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The word "pedant" is usually used to emphasize the excessive severity and scrupulousness of a person. Often, this concept is investing dismissive meaning, hinting that the pedanticity is not characteristic of normal people. Today we will deal with who such a pedant and how much a stereotypical idea of ​​it is valid. We also find out what pros and cons have pedantic personalities, what are their strengths and weaknesses, how to communicate with them and build relationships.

Who is a pedant?

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The pedant is an extreme, neat and tidy man, inclined to comply with the rules and requirements, scrupulously followed by order. Pedanticity from different people is manifested in varying degrees, in different ways affecting individual aspects of life. Such a person can be extremely neat and pay a maximum of attention to cleanliness. At the same time, his wardrobe, from the point of view of a person who follows fashion trends, will look very mediocre.

Sometimes pedantry can acquire painful and manic forms (an excellent example - Dr. Sheldon Cooper from the TV series "Theory of the Big Explosion"). For the Pedant himself, this feature feature can be a useful advantage, as well as a serious disadvantage that prevents living and work. For example, the pedanticity is useful in the work of a lawyer, for which it is important to formulate thoughts extremely accurately, not allowing double interpretations. But in his personal life, the pedantic prevents more than it helps.

Differences of Pedant from Perfectionist

Do not confuse Pedant with a perfectionist. The first gives maximum attention to the details and meticulously follows the rules. And if he is sure that he did everything right, it is satisfied with even a non-ideal result.

Perfectionists are often negligent and prefer to work in the setting of "creative disorder." They do not seek to follow the rules in the process. The main thing is that the result was flawless. Both pedants and perfectionists pay maximum attention to details, but for various reasons. Perfectionist is afraid that the result will be imidey. And the pedant is afraid that he himself will be non-ideal (wrong).

As the term appeared

The words "Pedanticity" and "Pedant" came to the Russian language from Latin through French. In French, the word pédant means "teacher." It comes from Latin Paedagogans, which is translated as "teaching". Initially, in Russian, this word was called a picky teacher who demands comprehensive compliance with all rules.

It is important here to take into account the context, since modern schooling is very different from how it was a couple of centuries ago. Then the teacher was a mentor, educational children not only by literacy, but also "Mind-Mind." And the word "pedant" was entrenched behind the most cautious teachers who had had their own scholarship. Today, this word is called an unnecessarily neat and scrupulous person, inclined to comply with all rules and formal requirements.

How to recognize pedant?

Pedantic person gives out the appearance and manner of behavior. He is always tidy and well-groomed, he has a neat hairstyle, and the vegetation on his face is either completely absent or well-keeped. Of course, the pedant will never appear in humans in the rummy shirt, unloaded pants or not enough clean shoes. His wardrobe always consists of almost new things on which traces of wearing are not noticeable. As a rule, it is a simple classic style clothing. Pedants do not seek to impress the surrounding, flashes in fashionable novelties.

The behavior manner is a more important criterion than appearance and clothing. External tidiness and well-groomed only reflect the internal demanding of the Pedant to themselves and others. His pedantry manifests itself in work, and in personal life. In the profession, this feature feature can be useful. From pedants, first-class accountants are obtained, successful lawyers, outstanding scientists. But for the family, this is a real punishment, since in everyday life excessive meticulousness does not make people happy.

Pluses of Pedant

Cheepinglery helps pedantic people to carefully analyze information and make decisions that are useful in many areas of activity. A smart leader who understands who such a pedant will no doubt will instruct such an employee with finance or legal documents. From the pedants are excellent auditors, engineers and scientists. They are successful in business, because skillfully turn money and rarely go to risky operations.

Pedanthism is useful to any person managing important business processes. This character trait makes a person more neat and cautious, which allows you to effectively bypass "pitfalls" by the price of a minor reduction in productivity. If the head is a pedant, the organization will be able to avoid many troubles associated with both the instability of the market and with potential internal problems. Often in business, pedantry is an equally important feature as creativity or dedication.

Cons of Pedanta

Negative sides of the pedanticity are most affected by personal life. In relations and friendship, people do not seek to strict compliance with the rules. Personal and friendly communication usually takes place in a relaxed atmosphere. And if someone submits to the surrounding requirements, it does not cause much delight. Therefore, Pedants have a personal life often not glued, and there are usually no truly close friends. And the only solution to this problem is to learn easier to treat life.

