For EGAIS - all about the universal transport module (UTM)

Unified State Automated Information System (EGAIS) - is one of the main components of the Russian digital economy. In essence, it is a tool allowing to provide remote state regulation of alcoholic beverages. All business entities involved in the turnover of alcoholic beverages are obliged to join the EGAIS, install the entire software you need and send compulsory reports to the system in time.

If the software works with errors, go to the "Learn about UTM" section - information about unsent checks and CEP certificates will be displayed on the page.

YEGAIS: the principle of work of the last version of the UTM

The UTM is installed on the working computers either the server existing in all structural units of manufacturers, wholesale companies and alcohol retailers.

Note! The computer must be installed at the actual address of the organization, which is a participant in the turnover of alcoholic beverages. The UTM must be installed on the CCM, capable of integrating with the EGAIS. Utm is a program designed to ensure the transfer of information from a business entity to the authorized state control authority. It does not have a visual interface - it is required to configure its interaction with product accounting programs.

All UTM updates are made automatically. The utility receives and sends information structured in XML document.

Features of the specialized program:

  • Sending requests and processing received information - XML ​​directories

  • Sending, receiving and confirming documents, including an act of discrepancy.

  • Calm some incoming documents.

  • Getting and sending TTN.

  • Drawing up a request for the remnants of alcoholic goods (including abbreviated).

  • Sending other ED, such as acts of write-off and registering, final fiscal documents, etc.

The use of UTM is regulated by certain rules, for example, it is impossible:

  • Implement an independent installation on a PC of third-party software, which implies a potential threat to the operation of UTM.

  • Change data in directories that have module documents.

  • Correquency and modify library code.

  • Denote the rights of access to all the information of the specialized program installed on the PC.

  • Attempts to send ED inappropriate to the standard.

  • Make the exchange of documents with incorrectly specified details, only government key certificates or RSA applications are allowed.

  • To postpone sending documents certified by CEP for more than three working days. Having a token on which the key certificate is recorded during the operation of the UTM.

  • Assign the documents provided for for processing a special name program that contains Cyrillic characters.

  • Work on the computer is remotely or coordinate remote access during the operation of the UTM.

You can also not apply a special application on non-tested devices or unsuitable to integrate the OS, as well as computers and servers:

  • Without Internet access.

  • If there is no possibility to go to the addresses and

  • Functioning in virtual spaces or OCs.

  • With the old version of installer updates.

  • Without access to the UC, which is issued to the issuance of CEP for the EGAIS.

System requirements:

During the operation of the UTM, the use of SCPEP to integrate with the EGAIS is allowed.

Let's tell me which cash desk from our catalog is suitable for working with Egas.

For EGAIS: Free download, installation and Upgrade Ut

Before starting downloading a special application, it is necessary to prepare a workplace.

To use the UTM, you need to have a specialized scope - specify the certifying center and leave an application for the receipt of EP to work in the EGAIS. To work with the EGAIS, you need to install key certificates that are included in the driver, as well as software for the key carrier.

It should also be verified that your KKM and software installed on it can integrate with the UTM.

How to download a special program from the Okais official website and install it on your computer:

  • Go through the registration of the LC in the system, then log in to it by clicking on "Log in the LC".

  • Select "Start Check" and wait until testing is completed.

  • Open the Show Certificates tab and wait until the desired document prompts, after which check the correctness of the data.

  • Return to the main menu and in the left column, click on the "Transport Module", select "Download Transport Module Installer".

  • Confirm the action by clicking "Run" and wait until the UTM is loaded.

During testing when creating an LC on the portal, the EGAIS may arise the following difficulties:

  • The system will issue an error due to the outdated version of MS IE. To correct the error, you need to re-tested, pre-using a web browser update.

  • The system issues an error in the absence of the required "FSRAR-Crypto3". For the correction, follow the test again, after installing the desired software and restarting the computer.

Preparation for installation Utm:

  • Make sure the date and time specified on the PC is correct. If they do not match, synchronize the device with the Internet or make an adjustment yourself.

  • Using the control panel or a special program, turn off the UAC and restart the computer.

  • Stop you either disconnect the anti-virus program completely installed on the computer.

  • Insert the key carrier to the USB port on which the CEP is located to work with the EGAIS.

Now you can proceed to the installation of UTM software. This operation must be carried out under the administrator rights. During installation, strictly follow the pop-up system prompts.

To install Utm offline, you need:

  • Activate the installation file by entering the PC under the administrator rights.

  • Accurately follow the appearing program prompts.

  • In the control panel, run all available modular services.

  • In the browser address bar, insert HTTPS: // LocalHost: 8080 / and log in to the web browser.

  • In the page that opens will be made of the UTM - make sure that they are correct.

  • Installation is completed.

During installation, the program can request a password to a key container. Fill it out and confirm this data by clicking "Next".

When the installation procedure of the UTM is completed, it will be necessary to integrate it with the Gais system, or with a commodity program.

