Forgot your email address, how can I find it or find out?

Esli-zabyil-pochtuGood time.

Today we will analyze this here, it would seem that the banal question is like a loss of an e-mail address ...

It is usually happening with novice users who rarely use the mailbox: they registered on a couple of sites, then used six months old, and after it was necessary to restore access to them, and there is no mail (and the memory is election ...) ?

In general, if you encountered something like that, for a start, it will advise to calm down and remember, on which sites you used "this mail", who from friends and friends have been sent from it, etc. etc. The more such information remember - the higher the probability of successful access to the mail!

Well, I will give a few ways that can push you on the right search place ... 👌


Where you can spit your email address

Method 1.

If you rewritten with someone from familiar to you people - That in his mail is probably your address. It is enough just to ask for this comrade to help you ...

It is also worth noting that many users have several mailboxes. If you have a "similar" picture - check those boxes that you still remember, it is possible that you have your messages with a forgotten e-mail address.


Method 2

If you are using services from (Yandex, Gmail, etc.) - Please note that your e-mail is displayed on the right in the upper corner of the screen (unless, of course, you are logged in).

E-mail is displayed in the upper right corner - Mail.Ru

E-mail is displayed in the upper right corner - Mail.Ru

Method 3.

Almost all Browsers preserve Logins, passwords, e-mail, etc. Information for quick access to sites. Those. If you have been using your browser for a long time - then the desired box is probably present in his memory!

In Google Chrome, all saved passwords are located at the following address: Chrome: // Settings / Passwords

Please note that this list opposite each site is your email address you used to register. Actually, you just have to run through this list and find out your e-mail!

In the Chrome browser settings

In the Chrome browser settings

Method 4.

If you remember the site where you used forgotten mail as a login - maybe it is still stored in the cache of the browser.

It is enough to open this site, click on the E-mail column (mail) and the browser will try to insert data from the cache. It may well work!

Browser's cache remembers mail!

Browser's cache remembers mail!

Method 5.

If you have a filled page in social. Network (even to which you do not have access) - It is very likely that it is in search engine cache (for example, Google). Try making a view request "Alexandra Petrova" (This is just an example, all coincidences random) .

Search engine cache

Search engine cache

By the way, clicking on the LKM at the address page (in Google search) - you can open its saved copy (on it is also possible you find the lost e-mail) .

View saved copy

View saved copy

Method 6.

If you at least remember that service where you were registered (Yandex, for example), then you can write in those. Support (Support) and find your e-mail according to a tied mobile phone number (In some cases, for the recovery of mail allowed answers to control questions) .

Email Access Recovery Pages:

  1. Gmail (Google) (You need either the phone number, or the second tied mail) -
  2. Yandex Service -
  3. Mail.Ru -

👉 To help!

How to enter mail on Mail.Ru -


To never forget your passwords and mail addresses - I recommend resorting to one mega-reliable and simple way: to record this information in your personal notepad that lies at your home in a safe place. I have in such a notepad there is an increase in 20 years ago (those sites and e-mail are already not in mom, and notepad still keeps them!) .

Password recorded

Password recorded


On the sim today until everything.

Additions on the topic - Welcome ...



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  • Video editing
  • Video installation
  • Excellent software to start creating their own videos (all actions go down the steps!). Video will make even newcomer!
  • Utility for optimization
  • Computer accelerator
  • The program for cleaning Windows from garbage (speeds up the system, deletes the garbage, optimizes the registry).

Hello expensive readers. Today we will talk about how to find out your email address if you forgot him. This is a very common situation, so these recommendations can definitely come in handy.

The most important thing is that you do not forget the email address you need to invent it consonant and easily memorable. It can be your name and surname, nickname in games or even a mobile phone number (some postal services allow it).

Be sure to save the login from the mail on the computer after registration. And it is not necessary to do it on a local disk with system files (where the operating system is located). You can also duplicate the text document and you have removable discs.

How to find out your email address?

First, let's figure out where the name of the mailbox you registered can see. This method necessarily requires preliminary authorization in the mail and after the last authorization you should not clean the stored data in the browser.