Sometimes pedantry reaches such a scale that a person is constantly experiencing inconvenience and is perfectly aware of it, but nothing can do anything. He does not want to spend a lot of strength and energy to comply with his own rules, but any attempts to break them annoy it, provoke stress and depression. If the pedant reached this condition, he will only help him a good vacation. Not superfluous will also visit a psychotherapist.

How to communicate with the Pedant


If your friend or expensive person is a pedantical person, when communicating, it is necessary to take into account the features of its character. This is especially important if a person is really dear. The fact is that any untidiness and irresponsibility is annoyed. And if you do not meet it with ideas about beautiful, it will disappoin to you over time.

If, with it, you will exercise punctuality, accuracy, accuracy and scrupulousness, it will begin to allocate you among other people. Understanding well who is such a pedant, it's not difficult for him. Observe the rigor, first of all, in clothing and manner of behavior. Quite soon, you will feel that communication becomes more trusted, and it begins to perceive you as a friend or a potential partner for a romantic relationship.

Sometimes it is useful to assign a pedant, passing an interview when taking a job. Even if the employer himself is not, the pedant of the candidate he considers the plus.

If you do not have personal interest in friendly or romantic relationships with a pedant, it is better to avoid unnecessary communication with him. With his demand, he can spoil the mood and myself and you. But it is not necessary to think that the pedantic makes a person bad. It is more correct to say that he has "sharp corners", which can be learned to bypass if you are interested in communication.


Friends, here, and figured out who is such a pedant, and you can sum up a small result. Pedantic is a very specific character trait that cannot be unambiguously called bad or good. It is just a person's peculiarity that strongly affects the life of a person, his work and relationship with others. At the same time, no one chooses such fate and does not make decisions to be a pedant consciously. Therefore, you should not judge such people strictly - it is better to learn to communicate with them in their language.

Pedantic photoPedanticity is a personality characteristic that manifests itself in excessively accurate compliance with the rules, accuracy in the implementation of cases and in domestic life, scrupulsiness and consequences. This is a desire to maintain the head of things adopted by formal norms. Pedanticity can have a slight degree of manifestation, which helps a person to be supported to socialize in society, following its rules, and may be an excessive character, speaking symptom of psychoneurological disorders (Anankast) and coming down to obsessive ideas.

Pedanticity in work is most often due to conscious decisions that are motivated by the calculation of rationality and the desire to obtain the maximum amount of benefit from the work environment (manifests itself in high quality of work and meeting the deadlines). The honors from the high level of pedantry in labor activity from a painful high level is the consciousness of the aspirations and the presence of strong experiences (in the working pedanticity of long and painful experiences there, whereas in a painful form they are obsessive).

Pedantic what it is

The meaning of the word pedanticity is revealed in strictly followed by the laws, while the priority of laws is due to the internal elections of a person, and not established by society. A man who is inherent in pedantry comes on time and goes on a call, accurate and principled in trifles (if he donkeys on the desktop daily, and then drink tea, then your offer to change the order and spend this hour in the cafe can be met by indignation , and sometimes even aggression).

Pedanticity is in psychology one of the parties to narcissism, since all the accompanying efforts are made for personal complacency, even if it looks strange and inappropriate to others.

Pedantic, what is it? External manifestations of pedantype can wear a socio-useful nature (accuracy, strict order guidance). In general, this desire to bring the condition of the world around the world to some ideal, according to Pedant, state. Examples of everyday manifestation of pedantry can be: Location of books on the shelf in a certain order (in color or size); finding all things in the house at their specific places; Rituals associated with care from work or from home (to finish the entire list of cases, check water and electricity); Strictly follow the work plan, as well as the fulfillment of its sole duties specified in advance, regardless of the change in the situation; Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene (brush teeth strictly ten minutes, the hands of washing after each touch to someone, cleaning the apartment once a week and so on).

Characterized by pedants and care for their health, among them there are practically no cases of alcoholization or drug addiction. It is due to this without the presence of moral principles, and the horror that a person experiences from the state of the absence of control, which accompanies all kinds of intoxication.

People with pedantry are hard to relax completely, because their life is subordinated to certain rules, the non-compliance with which leads to an increase in the level of anxiety, and adherence occupies almost all of their life time.