To configure automatic UTM updates. Trust the execution of this operation to the program responsible for the program update. With the right mouse button, click on the twinkling emblem of the UTM and download the new version.

Difficulties arising during the update of a specialized application:

  • The update procedure is blocked by the operating system or not turned off by the antivirus program. You can correct the situation by adding all software services to permitted, after which you try to reconfigure the operating system.

  • The user does not have access to the running module, as it works not under the administrative rights.

Training in the program for the YJAIS program

Our organization offers all those wishing to undergo training work with software for EGAIS.

The company's employees will tell in detail and demonstrate as part of the seminar the steps of performing such operations as:

  • Making a commodity nomenclature.

  • Creation of acts of discrepancy.

  • Reception of trade invoices.

  • Stopping and write-off an up.

  • Sale of alcoholic beverages, correct filling of the magazine.

  • The correct calculation of the AP with a shared bar code, but produced in different companies.


How to install and check the UTE YEGAIS

The universal transport module (reduced UTM) is a program that provides work with counterparties and transmitting data to the EGAIS on wholesale and retail sales of alcohol.

EGAIS principle of work of the last version of UTM.JPG

The UTM is installed on the computer of your organization. If you are conducting wholesale or retail, the module is installed individually for each sales point. The exchange of incoming and outgoing information is carried out using XML files. The module does not have graphic and

RTM functions

  • Request and receipt of information about alcoholic beverages and organizations;
  • Request of incoming documents;
  • Sending and receiving inventory invoices;
  • Sending, receiving and confirming the act of discrepancy;
  • Request for residues in EGAIS;
  • Request for certificates "A" and "B";

References A and B are certificates that are attached to TN. Help A contains information about alcohol and the manufacturer, it is required to produce alcohol to the warehouse balance. Help B - contains information about the movement of alcohol from the manufacturer before the store's fit. It is needed for alcohol on the balance of the warehouse and for registration of movement from the supplier to the recipient, and then from the store to the store.

Computer requirements for working with utm

On each wholesale warehouse or retail point for a legitimate sale of alcohol, a computer is installed on which a universal transport module is installed, with which data is transmitted to the EGAIS. To work correctly, it must comply with such specifications:

Equipment Characteristics
CPU x32 with a frequency of 1.8 GHz and above
Oz From 2 GB and more
Network Controller Ethernet controller, 100/1000 Mbps, RJ45 connector
Disk drive Total at least 50 GB
Cryptographic equipment Hardware crypto key
Requirements for PO
Operating system Windows 7 Starter and above
System-wide software Java 8 and above
On EGAIS (UTM) FSRAP is issued free, does not require additional software.

How to install UT?

We have already written above that the module has no graphical interface. Let's tell about how to install it correctly. Before starting the installation, you must have an account in the EGAIS. If not, you need to create it and perform the following actions:

  1. In the Personal Cabinet of the EGAIS Select the item "Transport Module";
  2. Enter your email address and click "Submit";
  3. Now check the mail and download the file to your computer;
  4. Choose a place to save the file, after it boots to your computer - it must be installed;
  5. After the module is installed, enter PIN for the Jacarta hardware key (it consists of eight units);
  6. Click the Search button;
  7. In the "Use Certificate" line, check the box and click "Next";
  8. Enter PIN for GOST (by default it consists of a combination 0987654321);
  9. Click the Search button.

The system will automatically install the installation and loading of the transport terminal, after which the EGAIS starts.

Verification of the work of UTM.

To check the operation of the module, you must enter the access address created when setting up the store in the address bar of the browser. If the module is installed correctly, after entering Localhost: 8080, the version of the UTM version should be displayed in the window.

For EGAIS Free Download, Installation and Updating Utm..jpg

If you do not have this tab, it suggests that the transport module is either not started or does not work. To begin with, it is worth checking if a secure medium with an electronic signature is inserted into a USB port. The module itself can be launched in several ways.

  • Through the notifications panel: on the arms icon, tap PCM "Run".
  • Using a combination:

1. "Win + X", then go to the "Control Panel", "Administration" item, and then in "Services" 2. Find the Transport or Transport-Updater item, select the required, then click the Run button.

Be prepared for the startup time you will need time. If the module works correctly, do not forget to check the settings of your browser. Sometimes you have to install manually. This is done as follows:

  1. Find the Transport, Management Module and "Monitoring" on your computer, you want to run them on behalf of the administrator.
  2. If the services did not become active, it will be necessary to run them manually. Hold the keyboard key "Win + X", then go to the "Control Panel", select "Administration", and then the "Service" item must find the right items and run them by pressing the right mouse button.

Now perform the operation of the UTM, as described at the very beginning, enter "LocalHost: 8080" in the address bar of the browser. See how to upgrade or set up Yejais, you can here:

Comments for the site Cackl e
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Online service receipt of electronic signature from your workplace for public portals, participation in bidding and document management.