So, if you need to know the address of your email on the Mail.Ru website, it is enough to go to the main page of this site and take a look at the right upper angle:

How to find out your email address

Also, your mailbox can be seen in the left corner, under the site logo:

Mailbox can be seen in the left corner, under the site logo

Saw? Then copy the name and save it in a text document or on the phone in the Chernoviki SMS messages.

How to find out your email address if you forgot?

This problem also has solutions. Let's start, perhaps, from the simplest.

By name and surname

Google search system daily index millions of pages from a variety of sites, including Consequently, with the search string, you can find your forgotten email address. To do this, in the search string, we drive the name and the name you entered during registration. This is the result of:

By name and surname

You can try simply by the name and the city. But it is also worth considering that the time for indexing google is needed, and this is at least a week (and sometimes a month). Therefore, you will not get to find your "soap" through the search if you started it only yesterday.

Similarly, you can search for your Gmail in Google. That's just here is a prerequisite for the establishment of a profile account in Google +. Search for a profile on Google + also by last name or name.

By phone number

Remember the forgotten email address in Yandex can help the number of a mobile phone that you attached to it during registration. For this comes to Yandex. Good.

Next in the window that opens, click on the button "Remember password" .

By phone number

After that, the Restore access to the Yandex Account window will appear. Here we click on the button " I do not remember the login "(Located under the first line, where to enter" Login or Email ").

Click on the button "I do not remember the login"

Now enter the phone number in the appropriate string, as well as captcha and press the button " Proceed " Well, then follow the instructions that the service provides. There is nothing difficult in this, the main thing is carefully entering the data.

With the help of smartphone

Recall the mailbox can help your mobile phone. For example, to gain access to the Play Market, you must log in to log in in the current Google account. And if you at least once went into the market and downloaded games or applications on your smartphone, then your email is saved in the phone's memory. To find it, you must go to the main menu, after which go to " Settings " Next, we find the accounts section, and among them will definitely be " Google " After that, the list of all Gmail boxes will open, which you used on the smartphone and, perhaps, one of them will be the subject of you.

With the help of smartphone

You can still help your smartphone browser. Perhaps you once logged in with the help of a forgotten mailbox in postal services or on some other sites.

Try searching on the phone, I can say on your personal experience that it is the smartphone that is the most efficient tool for finding a forgotten email.

Through social networks

This is another way to find the name of the mailbox. In the settings of profiles in Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can always detect an email address that is attached to the account - it can be the desired one.

With browser on a computer

Fortunately in the yard of the 21st century and browser developers have introduced the ability to automatically save forms into their products. This greatly simplifies the life of users, and in our situation can help.

Suppose you registered an email in the Google Chrome browser, but after some time decided to use as the main program to access the Internet Yandex.Bauzer. But in Chrome, could the data be left? So here you should look for them.

So that you do not suffer for a long time, I suggest the easiest solution to this task. We go to the browser, then open the settings. Now we find the section "Passwords and forms", and in it subparagraph " Offer save passwords for sites " Here there will be a small button " Settings "- on it and click.

With browser on a computer

In the dialog box that opens, you will see a list of logins and passwords that have been saved by a browser.

With the help of such a simple manipulation, I was able to find my username from the account in Google, and it is the email address.

E-mail address

Automatic preservation of forms can help you find data and without entering the settings. To do this, it is enough to install the mouse cursor in the line for entering the electronic box, and then the drop-down list will appear in which you can be forgotten email.

Be sure to visit the Sites of the Payment Systems, as you definitely visited them (if you earned money on the Internet or committed shopping). Here, also in the saved forms, your mail can be attached, well, or in the account settings it is worth looking.

Conclusion I hope that one of the above methods will help you find your email address if you forgot it. Do not forget to share in the comments by your success or other methods that you know.

Yes, I completely forgot about the most recent way - ask the comrade. Perhaps you ever sent some messages to your acquaintances by email. Contact them and ask to revise the list of letters from your address.

How to find out your email address

In this lesson, I will tell you how to know my email. And also how to enter it if you forgot the address and password.

What does an email address look like

Email Address (Email) - This is the name of the box on the Internet. Such a box is registered on a special mail site, letters come to it - text messages and files. You can also send letters to other addresses.

It consists of English letters without spaces. May contain numbers and some signs: point, hyphen, lower underscore. But these signs cannot be present as the first and last - at the beginning and at the end of the name.

