn to the necessary information. Get ready to absorb new information like new sponges.

The easiest way is dragging out of the tab

Suppose you have 2 tabs with photos, and you need to do so that both photos are in one window. You need to press the "V" key, so you will go to "Move" mode. Or click on the panel this icon:

As a result, we get this image with a changed background, that is, painted in the background color.

After you did it, and turned out to be in the move mode, you need to capture one image with the mouse (i.e. click on the image, and do not let go of the mouse) and drag it to the other image tab.

Thus, the picture from one tab will fit over the photo in another tab. It must be said that this method copies the image from one tab to another. Those. You have the image remains in the first tab, and appears in the second. Happened? Move on.


Now go to the second method - copy through the buffer. He just as the first does not represent much difficulty. Something resembles work with the text.

Open the tab with the desired image. Select it by pressing the Ctrl + A key combination, using a lasso or other cutting tool, if only part of the pattern is needed.

Use the Ctrl + C buttons to copy the selected area.

We go on the background tab by clicking on the left mouse button on it, and press Ctrl + V to insert. On the work surface, a copied photo appears in the center of the image. It will be on the new layer.

Team place

So we got with you before the third way - with the help of the "Place" command. Insert a photo in the program is not always obtained due to size. In this case, we will help the "Place" command and create a smart object.

In other words - a layer in which the picture will be after insertion. It makes it possible to change the dimensions without losing the image quality. Saves when working with inscriptions or photographs with a small resolution.

You need to go to the Background tab. Open the "File" menu in the upper left corner of the page. In the list that opens find the item "Place the built-in".

As a result, we get this image with a changed background, that is, painted in the background color.A search window appears. In it we find a file with an image to insert. We choose and press "put" on the right below.

A frame appeared in the center of the image. We change the dimensions, stretching the corners for black dots on the frame. After the end of the click on the button with the checkbox in the toolbar.

By the way, if you want your picture stretching or narrowed in proportion to when you pull the edges of the frame, you need to pull and hold the Ctrl key. Then the proportions will be saved.

Drag out from the folder

And here is the finish line! Fourth way - dragging the file from the computer folder. This is a simple version of the previous way. The result will also be a smart object, but we do not need to go to the menu. To do this, we need to find our picture in the folder, then clamp it with the mouse and drag into the photoshop window.

Moreover, if you have a photoshop rolled out, you can drag the picture to the photoshop icon in the lower area of ​​your screen, and then automatically, the photo will fall into the program itself. Did you understand how to do it?

As a result, we get this image with a changed background, that is, painted in the background color.

Or you can drag the picture directly to the program window, if you have a folder with a photo open right on top of photoshop.

Try everything yourself

You see how quickly we managed to master all the ways! Agree that they have nothing complicated and the actions algorithm is clear at an intuitive level. What will it be more convenient to use when processing photos? Yes, even though everything is in turn! This is the case of each of you.

Perhaps today, the first way will have the first way, and tomorrow it will want to play on the third. It all depends on the mood, desire and of course, time.

By the way, if for some reason you do not have a computer with a photoshop, and you need to work very urgently or vice versa, I want to process new photos from just spent a photo shoot, it will always help the online photoshop. Yes, and so it was also possible.

I can advise good volumetric Course on photoshop If you want to explore the program quickly and independently. He is not free, but he is worth it, because it has everything to fully master photoshop in a very short time.

Well, I, perhaps, finish the story on such a positive note. If you are already in anticipation of sleepless nights spent on creating new masterpieces, then be sure to share this article in our social networks.

After all, useful and necessary information should be divided with your surroundings! Someone learns something new for themselves, and someone will remember the Aza and return to creativity. Therefore, wait for new articles! I will continue to please you with new information!

See you! Ivan.

Insert the picture in the picture and make it transparent, without background

The most frequent tasks that execute ordinary users of the Photoshop raster editor are related to photo processing. Initially, to produce any actions with the photo, the program is needed. We mean that Photoshop is already installed on your computer and is correctly configured. In this article, consider how you can insert a picture in the picture in Photoshop.

Alignment of images

For considerable visibility, take a photo of a famous actress. You can choose any other picture.

The listed operations are good for those pictures that are on a homogeneous background, for example, white. Make them transparent at the same time it will not be completely difficult. If the background is inhomogeneous, then it will have to be called, "sweat". So, load the picture as a background, copy the second to it, which we will clean the white background.

We will take this framework for design:

The listed operations are good for those pictures that are on a homogeneous background, for example, white. Make them transparent at the same time it will not be completely difficult. If the background is inhomogeneous, then it will have to be called, "sweat". So, load the picture as a background, copy the second to it, which we will clean the white background.

So, launch photoshop and perform actions: "File" - "Open .." and load the first picture. Also enter the second. Two images must be opened in different tabs of the program's work area.