Receipt service EP and search for auctions from Program 1C

Module UTM EGAIS for trade alcohol products


February 19 2020 at 12:31

Utm is a software designed to send information on the server of a unified state automated information system on calculated cash transactions with alcohol. The module is installed at the place of operation of the organization on a personal computer or online cash register if the cash registers support this function. The application does not have a user interface, essentially UM is only a technical data solution.


  1. Functions of the UTM module
  2. Technical Requirements for Module
  3. PC requirements for installation
  4. Instructions for connecting
  5. Preparation for Installation on PC
  6. Updating Universal Transport Module
  7. Errors during launch
  8. Reinstalling the UTM program

Functions of the UTM module

Each trading unit and the wholesale or retail store, with the exception of the IP, will need a separate ogis module. Individual entrepreneurs do not have the cause of the reason for registration, so they may have one workplace with a strength and a commodity system or a compatible cash register regardless of the number of outlets. The exchange of information with the automated system of state control of production and turnover of alcohol is made via files in XML format.

The main advantages include the following features:

  1. Model UTM EGAIS is able to request and receive data on organizations and alcohol, which have the form of reference books.
  2. The possibilities also include the transfer of acts when sending, confirming and receiving, as well as documentation on possible discrepancies.
  3. Using the UTM module, you can get such references as "A" and "B".
  4. It is possible to request an incoming documentation, receive and send with TTN.
  5. A request for remnants of all alcoholic beverages is available in Yegais.

An important and necessary approach is the direct transmission of such documentation as: setting alcohol products to balance, all acts of write-off, sending fiscal checks from online cash desks in retail sales.

Technical Requirements for Module

The rules of work with the TCP EGAIS are established at the state level.

Forbidden actions when using UTM:

  • Installing other software on a computer that can affect the operation of the module;
  • Changing data in folders with UTM files, with the exception of;
  • assign or make changes to the rights of access to the information of the UTM on the PC;
  • independently change the library code code;
  • send documents with incorrect details, you should always use the certificates of keys of the state sample RSA;
  • send documents that do not correspond to the established sample;
  • Remove the CEP after starting the module;
  • use remote access to the computer when the module is running;
  • delay sending documents signed by electronic key, more than 3 days;
  • Assign the name of the files of the module with Russian font.

In what cases you can not use the module:

  1. Operational systems are incompatible or have not been previously tested.
  2. On one computer can not be installed more than one hardware medium.
  3. There is no stable and uninterrupted access to the network.
  4. From the computer it is not possible to go to the sites and
  5. The computer uses virtual environments, including operating systems and workspace.
  6. From the device, it is not possible to contact the server of the certifying center, which issued the Key of the EGAIS.
  7. When installing multiple modules without an urgent update version.

There should be no more than one certificate and key on the PC. Proper use of hardware media is possible when two conditions are met:

  • There is a RSA certificate that meets the current key of the EGAIS;
  • The presence of a valid ogis key in one instance.

PC requirements for installation

The trading unit computer must comply with several requirements:

  • Windows 7 and higher operating system;
  • RAM - from two gigabytes;
  • The speed of the uninterrupted Internet connection from one hundred megabits, the port RJ-45;
  • The presence of a qualified electronic signature.

Instructions for connecting

Installation is possible in several ways:

  • without connecting to the network;
  • If you have access to the Internet.

To connect such a module, it is necessary to find out whether this cash desk and software with a module is compatible, as well as perform the following actions:

  • Purchase CEP Routeen EDS 2.0 or Jacarta;
  • Get on the official website of a unified state automated information system certificate for a protected RSA connection;
  • Download Software for TCB and install on PC;
  • Tie a module with software to work in an egas or a commodity system.

Preparation for Installation on PC

Mandatory events for the successful installation of the transport module:

  • Checking a reliable date and time on a computer;
  • Disable the user account controlling function to protect the PC, the account partition is in the control panel, after which it is necessary to restart;
  • Suspending work or complete shutdown of firewall, antivirus and protector of the operating system;
  • checking and disconnecting all unnecessary media before connecting to the PC of the EGAIS key;
  • unlocking a distribution (in common properties);
  • Launch on behalf of the administrator.

You can get a set of files that make up the program, as well as containing installation instructions, in the "Transport Module" section on the official website of the EGAIS.

Installing Um can be installed without access to the Internet. To do this, you will need to open the saved file of the transport module on the administrator rights. After installing it, find and run service in the Control Panel (Transport-Updater, Transport and Transport-Monitoring). In Internet Explorer browser, enter the HTTP: // Localhost: 8080 to the address bar, on the page which will be placed the UTM data.

Updating Universal Transport Module

Update the version of the UM can be automatically mode. To do this, you must give permission to a special service. The extensive version will signal the transport module icon. In the case of a successful operation, a notification of the start of service will appear. After that, you need to go to the homepage and check the correctness of the module.