The email address consists of three parts:

  1. Login - box name.
  2. @ - separator between the login and name of the mail site. To dial it, you need to press the SHIFT key on the keyboard and without releasing it, the number is two. This is called this sign "Dog".
  3. Postal site - Service on the Internet, which processes letters.

Each box is on a specific mail site. That is, to go to it, you must first open the site where the box is located. Then enter the login and password, resulting in incoming letters.

Most popular postal sites:


To find out what the box is running on the site, it is enough to look at his end - the name after the sign @:

  • If is specified there, it means that the box is on it. This is a Google site.
  • If after @ written,,,, or, it means that the box is on Yandex.
  • And if at the end is Mail.Ru,, or, then on Mail (Mail.Ru).

On a note . Each electronic box is unique - it belongs only to one owner. Two identical addresses does not happen.

How to know your mail

On the computer

Method 1: In the Personal Account

Yandex. . Open the site If the input is made in the box, the login is written in the upper right corner of the page. To this name, add @ and get the address.

And another full address can be found by clicking on the login. It will be specified in the menu that appears.

In addition, you can see the name in the Personal Account - the place where letters come. To do this, follow the link Login will be written in the upper right corner.

If you click on it, the menu will appear where the full address will be specified.

MILE (Mail.Ru) . Go to If an input is performed in the mail, then its name will be written in the upper left corner of the page.

Or go to your personal account - where letters come. To do this, click on the inscription "Mail". The check box is specified in the upper right corner of the page. (Google) . Open the website. In the upper right corner, click on the inscription "Mail".

Back to this section, you can go on the links: or

Letters are downloaded. To see the name of the box, click on the icon with a big letter (it can be a photo) at the top of the page.

Method 2: Through Password Manager

Often data from the box are saved in the browser (program for the Internet). They are recorded in a special storage - password manager. Now I will show how to find them in different programs.

Google Chrome.

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Click on the "Three Points" icon on the right upper part of the program. From the menu, select "Settings".

3. The new tab will open the browser settings. In the "Auto Filling" section, click on Passwords.

4. If data from boxes are recorded in the program, they will be listed in the "Saved Passwords" section.

In the pictures, in example, it can be seen that the names of three boxes on different mail sites are preserved:, Mail.Ru,

Yandex browser

1. Open Yandex.Browser.

2. Press the button with the image of three horizontal lines in the upper right corner. Select "Passwords and Maps".

3. A new tab will open a window with saved data.

Mozilla Firefox.

1. Run the Mozilla Firefox browser.

2. In the upper right corner of the program there will be the "Three Point" icon - click on it and select "Settings".

3. On the left side of the page, click on the "Privacy and Protection" item. Click on the "Saved Login ..." button.

4. The window with saved data opens.


1. Run Opera.

2. Click on the letter O in the upper left corner. Select "Settings".

3. Click on "Advanced" to the left and select "Security".

Scroll down the page down to the "Passwords and Forms" section.

4. Click on "Password Management". The menu will open where the saved boxes will be shown.

Method 3: Browser Tips

If you entered the mail on your computer through a browser (program for the Internet), then he could remember the login. Then enough to click in the input form, and a hint will appear.

Mail (Mail.Ru):

  • Open the website
  • Click on the "Box Name" row



  • Open the site
  • Click on the "Phone or Email Address" field

Method 4: In the mail client

Mail client - This is a computer program, to collect and send letters without using a browser. If you work in it with mail, then the box is specified.

Microsoft Outlook.

1. Open Microsoft Outlook.

2. Click on the "File" point at the top. In the "Account Details" section, select Customize Accounts.

3. The "Email tab" contains the names of all boxes added to the program.

The Bat!

1. Run the Bat!

2. Click the "Box" button at the top. Select "Mailbox properties ...".

3. In the "General" section, the "E-mail" field is written.

Mozilla Thunderbird.

Run the Mozilla Thunderbird program. Usually the drawer address is specified in the upper left corner of the client.

If it is not there, click on the "Three Point" icon in the right corner, select "Settings" and "Account Settings".

The settings window will open where email will be specified.

Method 5: Through people who sent letters

Another easy way to find out the box name is to contact the person you sent letters. Ask it to open a message from you and see which address is specified in the sender's line.