Pedanticity in the work is almost completely built on the calculation and conscious execution, is part of a living style that helps to achieve good results. Since there are many things that can be performed on a machine or in the eventable habit, and do not require high energy consumption, but at the same time they can bring very significant benefits (for example, maintaining order on the desktop saves a lot of time, which in other conditions will be spent on Search for necessary things or documents). Actions in the case of business pedantry are completely subordinated to a person, do not affect its emotional sphere and at any time can be discontinued by the person himself, without any negative experiences.

Pedanticity has a frequent combination with personal criticality, thanks to which a person analyzes the incoming information. In the case of pedants, chances to perceive any information on faith are unlikely. Before changing its well-established life, they, as they should, analyze alternative knowledge to the smallest details and only then include them in the model of their own world.

Pedanticity is in psychology the quality of personality, which, with its excessive manifestation, is a starting mechanism for the development of excessive anxiety, which in essence does not have place and does not apply to the reality of what is happening. So a person may have a nervous breakdown due to the impossibility of disinfecting the palm at a certain time, or to break an important business meeting, because according to his ideas it is impossible to step on the line on the floor.

Pedanticity is good or bad?

The meaning of the word Pedanticity can acquire a positive and negative color, depending on the manifestation, as well as the one who appreciates. Positive manifestations include the molding of the day, maintaining cleanliness and always performed on time. For the person himself, these manifestations are definitely positive, although some others may annoy the absence of spontaneity and some meticulousness.

Pedantic, as well as any manifestation of human features, may be worthy and may be a disadvantage, which depends on the level of development of pedantic manifestations. With moderate manifestation, pedanotism contributes to the manifestation of discipline, the perpetration. It is this characteristic that helps in time to start working and bring to the end to end, contributes to the conscientious execution of cases. With responsible projects where it is a clear time, it is most appreciated by employees with moderately developed pedantry. In this case, pedantry is good.

In its extreme manifestation, the pedant considers his beliefs solely with true and imposes them to others that provokes conflicts and hostility towards the pedant and the dictator. Excessive pedanticity, as a personality property, closely correlates with a slowdest of the flow of neuropsychiatric processes, kindness and a sense of debt on the verge of idiocy, which entails the delay in making decisions and the completion of cases (after all, there is always a smallest detail that does not quite correspond and need to be corrected). In this case, the pedanticity is bad.

Pedants suffer from the lack of psychological flexibility and a narrow circle of communication (people who can toleranically relate to all the features of the pedant). In a negative perspective, pedantry (aqueousness) testifies to the presence of deep fear of life and to weaken it a little, by making control to all spheres. The more control will install the man, the more secure and predictable events become, the less intimidant it seems life, but this does not give a real guarantee, because the world is uncontrolled and it is impossible to predict.

In the case of excessive pedantry, which already acquires the features of the disease, a person is not able to get rid of emotions related to the actions produced, even if the actions themselves can still be controlled. In such cases, even the curtains hanging under the "right" angle can permanently leave the trace in the mental state of the Pedant. In some cases, painful pedanthism develops into an obsessive-compulsive disorder (with characteristic obsessive actions, for example, a constant hand washing) and psychosis.

How can you teach yourself to pedantry? In addition to the manifestation of unnecessary pedantry, individuals have its disadvantage. Pedanticity is not enough people who are often late, do not care about the observance of the norms and rules, there are few of them with their own appearance and the presence of order. This can be a manifestation of a creative principle in person, which does not tolerate predictability and stability, makes it possible to navigate the changing situation and the ability to quickly switch. But if the lack of discipline negatively affects the life of a person, the development of such abilities should be developed.

The development of missing pedanticity can be started by referring to their own tasks, and the following is solely. Good in the practical application of the time management technique and the filtering of third-party interference. It is worthwhile to plan your own day, streamline space.

As in most concepts, it is impossible to unequivocally determine the pedantry is good or bad. It all depends on a person, situation, degree of manifestation and influence on the quality of life.

Author :Practical psychologist Vednash N.A.

Speaker of the Medical and Psychological Center "Plyomed"

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Pedanticity (or pedanthism) - What is it in psychology? We are talking about the quality of personality, which assumes the presence of marginal accuracy and accuracy in human actions, as well as excessive inclination to comply with formal requirements and rules . If a man is pedantic, then he is jealously and thoroughly follows the rules and certain standards that for himself accepts.