Failure during installation of a more recent version may be called:

  • the work of the antivirus, which prevents updating the version of the module;
  • Firewall OP;
  • The universal transport module is not started on behalf of the administrator or not with full rights.
  • close the program Utm;
  • disable antivirus completely;
  • Go to the control panel, select the Administration / Service section and restart the program;
  • Find in the list of working UTM services and enable them again;
  • Open the Administrator's Rights file (C: \ UTM \ Agent \ Bin \ Agent.Bat);
  • Check the operation of the Utm, returning to the homepage.

Errors during launch

After updating the transport module, problems may be launched. It is possible to eliminate them as follows:

Errors Methods of elimination



For route 2.0 in configuration files

Replace the following lines:

Gost.pkcs11.library.path = C \: \\ Windows \\

System32 \\ RTPKCS11ECP.dll

Gost.library.path = C \: \\ Windows \\

System32 \\ rttranscrypt.dll.

rsa.library.path = C \: \\ Windows \\

System32 \\ RTPKCS11ECP.dll


rsa.library.path = C: \\ Windows \\


Gost.Library.path = C: \\ Windows \\

System32 \\ libtranscrypt.dll

Gost.pkcs11.library.path =.

C: \\ Windows \\ System32 \\ RTPKCS11ECP.dll

For Win 64, change the name of the System32 folder.

RTPKCS11ECP-REPLICA.DLL denied access Blocks the Windows Defender program (Windows Defender), in Windows 10, it is set by default. Problems with the transport module arise and during the operation of the MS Security Essentials antivirus. It is enough to restore files from quarantine and add to the exclusion of antivirus.

C: \ UTM \ TRANSPORTER \ L \ transport_info.log in the

The end of the file has error information:

2018-09-26 15: 36: 59,766 Error es.Programador.transport.h.e

Error when receiving and reading documents from the YJAIS server

HTTP Transport Error: Token Has Been Removed


HttpclientTransport.getOutput (Unknown Source)


Httptransportpipe.process (Unknown Source)


Httptransportpipe.ProcessRequest (Unknown Source)


ProcessRequest (Unknown Source)

It is necessary to make sure that the key is connected to the PC and blinks its light bulb. If the key is really connected, and the light is on, then you must disable the key from the computer and connect it again. After a few minutes, the error, as a rule, disappears.

Information about error and malfunctions of the universal transport module is posted in the log files. It is possible to find it as follows:

  • Update service log: C: \ UTM \ UPDATER \ L \ Update.log;
  • Transport Service Log: C: \ UTM \ TRANSPORTER \ L \ transport_info.log.

To open the specified files, a notepad program is used. They record each step of operation of the module and displays detailed error information. The list of the most recent events are at the very end.

Reinstalling the UTM program

If you update or eliminate the errors in the methods above, it could not mean that the program works incorrectly and should be reinstalled. The procedure will be as follows:

  1. You need to get a fresh version of the Utm on the official website of the Yegais.
  2. Stop services in the system tray.
  3. Close Agent Utm.
  4. Press the right mouse button on the icon and select "Exit".
  5. You can check the correctness of the program stopping in the status of service services. Daemon.exe processes should not be launched.
  6. Next, you need to create a backup of information. All documents such as outgoing and incoming sales checks are in the C: \ UTM \ TRANSPORTER \ Transportdb folder. Before removing the module, you must make it a copy to the "Desktop".
  7. Delete a program with C: \ UTM \ unins000.exe, you need to answer all questions.

If a folder with the name UTM remains on the C: \ disk, including after a reboot, it must be deleted manually. To install a new transport module, you must start the previously downloaded distribution file. After that copy the saved folder with the database C: \ UTM \ TRANSPORTER \ TRANSPORTDB. The data will be restored from the old program, the UTM is ready for work.

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Universal transport module (UTM) - software designed to transmit information on the turnover and retail sale of alcohol products from wholesale and retail organizations to the EGAIS database.

Scheme of work Um.

  • The UTM is installed for each individual structural unit of the wholesale trade (or retail) on a personal computer located at the implementation of the activities.
  • Update UTM occurs automatically.
  • Transmission and receipt of information is made by entering formed XML files.
  • The utmost has a graphical interface, so the integration of the UTM with the organization's commodity accounting system is necessary.
  • Get directories of organizations and alcoholic beverages
  • Work with Documents Yejais
  • Request a report on alcohol residues
  • Request references "A" and "B"
  • Send a request for a barcode by series and margin number
  • Send request for checking brands on the balance sheet
  • Send an act of putting on a balance or act of writing off goods
  • Send a check, incl. "Beer" check

Approved XSD schemes of the documents of the EGAIS reflected in

Technical documentation for the Utm


JSC "Centriform" offers software to visualize work with the UTM EGAIS.