In some cases, you need to click on the sender's name.

On the phone

In mobile application

On the phone, like on a computer, there are special postal programs. They are needed for quick work with letters without a browser. Consider how to find out your address in the most popular applications.

Yandex Mail

1. Run the application.

2. Click on the "Three Point" icon in the upper left corner.

3. The menu will open, at the top of which the box is written.


1. Run the application.

2. Click on the "Three Point" icon in the upper left corner.

3. A menu appears in which email is specified.


  1. Open the application.
  2. In the right corner, click on the icon with the letter or photo. A window will appear with the address.

In mobile browser

Mobile browser is a program to work on the Internet on the phone. Most Popular: Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Yandex.Browser. If you are through one of these programs in your mail, then perhaps the address of the box has been preserved there.

If mail on Yandex

Go to the website. Perhaps as soon as you open the site, your address will appear. If the personal account (incoming) opened instead, then click on the "Three Point" icon on the left.

A menu will appear where email will be specified.

If the mail is on Mail (Mail.Ru)

In the mobile browser, open the website. Usually, at the top of the page in the "Mail" section written by email.

You can also see it in the box itself if you press the button with the image of three horizontal lines (at the top of the left).

A menu appears, at the top of which the box name will be written.

If Gmail Box (Google)

Go to Click on the "Three Point" icon on the left.

The address will be shown at the top of the page.

In the phone settings android

The name of the Gmail box (Google) can be viewed in the phone settings with the Android system. After all, in such phones you need to specify Google Account for full operation of the system and applications.

1. Click on the "Settings" icon on the device screen.

2. Go to the "Accounts" section.

3. Click on Google icon.

There may also be boxes of other services - usually they are added if mail clients are installed on the phone.

Added to the system address.

If you forgot the address and fails to enter

Almost all mail services have a forgotten box recovery function (login). I will show how to use it in Yandex and Google.

On a note . In the Mail service (Mail.Ru), unfortunately, there is no such function.


1. Go to the website and click on the "Mail" button in the upper right corner.

2. Click the link "I do not remember Login".

3. Next, enter a mobile phone number attached to the box.

Then you need to print a test word from the picture.

4. After that, the specified number will call and prejudice the code. Or send it to an SMS message. This code must be entered in the field.

5. Print the name and surname specified in the box settings.

6. If the data is entered correctly, Yandex will show login.

Add to it @ and get the full drawer name. (Google)

1. Go to Click on "Forgot your email address. Mail? ".

2. Enter a tied phone number or backup email address.

3. Then type the name and surname that the box settings are specified.

4. Click "Submit" to send the confirmation code.

And type the code sent to the phone or backup box.

5. If all data is listed correctly, Google will show your address.

How to watch email on social network

If the email address was once added to social network, then it can be found in the page settings. I'll show you how to see it in Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Instagram and Facebook.


Enter your profile in Odnoklassniki ( Scroll down the page a bit and click on the "My Settings" item on the left.

If the box is added, it will be written in the "Basic" tab.

In contact with

Log in to Vkontakte profile ( Click on your name in the upper right corner and select "Settings".

Options will open, where the box name will be indicated - if it is, of course, was added earlier.

For the security purposes, VK hides a part of the characters. But it shows the beginning of a login and a postal site. With this data, you can try to find out the address one of the previous ways.

Or watch it in browser tips. To do this, open the browser in incognito mode, go to the website and click on the "Phone or Email".

On a note . You can open a new window in incognito (private mode) using a CTRL + SHIFT + N or CTRL + SHIFT + P. key combination.


Sign in to Instagram profile ( Click on the icon of the little man in the upper right corner. Then click on the Edit Profile button.

If the box specified in the page settings, it will be written in the column "EL. the address".


Go to your Facebook page ( Click on the top, then go to the "Information" section.

Click on the "Contact and Basic Information" item on the left. Click on "1 email address is hidden from the chronicles" to display the attached box.

How to find email through the search engine

Search engines Yandex and Google daily bypass and remember millions of Internet pages. Therefore, if your email has been published on one of the publicly available pages (website, forum), it may be possible to find it.

Show on the search example in Google:

  1. Open
  2. We recruit your name and surname.
  3. We print the mail site and press ENTER.
  4. We study the results. Perhaps among them there is our box.