Pedantic is good or bad?

Pedanticity is a feature of the nature of the pickest people (the aankasts) who are often found in Northern Europe, and especially in Germany: everyone knows that the notorious German pedanticity implies a trait of character - accuracy. In Russia, Pedants are rare.

The ratio of society to the character being discussed is ambiguous, and therefore the question arises: Pedanticity is good or bad? There is no single answer to this question. If we talk about moderate pedantype, it can be considered as a positive trait of the character, which cannot be said about unnecessary pedanthism, which is a vice and cause of various negative situations and conflicts.

Pedant is easy to determine by his desire to do everything according to unwritten rules. Such people seek to ideal.

Negative features of the character of pedant

Pedants are very prone to imposing their own opinions, habits to other people, because they sincerely consider their vision of the world "Truth in the last instance." Such a person can hardly be recognized as pleasant in communication. If you make synonym for the definition of "pedantry", then people are remembered, who are often called such words as "wood", "Sukar", "Formalist".

Pedantism can not be considered as unconditional synonym for formalism. More precisely, it would be said that formalism is only the visible vertex of iceberg under the name "Pedantism"

Pedanticity, if present in character, manifests itself in any situation. Pedants usually lay out things in the closet, the products in the refrigerator, arrange the books on the shelf according to their size and color of the cover. Anakasts annoyed if someone "wrong" put the shoes in the hallway, laid out the plates in the kitchen cabinet, not the side hung towel in the bathroom.

Pedantic type of human character means his owner It seeks to bring concern and ideality to the world So, he represents it. This desire often turns around to impose its habits to others, which becomes the cause of conflict situations, the scandals in the family and at work.

Pedant is a person who loving order in everything
Pedants love order in everything, in particular, arrange books on the size or color of the cover

Pathological pedanthism

In psychology, there is such a thing as "Pathological pedantry" which is denoted by an excessive and scrupulous desire of a person to accuracy and order, brought to the absurd when a person performs actions that resemble some ritual. For example, we can talk about a schedule for a week or a month ahead of the menu of homemade trapes, clothes that a person will wear in a particular day.

Annincasts are prone to tireless rechecking of work, household appliances When leaving home. And so, despite the fact that the pedantic type of person's personality does not imply the presence of these qualities, how to forget to close the door or turn off the gas. Any household affairs requires much more time than it is. This is due to the fact that almost all of them do several times: brush the dishes, vegetables during the preparation of food.

According to experts, Pathological pedantry is inappropriate to distinguish significant details from small and minor . Pedants show petty and frosting, performing even the simplest, and sometimes absolutely useless work. With such manifestations, pedanotism is considered a serious psychological deflection .

Excessive manifestation of pedanticity becomes the cause of anankastic disorder of personality. Such a phenomenon adversely affects the relationship with the surrounding and ability to make decisions.

Positive features of Pedanta

but talking about pedants exclusively in the negative key would be biased . The pedant is a person who loving order, which is assessed by society positively. It is no coincidence that the word "pedant" has a sufficient number and positive synonyms: "Akchachy", "keystone", "clear."

Pedants and profession

Gianankas perfectly poured into the team, becoming indispensable people in many professions . Moderate pedanthism is simply necessary for representatives of professions such as aircraft equipment or car repair masters who are obliged to repeal and revise aircraft or security cars. And therefore, if a person is not a pedant, he should think before choosing a similar profession.

Pedants in Bytu.

Pedantic is manifested by the aankas and in everyday life - They constantly recheck their homework. Pedantic woman (Pedanka) is an excellent owner, in the house of which reigns cleanliness and order, where everything is studied, too. True, the House of Pedanka is usually more like a museum, and therefore it is impossible to call the atmosphere in it cozy, and washing the floors four times a day can be tired not only the woman itself, but also all households. However, a man pedant is able to "build" the whole family.

Pedantic woman (pedank) - a great mistress, in the house of which reigns cleanliness and order
Pedantic woman (pedank) - a great mistress, in the house of which reigns cleanliness and order

Pedants - indispensable workers

Anankast, working as an accountant, will become a "valuable find" for any company, since all the documentation he will be in perfect order, and the balance is reduced to a penny. Annincasts simply cannot do anything "somehow."