According to the "Technical Requirements" to the universal transport module (Appendix D), the following conditions must be observed for staff:

  • Installing a third-party stream on a PC, which may affect the operation of the UTM
  • Making changes to folders and UTM files with the exception of the file
  • Decompilation of UTM libraries
  • Changing access rights to folders and files Utm
  • Transfer to the UTM documents that do not correspond to the approved XSD schemes
  • Transmission to the UTM documents with details that are not relevant to the RSA key certificate details or the GOST key
  • Delay in sending a document for a period of more than three days, from the moment of its signing of the CEP
  • Extract from a PC stream of hardware key when the UTM is turned on
  • Remote access to PC Um
  • Using Cyrillic in the names of folders containing UTM
  • On OS, not past tested for compatibility with UTM (testing conducted on Windows 7
  • and higher)
  • Using more than one hardware carrier
  • In the number of copies of more than one on one PC
  • Without service update
  • On a PC UM, which has no permanent access to the Internet
  • On the PC UTM, not having access to
  • On the PC, the UTM, which does not have access to
  • On the PC, the UTM, which does not have access to the address of the posting list of the UC, issued the CEP (address
  • is inside such a CEP)
  • On PC Virtualization Systems
  • Without a RSA key certificate
  • Without a CAP key certificate
  • Using a CEP key certificate with expired
  • Using the RSA key certificate with expired
  • With more than one CEP certificate

With more than one RSA certificate

With a RSA certificate that does not correspond to the CEP certificate

With a RSA certificate that does not correspond to the CEP certificate

Technical requirements for equipment, compliance with which will ensure uninterrupted work with the EGAIS, for all participants in the alcohol market. UTE YEGAIS - work requirements, installation and update

Utm Yejais or Universal Transport Module for Egas

- This is a specialized program for sending data to the EGAIS server about the settlement operations produced at the checkout. Important! You need to install the UTM at the place of work of the organization. The UTM is installed on the PC, it can also be installed on your online cashier if it supports this feature. The program itself is only a technical solution of information transfer, it does not have a user interface. To work with the module and the EGAIS, you need to associate a program with a commodity system or other program. For each store or commercial unit (it does not matter Retail This or Wholesale trade, except IP), you need a separate ogis module. The IP may have one workplace with the Yogais Time and a commodity system or a compatible cashier, because Individual entrepreneurs do not have the props of the PPC, they are allowed to work in this way, and no matter how many outlets. The exchange of information with the EGAIS system is by means of XML files.
What makes the UTM module?
UTE YEGAIS allows you to request and receive information about organizations and alcohol in the form of reference books.
Using the Utime, you can request incoming documentation, get and sent from commercial overheads.
Also, the capabilities of the module include the transfer of acts: sending, receiving and confirmation, as well as acts of discrepancy.
Also becomes possible in the EGAIS request remnants of alcoholic beverages.

Using the Utime, you can get references "A" and "B".

Also, the important and necessary function of the UTM is the transfer of such documents as: laying on the balance of alcohol, acts of write-off, sending checks from online cash desks with retail sales.

Specifications for work with the UTM YEGAIS

  • The state has rules, how to work with a transport module.
  • What can not be done when using Um:
  • Change information on the computer in the folders with the module files (except
  • Change the software code of the UTM library code.
  • Change and assign access rights to all these UTM on the computer.
  • Transmit documents that do not comply with the established format of the transmitted information.
  • Transmit documents with incorrect details (you need to use RSA / State Certificates. Standard.
  • To detect the shipment of more than three days already signed by the electronic key.
  • Remove the electronic signature key when the operating module is running.

Remote computer management and resolve remote access with the EGAIS module.

  • Use the Russian font when assigning the name of the UTE files.
  • Where you can not use the Um
  • On incompatible operating systems or those OS that have not been tested. The use of a transport module on Windows 7/8/10 is allowed. You can not use more than one hardware carrier on one PC.
  • You can not use on a computer without a permanent Internet connection.
  • You can not use the module if the computer cannot go to: or
  • You cannot use more than one time on your computer, without the current version of the update installer.
  • On the PC, where virtual workspaces and OS (virtual environments) are used.
  • On a computer that cannot contact the Server of the Certification Center, where the Key of the EGAIS was issued.

If there is a single valid Key of the EGAIS,

If there is a single working certificate of the RSA of the appropriate existing Key of the EGAIS.

  • You can not apply on a PC more than one key and certificate.
  • How to connect the module UTM YEGAIS
  • Clarify whether your cashier supports and its software work with utility.
  • Purchase the Jacarta electronic signature key or Ructen EDS 2.0.
  • On the EGAIS website get the RSA certificate for a secure connection.

Download program for the Utem on the EGAIS website and install it on your computer.

Tie the UTM module with software to work in the EGAIS or the comma-learning system.

To work with the UT, you need the KEP key for EGAIS

You can purchase an electronic signature key for UTM YEGAIS in our company. Quick design for two documents without queues with a warranty of the result. We give the keys to the Ructane EDP 2.0 or Jacarta SE2 to choose from.