Updated: 23.02.2020Vutor: Ilya Kurbanov

When a person forgets his address, he does not even remember visually, where he lives - in which city, on which street is scary; And, God for God, so that someone helped him recall or there would be people who would take him home. Fortunately, there is no such tragedy in a situation where the user needs to know its email address on the network. So exhale and calm down. Everything is fixable.

This "trouble" happens mainly with newcomers: I seem to use the mailbox, and the profile on the screen, and logged in itself - and where is the email address? The people are still talking about such a thing - I got lost in three pines. But you do not need to be ashamed. Read the article to the end - solve the problem. And you will remember the "loss" exclusively in the past time, such as it was; And even with a smile.

The review examines various methods that allow you to find out your email address on your mobile phone, on a computer when there is access to the box and when, in general, there is no possibility to log in.

And what, in fact, we are looking for?

Let it be trite. Well, it is better to be renounced - to clarify the signs of our "disappearance" in advance and not to confuse it with anything else.

So, what is the Email address?

This is the name of your mail, which is written in a special format (just never otherwise!):

"Username" @ "Mail Service Domain"

E-mail address

If separately by elements:

"Username" - He is a login, the name of the box, which you pointed out my own, when they were registered.

@ " - "Doggy" (well, if it is absolutely figuratively, the dog curled up) is a dividing symbol in the address, is a generally accepted standard for a long time, when only the first Email prototypes appeared in Arpanet; In the meaning of "@" is an analogue "AT", which is in Russian as an exclusion "on", "B".

"Domain name" - Address, consider the URL, the postal service where the email box was recorded. Suppose or

So it turns out in reading: such a box - on (@) - on such a server. And it is written so (addresses as an example):

[email protected]

[email protected], etc.

This is the type of data - the address of the box in full format - we need to find. Start.

Ways search

Let's look at how you can search for your email on various devices (on a laptop, computer, telephone):

Woven archives - on the desktop and in PC folders and mobile

As a rule, the first idea of ​​the user, when he rushes to search for login mail, - somewhere I was recorded. The idea is good and ignore it is not worth it. Remember, look - on what sheet, in which notepad, the credentials recorded in the file. Maybe and lucky. Only the name and password can also be written. Like this:

Login: Moyapochta.

Password: edrfweoi32490 °

Then count - found. Just need to login to add a "dog" and the domain of the postal service (again you need to remember where the box was created). And now you have already lost the address - [email protected] (if registered on Google). It remains only to check.

E-mail address

But: if you see that the search is delayed, even if more than 5 minutes - throw this business, there are options quickly (read on).


Tell personal profiles in social networks

When you create a page on social networks, immediately (in the course of the registration) or then add the mailbox to the profile. So, if you look into the settings of the account in the social network, you can find the desired address.

In classmates:

1. Click on the avatar at the top on the right.

2. In the drop-down list, click "Change Settings".


3. View the data on the "Basic" tab, in the "El. mail. "

Personal Profile

In contact with:

1. Similarly, you need to click on the avatar at the top panel.

2. In the Select Settings menu.

In contact with

3. Check the Email option. Although there is an address and not fully displayed, but looking at it (even with the "stars"), maybe remember entirely.

personal information

On the display, email profile - peer in the interface

If you have an email page in your browser - you are logged in with your login and password on the mail service at the moment - then there is nothing easier to find out the address. It is in certain interface elements.

For clarity we will analyze how it is done on well-known services.

Gmail (Google)

At the top on the right, click Icons. Email will appear in the dropping panel, as well as the name, the name of the owner (that is, the data you specified when created by mail). That's all.

Account Google

Want to rewrite yourself - on a leaflet or text file. And it is possible and copied (to highlight the mouse - Ctrl + C), and then insert (Ctrl + V) in the chat (if you send to someone) or again to the file.


When the input is logged in, mail data is displayed in the upper right corner: the panel with avatar and correspondence statistics.


If you click on it, the interface unfolds: the name is additionally displayed.

Profile Yandex.

Re-click Opens the profile settings. Find your details near avatars. By the way, they can also be copied, if required somewhere to place or send someone.

Profile Yandex.

It is not particularly necessary to look at anywhere. If automatic authorization is configured in the browser, then after downloading the main page in the input panel, email will be displayed.