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Step 1: Placement of images on canvas

Now that photos for combination are open in Photoshop, proceed to fit their sizes.

  1. Go to the tab with the second photo, and it does not matter exactly which one of them - any photo will be combined with the other with the help of layers. Later you can move any layer to the forefront relative to the other. Press keys Ctrl + A. ("Select all" ). After the photo on the edges have formed highlighting in the form of a dotted line, we go to the menu "Editing" - "Cut" . This action can also be performed using a key combination Ctrl + X. .

    You can remove the background in several ways. About one of them said earlier. We carry a layer with a picture below the background layer and apply the "blackout style" to the background. As a result, the picture shows a layer that was moved down and without a white background.

  2. Cutting a photo, we "place" it in the clipboard. Now go to the tab with another photo and click the keyboard key Ctrl + V. (or "Editing" - "Paste" ). After inserting in the side window with the title tab "Layers" We must see the appearance of a new layer. All of them there will be two - the first and second photo.

    In the following version of the background removal, the "Magic Wand" tool is used. Choose this tool.

  3. Next, if at the first layer (the photo that we have not yet touched and which inserted the second photo in the form of a layer) there is a small icon in the form of a lock - it must be removed, otherwise the program will not allow you to change this layer in the future. To remove the lock from the layer, we bring the pointer on the layer and click the right mouse button. In the menu that appears, select the very first paragraph "Layer from the back plan .."

    Next, clicking this tool on the white background and we obtain the dotted allocation of the object.

    After that, a pop-up window appears that informs us about creating a new layer. Press the button "OK" . So the lock on the layer disappears and the layer can be freely edited.

    Now press the "Delete" key and the background will be removed. That

Step 2: Fit size

Go directly to fitting photos. Let the first photo be the starting size, and the second is a little more. Reduce its size.

  1. In the selection window of the layer, click the left mouse button on one of them: So we specify the program that we will edit this layer. Go to section "Editing" - "Transformation" - "Scaling" or clamp a combination Ctrl + T. .

    This tool allocate an object by contour, after which they select "selection" => "Inversion" and then "delete". The background will be removed. These ways are good with a monotonous background. If the background in color is non-uniform, then you need to use the "Fast Mask" mode.

  2. Now the frame appeared around the photo (as a layer), allowing you to change its size.

    Select the mode, choose the brush tool and spend it on the object.

  3. Click the left mouse button to any marker (in the corner) and reduce or increase the photo to the desired size. So that the sizes change in proportion to, you must click and hold the key Shift. .

    At the end of the work, a brush again click on the "Fast Mask" tool, and after - "Delete". The object remained without a background.

Step 3: Combining pictures

So, approach the final stage. In the list of layers, we now see two layers: the first - with a photo of the actress, the second - with the image of the photo frame.

  1. First, change the order of layers in the palette. Press the left mouse button on this layer and holding down the left button, move it below the second layer.

    If it turned out not very contrast, light, then we conduct a correction in the "Image" tab. There are all the necessary tools for this.

    Thus, they change places and instead of the actress we see now only the frame and white background inside.

    Insert images in the layer (selected area)

  2. Next, to apply an image to the image in Photoshop, the left mouse button on the now the first layer on the layer list with the image of the photo frame. So we specify photoshop that this layer will be edited.

    You can not only insert a picture, but also a dedicated area. To this end, we open a picture in a photoshop, we allocate in any way depending on the background. If the background is monophonic, then immediately "magic wand", or "magnetic lasso". There are someone as convenient. In the example, a picture of the "magic wand" is highlighted.

  3. After selecting a layer to edit it, go to the sidebar tool and select the tool "Magic wand" .

    If you allocated using the "Magic Wand" tool, then at the next step, you must open the "Allocation" tab and select "Inversion" there.

    Click with a wand on the background frame. Automatically create selection that outline white borders.

    Thus, we will highlight the object itself and not the background around it. Now we make a copy ("Editing" - "Copy"), open the desired drawing and through "Editing" - "Insert" completing the operation.

  4. Next, press the key Del. There is, thereby removing the site inside the selection. Remove the selection of key combination Ctrl + D. .

    Select a person's face and insert into another photo (picture)

These simple actions must be made to impose a picture on the picture in Photoshop.

This feature is useful when we have some template - an object where you can insert a person's head. It is often used for friendly collages, greeting cards, etc. For example, you can not always find the desired suit, put a child in it, create an appropriate background and take a picture. By downloading the same template and inserting the child's face into it - we get the desired option without any difficulty.We are glad that you could help you solve the problem. This feature is useful when we have some template - an object where you can insert a person's head. It is often used for friendly collages, greeting cards, etc. For example, you can not always find the desired suit, put a child in it, create an appropriate background and take a picture. By downloading the same template and inserting the child's face into it - we get the desired option without any difficulty.Describe what you did not work.