More details

  • Installation Utm Yejais
  • How to install a universal transport module for selling alcohol, beer and use of the program for the EGAIS? Every entrepreneur is faced with this question, whose activities are associated with the sale of alcohol. Install the module in two ways:
Time check

With the existing Internet connection,

Without connecting to the Internet.

To work with the UT, you need the KEP key for EGAIS

To exchange documents in the EGAIS need an account

  • In our company, you can order the EGAIS software, installation and configuration. We have the best solutions for working with EGAIS and experienced technical specialists. Exclude an agreement for technical support for the EGAIS and work without worries.
Scheme of work Utm for Yejais
  • How to install the Utm program on a computer

First you need to go to your personal account on the official website of the EGAIS, go to the "Transport Module" section and get a distribution.

  • Save, for this click Download.
  • Training
  • You need to check the actual on the computer date and time.
  • Go to the Control Panel on your computer and select the Accounts section. Find the change in account settings and disable account control to protect the PC. Restart the computer.
  • Disconnect the antivirus (or suspend the work), firewall and Windows defender. (To do this, go to the control panel).
  • Check out and disconnect all unnecessary media, connect the EGAIS key to the computer.

In the distribution, press General properties and unlock (if available).

  1. Run the installation on behalf of the administrator.
  2. Installation without internet Run the saved UTM file as administrator After the file is set, run the service service (for this, go to the control panel and find
  3. Services Transport, Transport-Updater, Transport-Monitoring
  4. ).

Open Internet Explorer and enter HTTP: // Localhost: 8080 to address string. A page with utm data opens.


How to update UTE YEGAIS

  • To update the version of the UTM YEGAIS in automatic mode (if there is a more recent version), you need to resolve a special service that is responsible for updating the program, perform an update. When the Time icon flashes, you need to click on it with the right mouse button and agree with the update.
  • Why not update the Ut
  • Anti-virus on the PC is turned on and prevents the program to update the version of the module.

The operating system firewall prevents the update setting to your computer.

  • UTM is not launched with full access rights not on behalf of an account (PC administrator).
  • What you need to update the ogis module
  • Disable anti-virus software on your computer or add utilities to allowed (exceptions).

Adjust your firewall so that it does not affect the operation of the module.

  1. Provide the UTM all Illy permissions restart the module on behalf of your account.
  2. Update Um to version 3.0 8
  3. In the lower right corner there should be a pop-up notification "Available Update Utm". You will notice a flashing icon.
  4. Click the icon and select UTM updates. It will be notified of the start of service.

Test the operation of the module for errors. How to check the UK YEGAIS? To do this, click on the icon again and click to go to the homepage.

  1. If everything works correctly, then the UT is updated successfully.
  2. What if it is impossible to update the UTE YEGAIS:
  3. Exit the UTM program.
  4. Turn off the antivirus program completely.

Software for EGAIS

  1. Restart TEM (To restart the program, go to the control panel, select Administration / Service. A list of working services will appear. Find and stop the service of the Utime Yejais Transport, Transport-Updater, Transport-Monitoring. Enable them again).
  2. Open the agent file on behalf of the administrator
C: \ UTM \ Agent \ Bin \ Agent.Bat

Verification of UTM YEGAIS: Test re-moving homepage.

Those who did not work in this way, we recommend reinstalling the program Utm Yejais. Perhaps the program is not correctly installed.

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Universal transport module (UTM) is a special software that is responsible for transmitting data on each alcohol bottle sold in the EGAIS. Installed on a personal computer or cash register (if it supports such an option). The module does not have a graphical interface, in fact, it is just a software solution for transmitting information, without which users would have to send data manually. In the article, consider the important details of the work with the UT: what it is for what is needed, where to download, how to install and use when implementing alcohol.

We will select online cash and scanner for alcohol trading in 5 minutes.

Leave the application and get advice.

Utm Yejais: what it is and what functions performs

EGAIS is an automated system for the state control over the volume of production and sale of alcoholic and alcohol-containing products. Thanks to this service, FSrar will be able to track the movement of each marked bottle from the manufacturer to the buyer, which will reduce counterfeit and protect consumers from poor-quality products.

Manufacturers, suppliers and retail points that implement alcohol must connect to the EGAIS and send data on the acceptance and sale of each bottle.

In addition, according to FZ No. 171 (from 11/22/1995), stores that implement alcohol products are required to use a universal transport module that automatically transmits data on the receipt and sale of goods to FSRAP. This requirement is also distributed, but only to reflect the fact of procurement. For the implementation of drinks, the UT will not need - it transmits data only on the receipt of the party to the restaurant's warehouse.

As for beer, beer drinks, honeycomb and cider, then accounting to the egas is much simpler for them than for vodka and wine. Confirmation of the fact of sale of each bottle is not required, the main thing is to fix that the wholesale party purchased legally (as in the case of a catering). Separately served a quarterly declaration of revolutions (how many beer is sold). If the store sells strong alcohol, then acceptance and sales at the checkout are fixed in the system.