But if you enter the profile - the address can be viewed at the top of the page above the search field.

In the "safe" browser looked?

Almost all modern browsers are equipped with password managers. If briefly, this is such a module that stores logins and passwords of sites, which entered the user. So, if the manager is enabled in the browser, you can find out the addresses by viewing it "safe" - data warehouse.

Access to accounts in the top web browsers:

Yandex browser

1. On the right side of the address bar, click the "Key" icon.

Safe Browser

2. View data. The list may also be a login of mail that you are looking for.

Safe Browser


1. Press the Menu button (at the top left).

2. Go to "Settings" section.

Opera settings

3. Enter passwords in the search bar. View the saved records in the block with the same name (as well as the query).

Opera settings

Google Chrome.

In chrome, you also need to "climb" in the settings through the main menu.

Google Chrome Settings

Then in the "Auto-Filling" section click "Passwords". And the browser will display all previously saved records. First of all, of course, focus on email.

Google Chrome Settings

Tips from the "Auto-Filling" option

When the "Auto-completion" option is activated, the browser remembers the login and password that you specify to enter the mailbox. And when the next authorization is performed, the login / login displays under the input field.


Try downloading the login page and set the cursor to the string for the address set, a hint should appear. That is, the browser will be able to show you the address.

Help Tab "History" in the browser

Web log of visited pages in the browser can give you what you need. But provided, of course, that he was not cleared.

The Tab with the history of the URL loaded URL is usually a hot key combination - Ctrl + H, or through the menu. You can also use special links. Google Chrome Magazine can be downloaded by typing in the address bar - Chrome: // History /

Recording with the address may look like this:

"Post service icon" incoming (200) - "Login of the box" @

Tips for phone

In principle, most of the above methods can be applied mobile. But there are specialized "recipes" inherent in only mobile systems.

In settings

All attached email on the phone are saved in a separate section. To get access to it, for example, on Android, you need:

  • Tap on the home screen "Settings";
  • Go to the "Accounts" section;
  • Select a type of account (let's say if we are looking for a Gmail profile, specify Google);
  • View list, rewrite, copy the desired address.
Android settings

In the app store

There is authorization on the phone in the official store app, it means there is Email.

To learn login on Android:

  • The Google Play app opens (from the home screen of the device);
  • The "Menu" button (three strips) is pressed on the resource;
  • A profile with email and avatar opens.


If the phone number was attached to Email, browse the incoming SMS. Perhaps the postal service to inform, the operation confirmation sent you SMS. The message can be specified the postcase address.

If there is no access to email

If you cannot enter the mailbox if you forgot his credentials, have not used it for a long time, it will be more difficult to restore the address. But still it is possible.

What you can immediately take:

1. Make a request in the search engine in this form - the name of the surname + postal service. For example, Ivan Ivanov There is a possibility that email will be found in extradition; But if he, of course, was not deleted by the service. By the way, you can search not only your mailbox, but also other people. You dial in the same way: personal data (name, surname, place of residence) and mail domain. And Google or Yandex will try to give you an email address of the person who are looking for.

2. Apply the brainstorming method: try to restore in memory, which was used for login - maybe name, surname, patronymic, nickname with some kind of game, pseudonym; Relocation of combinations will tell you the answer.

3. Use a special login search procedure provided for in the post service.

More about ways to restore mail addresses when there is no access to Email, read here.

And in this review, we will witness search for the login of the mailbox by phone number (provided that it was attached to the profile):

On Gmail:

  1. In the login panel, click "Forgot your email address. Mail? ".
  2. Enter the phone number, verify.
  3. Follow the service instructions.

On Yandex:

  1. Open the Login Recovery Page -
  2. Dial the mobile number in the first field.
  3. Enter the captcha.
  4. Click "Continue".
  5. Perform the steps specified by the Service to complete the recovery procedure.

That's all the advice! We wish you how to quickly find the address of your email and never lose it anymore. One way will not help - use another. In the search for all means are good. Successes!

How to find out your email address

Among Internet users and in particular postal services there are a large percentage of newcomers, never before facing e-mail addresses. Based on the specified feature, we further in the course of this article will be quite detailed by the topic of methods, as you can find out your own had.