Our specialists will try to answer as quickly as possible.

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From this article learn how to insert a picture in Photoshop. This can be done using a buffer about ...

From this article

The procedure for the same. Select the background photo first. Then choose the photo of the child, well, or someone else. We highlight your head in any convenient way and copy. After that, insert into the first picture, we will move, so that everything goes - as a result we get the photo you need. Below is a very simple example of this action. That's all operations in the insertion of pictures. Good luck!

learn how

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Insert a picture in Photoshop.

This can be done using buffer

  1. exchange or DRAG-N-DROP,
  2. But first it is necessary to prepare.
  3. Photoshop.
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does not lose the popularity of 15 years, and holds

Positions of the top program in the area

provision of services. Photographers, designers and

  • Merchants enjoy them for registration
  • His works. As a successful base, or
  • decor elements for shooting will be under
  • hand is not always useful to know how
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In Photoshop, insert the picture on the picture.



  1. Front
  2. how to add
  3. picture on the picture in photoshop,
  4. You need to open images in the editor.
  5. To do this, do the following:
  6. Press the button
Registration: 02-12-2017

"File" in the upper left corner of the screen.

From falling

List Select "Insert".

  • Find the image
- One of the most popular and demanded programs for working with images. It gives a lot of diverse opportunities, most of which are sometimes difficult to figure out. For example, do not everyone know how in Photoshop insert a picture in the picture.
  • with whom you want to work, select
  • It, and click "OK".
  • After adding

both images they will be in separate

In general, such a manipulation refers to a fairly simple. However, this action can be performed in various ways. It is useful to know them all, especially if you have to work with versions

tabs where you can work with them

Regardless of each other. Left

  • Move one of the pictures.
  • How to insert
  • Picture in Adobe.
different years.
  • Photoshop.
  • There are 4 ways as
Where to begin?

Insert a picture in Photoshop:


Images from the tab to the tab;

  • Copy I.
  • insertion through the clipboard;
  • Menu command
In order to start the role of how in Photoshop insert a picture in the picture, it takes quite a bit. To begin with, of course, you need to install the program itself.
  • "Place";
  • Dragging
  • File from a computer folder.
And launch it. Then the work begins with images.


Queues Consider each of them.


Pictures from tabs

Often users

Prefer this way the rest.

You must choose the basis, that is, a picture on which another object will be placed. This can be anything. For example, in Photoshop, you can create your own pictures to attach other images or inscriptions to them.

You need to drag one tab with photos in

Other. After opening several

images, tabs will be shown in

One row above the line at the top

    1. Screen.
Select the tab

Select the tab

    1. With the image you want to move.
Hold the name

Hold the name

    1. Left mouse button.
Move mouse

Move mouse

    1. Down without releasing button.


    1. The tab has turned into a window located Ctrl и C
    2. on top of another image release Ctrl +V button. On the panel Shift. Ctrl Tools Select "Movement",

Or press the "V" key. Take a picture

    1. on the background using the LKM (do not let go
    2. Termination of transfer).
Now on the selected

Now on the selected

  1. Image appeared background. Process
Layers to improve the effect.

Layers to improve the effect.

Copy - Shift. Ctrl On the panel .




Previous way, open the background and

The image you want to add.

This method is similar to work with text

This method is similar to work with text


Open tab

with the image you need

To transfer.

Highlight, clicking

CTRL + A key combination,

either with a lasso or other

either with a lasso or other

cutting tool if needed

Only part of the picture.

Use the buttons

Ctrl + C.

Ctrl + C.

To copy the contents of the selected



Go to

The background tab by clicking on it with LKM, and

The background tab by clicking on it with LKM, and

Press Ctrl + V

To insert.

After that B.

Content Center Images

The clipboard made by photoshop in

The clipboard made by photoshop in


Separate layer.

Menu command



Insert a picture in Photoshop

It is not always possible because of the size,

It is not always possible because of the size,

Team "Place" when adding

Images creates a smart object. it

layer in which the picture will be after

layer in which the picture will be after

insert. It allows you to change the size

Without loss of image quality. Will help

When working with inscriptions or photos in small


Go to

Background tab.

Open menu

"File" in the upper left corner of the page.

In falling

In falling

Find the list "Place ...".

A window will appear

search in which you need to find a file with

An image for insertion. Select and click "Place" to the right below. In the center of background Images will appear frame with a pattern.

Change the size, stretching angles for

Black dots on the frame. After finishing

Works click on the button with the pattern

Talks in the toolbar.


Photos from the Windows folder

Last method


File from the Windows window interface.

This is a simplified version of the previous

  • Migration method. Result also
  • there will be a smart object, but do not need

Go to the menu.