Now consider what the UTM means. It can be called a bridge, which connects all the participants in the movement of alcoholic beverages: manufacturers, retailers, and the System of the EGAIS. With it, the sellers of alcohol, restaurants and bars accept commercial overheads from suppliers and automatically transmit them to the FSRA.

  • Opportunities Utm.
  • To understand the specifics of the UTM EGAIS, it is understood that it is both used in the turnover of alcohol, we list the main functions of this program:
  • obtaining information about enterprises and alcoholic beverages in the form of reference books;
  • transmission of documents on the balance of the balance, acts of write-off, on the discrepancy, etc.;
  • Sending requests for a barcode by series and mark number;
  • Sending a query of checking brands on the balance sheet of the organization;
  • request of incoming documents, reception and sending TTN;
  • control of commodity residues (virtual warehouse);

Obtaining certificates "A" and "B";

Transfer checks with CCM.

The transport module allows you to automate document flow between all market participants, comply with the requirements of legislation and minimize the risk of errors in accounting.

  1. How Um works
  2. The module does not have a graphic interface, and it is impossible to manage without communication with the comma-program program. The user to interact with the EGAIS will have to finalize the already installed "boxes" program or use the cloud service to account for alcohol products. Waterproof algorithm:
  3. The supplier sends TN in electronic form.
  4. Utm takes TTN on your computer and decrypts it. For the user to read the documents, the commodity software must be synchronized with the UT - for each software there are plagne that you can download on official Internet resources.
  5. The user forms a confirmation of acceptance in the computer accounting program and signs its electronic signature (EP), after which the document is automatically sent to the UT.

If there are discrepancies, they are also accompanied by a corresponding act.

UTM transmits a document into a single system.

Cloud services are recommended for small retail points. Some cash registers (EUTOC, Litebox and others) are already supplied with access to the "cloud", in which it is convenient to keep records of products from receipt before the sale.

  • Features of
  • In addition, what is the UTM and how this software helps in accounting alcohol, we will still figure out what features this software has:
  • It is installed for each structural unit (the requirement does not apply to the PI, which purchase beer drinks for implementation - they do not need to put a separate utility for each point, sufficient one);
  • The program is updated automatically;

Reception and sending information is carried out as XML files;

  • Working with the module is impossible without integration with the processing system or online cash register.
  • When working with the module, the user must comply with the following limitations:
  • Do not install a third-party software that can "conflict" with the UTM;
  • Do not change data in folders with module files;
  • Do not make changes in UTM libraries;
  • do not change and do not open access to the files of the module for unauthorized persons;
  • do not send documents that do not correspond to the established format (XML);

Do not delay more than 3 days by transferring documents already certified by an electronic signature;

Do not remove the EP key with the operating Um.

In addition to the listed restrictions, it is impossible to use Cyrillic to assign file names and open remote access to the PC with an active EGAIS module.

Installation Um.

Utm - Certified Development provided free of charge. For use, any personal computer based on Windows is suitable with a processor frequency of 1.8 GHz, the amount of RAM from 2 GB and a rigid disk from 50 GB. The working PC must maintain a stable connection to the Internet at a speed of not lower than 1 Mb / s.

Despite the minimum requirements for the workplace, without additional spending not to do. Sending documents is possible only after their main signature. For use when working in the UTM, the EGAIS must acquire a special EP recorded on the physical key carriers of Ructane EP 2.0 or Jacarta SE2 with a built-in cryptocrying agent. In case of everyday work, the module refers to EP when sending or receiving documents from the system. Signatures that are used for document management or sending reports to other supervisory authorities to interact with the EGAIS are not suitable.

  • Preparation of work PC
  • Before loading a universal module, it is necessary to prepare a workplace:
  • update the date and time on the PC;
  • Disable account control via the "Start" menu: "Control Panel" → "Accounts" → Remove the checkbox from "Use UP control to protect the computer" and restart the PC;
  • for a while turn off the antivirus software;

Deactivate Windows Firewall;

Disconnect other physical media from the computer (custom flash drives, roucast, eToken, etc.).

  1. How to download and install the program
  2. The UTM Distribution is available for free download in a personal account on To get the program, you must log in to:
  3. Go to the "Transport Module" section.

Select distribution for the desired OS version.

  1. To start the download, click the Utm Installer button, save the file to the PC.
  2. How to install:
  3. On behalf of the administrator, run the downloaded file egaissetup.exe. A window will open with the inscription "You welcome the installation wizard of the FSRA UTM", in which you need to click "Next".
  4. Select a folder for installation and click "Next". By default, the software is installed on the "C" disk to the folder called "UTM"
  5. Select folders to create shortcuts, confirm the "Next" key and click Install.
  6. After unpacking the archive and install, click "complete" and exit the installation wizard.
  7. Connect the EP hardware media and enter its PIN. For Jacarta by default - 11111111 (8 units).
  8. Press "Search" and choose the EP certificate to work with the EGAIS (a check mark opposite the "Use certificate" item).