Moderate Pedants are serious, solid people who have any work entrusted to be performed qualitatively and for a long time. Annincasts are the people of debt, conscientiously related to their duties. . These qualities of pedants are very valued by leaders.

Perspectives of career growth of pedants

Pedants are formalists and sometimes unbearable bores, but in some professions without these qualities it is not necessary. And because Often, the aankasts are perfectly a career - they become good high-level leaders . Moreover, it can even happen by their will.

Just responsible people who perform their duties well, often moves higher on the service staircase. However, the authorankast leaders experience fear to adopt independent responsible decisions and take responsibility for other people.

Moderate pedantry is often valued by employers. Such people are perfectly coping with the work, where the scrupulous follows of the rules are required.

Cleanliness in everything

In order to better understand who is such a pedantic person, it should be noted that We are talking about the accumature and cleanly, which is primarily manifested in its appearance : Pure and carefully smooth clothing, neat hairstyle, well-fitted shoes. Pedants, even staying at home, do not allow sludge in appearance.


In the matter of raising children, pedantic people are true: the established mode cannot be broken, and therefore At the specified time, the child should go to the pot, fit to sleep come home from school. However, you should not have the opinion that the pedantic person means a bad parent. Pedants are not an insensible person, and therefore, like all the parents, they love children, sacrifice themselves for them.

Pedantic type of personality people is more often found in Germany, Scandinavia countries
Pedants do not regret the time to attach order, without him they will start nervous

Test for pedantry

If you want to know if there is a similar quality in you, then try to take a test test test, especially since this will make it quite easy - you just need to agree or disagree with the proposals. You should give the answer "yes" or "no" to the proposed allegations. Above the answer is impossible to think for a long time:

I always keep in an absolute order of funds in the wallet. With great joy, I am doing business, which requires increased responsibility. Do not take too little requirements to each other. It is heavy not to notice disadvantaged folded shoes, clothes, mess. There is a desire to correct. I will fulfill the work with a diligence and scrupulousness. I can not fall asleep if all day was devoted to thinking over a specific situation. When you have to have your own, permanent place. If you did not have time to finish things, you can go home with a calm soul . And I always recheck the cranes, switches, etc. And I pour into the edge of the dishes. You don't consider the obsessive thoughts. You do not consider it to be correct to draw up a plan on a day. If you noticed that the person does not cope with the work, then the desire arises Make yourself. You are distracted from worries if you work for a long time with work.

So, for choosing the answer "Yes" for approval under the numbers 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, add 1 point. For the answer "No" for approval under the numbers 2, 8, 12, too, add 1 point 1 point. Summarize these indicators. The result will show the level of pedantry of your personality.

With a sum from 0 to 4 - low. With the amount from 10 to 14 - high.


Pedantism is a special personality line, talking about whether it is bad or good is not quite correct. This is a given, which is present in man, regardless of his desire. Pedantic - ambiguous personality quality, introducing both positive and negative features. In this regard, we urge you to treat people tolerant, do not hang on them "shortcuts", remembering that we are all different!

"The boring is the same pedanticity. In principle, very valuable quality, "Boris Akunin wrote. Would you like to learn to manage your pedantry? Yes, do not get rid of, but learn to use yourself for the benefit of responsibility and obligation. This is possible. It is only necessary to precipitate the performance by charm and tact. Read more about how to make friends with your pedantheet, read in the article.

What is a pedanticity

Pedantic is a person's desire to strict compliance with formalities and rules, to absolute accuracy and accuracy in action. This is an accentuation of character. In the classification of personality types, the German psychiatrist Carl Leongard allocated a pedantic type of personality. This is how the author described:

  • Weak displacement mechanisms. Pedant is difficult to accept a quick solution, he lifts the idea and its execution for a long time, analyzes all possible options and is looking for optimal. He is reasonable and thorough, not only in production, but also in everyday life. Even buying a cup will end with calculations and measurements of pedant, hysterics and spores with his wife (spouse).
  • The desire to bring started to the end. The pedant will never get back from the intended tasks and requirements. He can sacrifice food, bedtime, family for the sake of the work started.
  • The severity and scrupulsiness (accuracy, thoroughness in trifles) of pedants perceived by surrounding people as a bore.
  • Rigidity, that is, unpreparedness and inability to respond to changing environmental conditions, change itself according to the requirements, pass through their principles.
  • Inability to experience psychological injuries. The pedant does not know how to displace them, will come back again and again in the memoirs back, dig in themselves, rivet and think, as it was necessary to do otherwise.
  • Permanent doubts and self-testing enthusiasm.