Open tab

With the background image.

Press the key


In opening

Menu Select "Explorer".

Find the right one

folder and file pictures in catalogs


Place the window

conductors over the image in


Drag the file.

On the background, closing the left mouse button.

Again will appear

Frame with a pattern that will need

Stretch and apply the result of the work.

As in Adobe.


insert a picture on the picture

To understand how

Add a picture to the picture in Photoshop,

Open both images in tabs.

Drag as in the first two ways,

Either using the "Place" command.

Ways are similar: use one of

images as a background, and the second - as

Object to add.

0 Video lesson "How Insert a picture in Adobe Photoshop ":

Photoshop. How to insert a picture in a picture in Photoshop - Detailed Guide

If you need to combine the elements of the photo from different sources, you need to know how to insert a picture in the picture in Photoshop. Photoshop. Content:

In addition, you can borrow from the Internet pictures in free access. Finally, it is often necessary to combine personally taken by a photo with some other image.

This feature is a base for creating high-quality mounting. Consider in more detail several options at once, how can you connect two photos in Photoshop.

Insert the picture in the selected area of ​​another picture. Photoshop. This method is suitable if you need to insert an image not as a new layer, but simply as a fragment in the already dedicated area of ​​another picture. Follow the instructions:

Open the original image in any version of the PhotoShop program;

Fig. 1 - Opening of the original picture

Next, you need to create an area in which another picture will be inserted. To do this, find the tab "Lasso" on the main toolbar (in the "Selecting Area" category). The choice of the tool shape depends on the form of the section of the picture, where the object will be inserted. In this case, "straight Lasso" will suit; Photoshop. Fig. 2 - the contents of the Lasso tab Now select the area with the mouse, as shown in the figure below; Fig. 3 - allocation of the region using the "straight Lasso" tool

Whatever it is selected as the basis, this file must be opened in the program

Open the second photo as a new project in Photoshop. The first project does not close. In the main window, two tabs should appear, in which there are first and second image. Click the second photo tab and click on the CTRL and A. button combination. The object will be completely highlighted. The corresponding animation curve appears around the entire frame;

Fig. 4 - Opening and highlighting the second image Photoshop. .

Copy the selected object to the computer clipboard by pressing the keys

  • Just insert a picture using

  • In this case, it will not work, because we add it only to the specified area. The editor provides a separate feature to insert one image to another. Open the Editing tab. Then click on the "Special Insert" and in the pop-up list, click on the "Paste B" tool. You can use the button combination Alt.

. This can be done using the file items - open, or
  • V.

  • Note!

In the CS5 version of Photoshop, the "Insert B" command is located immediately among the elements of the Editing tab.

After the user clicks on "insert in", our fully selected second image is automatically added as a new layer to the original project. Also, the picture will use the selection mode to create a layer mask. This allows you to hide all the visible unnecessary areas of the new inserted object, which are crossing the boundaries of the area;

Pay attention to the window layers of the project. In it should appear the object "Layer 1" - this is highlighted with a Lasso region. And there must also be a background image and the second picture we added; VFig. 5 - the contents of the project layer window

Just drag the selected object directly to the working field.

Since the "Insert B" command automatically defines the selected area and adds a new object to it, the second picture will be immediately added to the first. It looks like this:

Fig. 6 - the result of adding one picture to the selected area of ​​another

To improve the perspective, select the "Free Transformation" tool. Now you need to highlight the area of ​​the transferred photo. Click on a combination

Now let go left the top edge down, as shown in the figure. So you configure the position of the inserted photo. Fig. 7 - Creating a perspective for the inserted photo

To completely eliminate unnatural, you can add a shadow. In the main style mask, you can add a layer of selected shadow.

This will give the final picture of the volume. The final image looks like this: Shift. Fig. 8 - Final image Ctrl +ENTER .

After that, it remains only to find the second picture, which must be placed in the first.

To content ↑

Insert images by a separate layer Photoshop. This option is the easiest way to insert one photo to another. As a result, adding another image, it will be detected in the project as a new layer.

At the initial picture, you can add several layers at once (images).

  • To copy one picture into the second, open both image as new projects in Photoshop. Now you need to move between tabs.

  • Project tabs are located at the top of the window, under the main menu panel.

  • Fig. 9 - Appearance of tab panel

  • Open the project tab with the image to which you want to add a second picture. Now drag the second tab to any area of ​​the open original picture.

  • As a result, the second image window will be automatically added to the first project. Use the mouse to change the location of the picture.

The project will automatically add a new layer for the inserted object. Shift. Fig. 10 - add image to mobile

How in Photoshop insert a picture in the picture?

The picture that is located in a smaller window will be completely highlighted. Drag it to the main image using the pointer, as shown in the figure below:

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