Further installation continue without changing the parameters by pressing the "Next" button.

Enter the PIN code for GOST storage to start installing the UTM components (by default for Jacarta - 0987654321), and click "Next".

After the actions completed, a notification of a successful installation will appear.

We make an electronic signature to work with the EGAIS. Installation and setup on the day of submission of the application!

Leave the application and receive a consultation within 5 minutes.

  1. Verification of work Utm Yejais
  2. After installing the module, it is recommended to immediately check its functionality. To start the service of the UTM and start checking, you must:
  3. Connect token to USB PC connector.

Find the Icon on the workplace and click on it right-click.

  1. In the context menu, select the "Run" item.
  2. In some cases, you need to run the service manually to work correctly:

Go to the "Start" menu combination of the Win + X key → "Control Panel" → "Administration" → "Services".

  1. In the window that opens, select and alternately launch the following services: Transport-Updater, Transport, Transport-Monitoring.
  2. After starting, you can check the performance of the module in one of two ways:

In MSIE, open the HTTPS link: // Localhost: 8080 /.

Click on the right mouse button on the Icon and select the "Homepage" line.

If installed correctly, a page will appear with the following content:

Update Utime: what it is and how to perform

  1. Like any other software, the universal module is regularly complemented and improved. As a rule, users do not need to do anything to update at their workplace - if there are internet, it is performed automatically. When the program icon begins to flash, this means that a new version is available, it is necessary to click on it and confirm the consent to the update.
  2. An automatic update may be hampered by the included antivirus or operating system firewall. Another common cause - the UTM is launched with incomplete rights (not on behalf of the administrator). To solve the problem, it is recommended:
  3. Deactivate antivirus software or add UT to a list of allowed exceptions.

Disable Windows Firewall.

  1. Restart the module with administrative rights.
  2. If nothing helped, go to the control panel:

Open the "Administration" section → "Services".

Disconnect the service of the UTM, and then activate them again.

After - follow the https link: // Localhost: 8080 / to make sure that successfully update - the program must open the page with the version number.

If the events listed above did not help to upgrade, it is recommended to remove the module, set it to reload it and restart the computer.

Working with utm at the checkout

When implementing alcohol, the online cash desk should transmit information to the EGAIS through the UTM. The module can be installed on a separate computer (which is not used for cash transactions), on the cash register itself (smart terminal or POS system) or a special device that interacts with the CCC (for example, the Hub-19 atol). Previously, we looked at what the UTM is and how to use it on the PC. Now we learn how to work with the EGAIS module on the online ticket office.

  1. Functions atol Hub-19
  2. Utm-Hub Atol is a minicomputer (without display and keyboard) with a installed transport module, an OS and interfaces for connecting the cash register, scanner, smartphone and USB-tokens with EP. In essence, the Hub serves as a PC, which is installed by the UTM, but with one advantage - it interacts directly with the cashier and immediately sends information to the FSRA (without additional integrations with commodity software). For connecting to the Internet there are several ways:
  3. External 2G / 3G modem.



Configure and manage the device is convenient via a Web interface from any laptop or a mobile device located on a single network with a minicomputer. The device is compatible with Newzers, Atol POS systems, as well as smart terminals Enerosc. The ability to integrate with other cash registers should be clarified by the manufacturer or supplier.

  • How to work with the Utm on the smart terminal Evotor
  • For Smart Cass, the EUTO engine will not need a separate jeisk module on a computer or utm-hub. The proprietary package "Utm Plus" launches the program directly on the terminal, eliminating the user from the need to install it on a separate workplace. Updates are performed without his participation. The service allows you to automate the following operations:
  • selling strong alcohol;
  • Getting overhead from suppliers;
  • write-off of beer;
  • Opening of containers;
  • time limit on selling alcohol;
  • Certificate Tracking The key in the LC EVOTO;

Accounting for kegs in decaliters, not ply (it is convenient to control how many liters of beer remains);

  1. Finding the number TTN in the base of the Egas et al.
  2. The only drawback of the service is its cost. At the time of publication, the application costs more than 6000 rubles. To download, you need to go to the application store, choose a service and pay the bill in any convenient way. Installation is carried out in the LC Evotor:
  3. Go to the "My Shopping" section.
  4. Select "Utm Plus" and click "Install".
  5. Select in the list of cash terminal, which is expected to trade alcoholic beverages, and put the "Apply" checkbox.

Download Utm on the FSRAR website and write it on the Flash carrier.

Insert a USB drive into a smart terminal - it will independently download the program.

To start the module, the electronic signature of the router or Jacarta is also required - the key carrier connects to any free USB port. To check the correctness, you must go to the "Settings" → "EGAIS" menu. If the UTM functions correctly, the message appears on the screen:

After the actions completed, a notification of a successful installation will appear.

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