However, the same mines of the pedantic type are advantages, for example, indecision makes Pedant with a non-conflict person. He knows that he needs a lot of time to make decisions or selection of arguments, therefore avoids controversial situations. But if the question arises of non-compliance with the rules, the pedant is capable of not just conflict, but to show aggression and even rage.

Pedants are conscientious, neat and punctual. In individual work with a sufficient number of time, they are not equal. But in conditions of compressed deadlines, the extreme situation or frequent change of circumstances, they will not be able to work productively. Working in the team will also be a test for the nervous system of Pedant, and for his colleagues.

The whole life of the pedant is a solid order, structure and system of rules. He does not like when other people violate his foundations, from which in the personal life the pedantic types are often alone.

Pedant and Perfectionist: differences and similarities

Pedants are often confused with perfectionists. These concepts are really similar, the pedanticity can act the cause of perfectionism, but there is a significant difference: a pedantic person seeks to order, and a perfectionist is to the ideal.

Other differences between pedantry from perfectionism:

  • The pedant focuses on self-esteem, domestic requirements and beliefs. Perfectionee is important assessment from the side, its self-esteem depends on it.
  • Perfectionist seeks to ideal, for which it is able to look for new solutions. Pedant conservative.
  • Pedant has more developed objectivism, for example, it is not an idea of ​​affairs and opinion of people, but a form of implementation and compliance with the requirements even in trifles.
  • Unlike perfectionist, the pedant can be satisfied with the result if everything is done strictly according to the rules.

The pedant and perfectionist possess similar features of the personality: increased anxiety, focus on failures and negative experiences, doubts about the correctness of their actions and elections.

Signs of pedantic man

Thus, the main features of the pedant belongs:

  • scrupulousness;
  • desire for order in everything, including in small things;
  • attention to detail, turning into petty things;
  • Careful and accurate performance;
  • slowness in decision making, thinking of all the smallest things, search for the optimal option;
  • the need to bring the work started to the end;
  • Reliability and responsibility.

Pedants are complex in conversation. They need to know everything for sure, probably and specifically. For them, everything is important, each replica must make sense and be supported by the facts. Because for other people a pedant and becomes boring. He does not know how to chat "just so", "for the sake of a joke", etc. He quit for words and formulations.

Externally, all pedants are similar. Their appearance, as a rule, also thought out to the smallest detail. But here are the internal rules for which the pedants live, differ.

Causes of Pedantism

Pedantic inclinations are formed in childhood. Their development is due to the demanding style of family education. If the authoritative parents deprived the child of freedom and independence, then in adulthood, he himself will invent a framework for himself.

The second reason for the formation of pedantry is the lack of a sense of security. If in childhood the child felt danger and failure, then in adulthood the need to control everything. The slightest slab in the understanding of the Pedant is a loss of stability, vulnerability, security loss.

How to get rid of excessive pedantry

Character accentuation

"Politeness and good manners are absolutely necessary in order to decorate any other advantages and talents. Without them, the scientist turns to Pedant, the philosopher - in Cynic, Military - in rude livestock, "- F. Chesterfield.

Pedantic people are needed by society, they develop and ensure compliance with social norms, help to avoid chaos and systematize production. But the pedantic becomes dangerous for the very person, when it goes into obsessive ideas and compulsive actions. For example, one broken plate is able to make throw out the entire service and buy a new one.

Excessive pedanticity should be eliminated, bring it to normal:

  • Pedant manages rationality. Accordingly, reduce the severity of the accentuation by the development of the emotional sphere. Learn to understand other people and not be demanding. Perhaps the man is tired and therefore it looks marked - he wrote a report all night. And because of the "bleared" glance made a couple of mistakes.
  • Learn to understand the individual features of people. Not everything from nature can be active and attentive.
  • Pedantism prevents developing. Remember how long you batch in one place? Make the chart of "Time and Energy Thiefs". What is useless you looped?
  • Make a plan for the coming months. What do you want to achieve? What should I do for this? How does this applies to what you do now?
  • Realize that the discoveries are born in the moments of experiment, errors and waste from the rules. How can you find a more efficient way to solve the problem, if you do not consider alternatives?
  • Allow chaos in your life. Ask colleagues and relatives to help you. Case an agreement that two days you will not argue about your rules and you will not require this from others (invent the subject of the contract regarding your behavioral features). The goal is to understand that this does not affect life. Watch your condition, describe feelings.
  • Learn to limit the time to execute tasks. At the same time, in advance, make a plan (from the main thing to insignificant).
  • Find a hobby and (or) a profession that will satisfy the need to study the details (calculations, modeling, paperwork, deductible texts, chess). It will be your outlet. Leave Pedantism only there, it will make it rational.
  • With French pedant translates as a teacher. A pedantic person is convinced of his own right and does not recognize other opinions, seeks everyone to teach. It is necessary to respect others, to learn to communicate and empathy.

Realize that you irretrievably spend time and life on trifles. Should not to redirect the attention and potential for something more important and valuable? Determine the purpose in life and its implementation plan. By the way, your pedantry will help him observe. Yes, it will be unusual to navigate the deadline, but it is necessary to learn how to allocate the main thing and move forward.


Pedantic becomes a problem when it goes beyond rational, that is, transformed into obsessive ideas or systematic lack of time. Irrational pedanthism in turn goes into obsessive state syndrome, for example, a person has a book strictly from high to low, shoes puts one line.

Rational pedanthism does not interfere with life and advocate a useful habit. The person decides for himself (gives an installation) that, for example, at work, it will strictly adhere to all rules and recheck documents. And at home with friends, the same person will easily forget to wash his hands or clean his teeth, and the dust passes on the closet another day, if a rational pedant is very tired at work.

If a person is inclined to pedanthism (and such 20% of the population), then the manifested problem will never go completely. It is necessary to learn to apply ourselves in the relevant spheres. Pedantism is not a problem, but a person's feature, which is in demand in design, construction, editor, etc.

Check out the video about the pedantic type of personality (from 9:26 minutes):

Who is a pedant and what is a pedantry (with love for trifles)

January 19 2021.

Hello, dear blog readers About pedanticity speak differently: respectfully and mockingly, with a tint of irony, admiration and even despair.

When it comes to such multifaceted quality, it is easy to get confused in the concepts. Consider in the details of the pedanticity, what it is and how it is manifested, with the admission of True Pedant.


Pedanticity is ...

The concept of "pedantry" has a Latin origin, Paedagogans translates as " teaching " From Latin, it passed into French, Pedant means "teacher."

The outdated meaning of this word is a picky teacher, requiring strict compliance with the rules, the mentor, who takes such a role that is not always justified, affecting his own scholarship.

In modern interpretation, pedantry is the quality of personality based on accuracy and maximum accuracy In any actions, scrupulsiness and excessive tendency to comply with formal requirements and rules in different life areas.

In the nature, pedanthism has several levels of manifestation, from moderate to intrusive-painful.

Type with ruler

Pedantism is a European trait

Pedantism has a pronounced geographical binding. He is more peculiar to residents of Europe and in Russia meets less often.

There are legends about German-pedants, there is even a steady expression "German pedantry". In the memoirs of Soviet front-lineovikov, the approval is found that during the Great Patriotic War on the enemy art crews it was possible to check the clock, and during the lunchtime, the Germans were not attacked at all.

There is an exaggeration element here, but such facts are confirmed by excerpts from memories and letters of German soldiers.

German soldiers

Tourists do not get tired of sharing stories about how the inhabitants of Germany strictly in size hang out of lingerie, avoid spontaneous purchases, support perfect order on the streets and even go to visit to the parents only at the invitation.

Chaos in German

Thanks to the pedanthism, the quality of German goods is considered immaculate, and they enjoy in high demand all over the world.

Typical pedant: who is this

Answering the question of who such a pedant, people usually draw a portrait of a serious and demanding person, dressed with "with needles", in the shoe shine and with the perfect hairstyle.

This extended image is close to reality, but here "taxis" is not an appearance, but life attitudes and behavior manner in different situations.


Pedant is a man "packed" his Life in the framework and rules which he strictly complies with the same demands from others.

A pedantic person always comes on time, late in his picture of the world does not exist. However, come in advance for him - no less serious "sin".

In the house of Pedant, the ideal, museum order - things (towels, dishes, books) are calibrated according to certain criteria, each of its own, strictly reserved place.

By performance, the pedant is similar to a robot: it will not quit the case halfway, painstakingly and meticulously fulfill all the instructions of the head. In his documents, order, nothing is lost and is not forgotten.


As ordinary employees, such people are appreciated, but if the head of the pedantic - it can withstand not every subordinate.

Errors in the preparation of documents, "free" conversations during working hours, late - all this falls into the list of grave sins. On the other hand, Head-Pedant Does not accept impulsive solutions, remembers the birthdays of subordinates, does not detain them after work without a pricing reason: he honors a kzot.


Rising children, Pedants remain true to their principles.

In their picture of the world, the child must learn to walk, speak, read in strictly defined dates. Children live in a clear mode, walking time, food intake, sleep is dosed.

But this does not mean that Pedantic parents are insensitive robots. They love their children and sincerely believe that education is good for them.

Be pedantic - it's good or bad

"The fool is only boring, the pedant is unbearable."

With these words attributed to Napoleon I, you can argue: the meaning of the word "pedanticity" can vary depending on the degree of manifestation and the specific situation.

What good in Pedantism

People with the type of person under consideration have a number of positive qualities. It is characteristic:

  1. Ability to take over responsibility , Site not only in relation to others, but also to yourself.
  2. Performing discipline, diligence and hard work in any activity, whether it is the preparation of a work project or an apartment cleaning.
  3. Punctuality . Pedants come to work on time, do not fall into meetings and meetings.
  4. Accuracy and cleanness. Not only a house, but also a person's workplace is always contained in perfect order, documents are distributed over the shelves and are numbered.
  5. Attentiveness in everything, including little things seemingly insignificant.
  6. The ability to plan cases that are never fulfilled hastily. Pedant perfectly owns skills Time Management .
  7. Attentive attitude to his own health, the rejection of everything that can harm (alcohol, drugs, etc.).

Pedantic people - These are valuable employees In jurisprudence, accounting, office work. They are indispensable where punctuality, clarity in the fulfillment of duties. Such a character trait helps to achieve success in business, climb the career stairs.

Healthy Tolik Pedantism It does not prevent people who are often late, do not pay attention to the mess in affairs, in the house, in their own appearance. In this case, it makes sense to develop the features of Pedant - they will only benefit.

Excessively pedantic man is a trouble

Showing excessive pedanthism, a person is able to poison life not only for himself, but also others.


This quality has a reverse side.

  1. The desire of K. Binding Own opinion, beliefs and actions of action, the tendency to consider its point of view is the only true.
  2. High presentation requirements To others.
  3. Tightening With making decisions, fear make a mistake.
  4. Pedant hardly adapts to new circumstances. It is difficult for him to act in an unpredictable, constantly changing reality.
  5. Canceliness on trifles and formalism - features moving in Nude . Relevant in the working everydays, transferred to the scope of interpersonal relations, they make Pedant unbearable.
Cutting vegetables

Excessive pedanotism - This is a starting mechanism for the development of excessive anxiety. A person is unable to relax due to the subordination of the rules, the observance of which occupies almost all living space, and non-compliance may cause neurosis.

Pathological pedantic

In psychology, there is the concept of "pathological pedantry". Under it implies the desire for accuracy and order brought to the absurdity.

Pathologically pedantic person is the one who is not capable distinguish significant details from minor , tormented by unnecessary doubts, overly concerned about the rules, lists to the detriment of the activity itself.

For this type of personality there is a special name - Anankast. This word is derived on behalf of Goddess Anan.

In ancient Greek mythology, the goddess of necessity, inevitability, irresistible force, and even over the gods.

Haircut grass

Actions performed by Anankast Remind ritual : menu of dinners and dinners, selection of clothing and shoes sign on weeks ahead, the prepared documents are repeatedly rechecked, and the curtains hanging under the same angle will violate the mental balance.

Pedantism here Acquires damn disease may transform into compulsive disorder and psychosis.


Pedanticity is a multifaceted feature, and unambiguous estimates are inappropriate here. If we are not talking about mental disabilities, which prevents living, then pedanthism is rather an advantage than a flaw. In case of extinguishing, this quality complicates the life of the person himself and his surround. Everything is good in moderation!

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