Learning the address of your post

To begin with, it is worth noting that you can find out the email address regardless of the service used in the process of registration, remembering the data from the field "Login" . At the same time, the full e-mail also includes a domain name of the service, after the symbol of the dog.

If you need to find out an address from someone else's account, then the only way out will ask him for the owner. Otherwise, this type of information is protected by a user agreement and cannot be disclosed by services.

Turning directly to the essence of the question, it is also important to make a reservation to the fact that you can find out the address of the address from your account in several different ways. However, they will be available only after performing successful authorization on the post service website.

In the absence of direct access to mail, you can check the browser database for saved information using the search.

We will briefly show how it is done, on the subject of chromium.

  1. Through the main menu of the web browser, override the section "Settings" .
  2. The process of transition to the setup section in the Internet browser Google Chrome

  3. Scroll through the page with the parameters and expand the list "Additional" .
  4. The process of disclosing the list Additional in the settings in the Internet Observer Google Chrome

  5. In block "Passwords and forms" Use the button "Tune" .
  6. The process of transition to password settings in the settings in the Internet browser Google Chrome

  7. On the right side at the top of the page in the field "Password search" Enter the domain name of the mail, including a dog symbol.
  8. Process for finding a domain name logic in the settings in the Internet browser Google Chrome

    Almost every postal service provides the ability to change the basic domain name within the account, therefore be careful.

  9. For greater accuracy, you can search mail using the URL of the box as a query.
  10. The process of finding the address of the Mail on the URL of the site in the settings in the Internet Observer Google Chrome

  11. Now it remains in the list presented to find the necessary e-mail and use them for its intended purpose.
  12. Successfully found mail service login in the settings in the Internet Observer Google Chrome

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If you have authorization capabilities in the account, you can proceed in different ways, pushing out from the features of postal services.

Yandex Mail

The first in popularity in Russia, the exchange service of emails demonstrates the information you need almost always. Moreover, although the service has the ability to work on behalf of another user, the original email address will always be available.

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  1. Being on the main page of the mail service from Yandex, click on profile photos in the upper right corner.
  2. Go to viewing mail address on the official website of Yandex postal service

  3. The leading position in the presented menu occupies a string with the desired e-mail address from the account used.
  4. Successful postal email address on the official website of Yandex postal service

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If you are definitely sure that I had no time changed, you can see the section with the mail parameters from Yandex.

  1. From the left side of the previously used photo, click on the button with the image of the gear.
  2. The process of transition to the setting section on the official website of Yandex postal service

  3. From the presented block with items, go to category "Personal data" .
  4. The process of transition to viewing personal data on the official website of the Yandex postal service

  5. In a special list "Send letters from the address" You can find out the you used, as well as change it at your own request.
  6. The process of viewing personal data on the official website of the Yandex postal service

In addition to all of the time, the active e-mail is displayed when creating letters.

  1. Navigate to the main page of this postal service and click on the button. "Write" .
  2. Processing the button to write on the official website of Yandex postal service

  3. At the top of the page opened in the text block "From whom" The desired data will be displayed.
  4. Email address in the writing window on the official website of Yandex postal service

On this with the postal service from Yandex, you can finish, since the sections considered are capable of providing more than detailed account information, including the E-mail address directly. email exchange service provides access to the necessary data in an even more open form, rather than Yandex. This is partly due to the fact that the account in this system in automatic mode is connected to all the subsidiary services of the Mail.Ru site, and not just the mailbox.

  1. Go to the list of messages in Mail.Ru mail and in the upper right corner, find the full version of the login of the account you use.
  2. The process of disclosing the main menu of mail on the official website of the mail service Mail.Ru

  3. Thanks to the specified link, you can reveal the main menu of this site and from there to withdraw the email address directly under the name of the owner.
  4. Successful postal address in the menu on the official website of Mail.Ru postal service

In addition, an extremely simplified method can be received by a slightly different way.

  1. Using the navigation menu, open the section "Letters" .
  2. The process of transition to the letter section on the official website of the Mail.Ru postal service

  3. In the upper left corner, find and click on the button. "Write a letter" .
  4. The possibility of transition to the writing window of the letter on the official website of Mail.Ru postal service

  5. On the right side of the workspace in the block "To whom" Click on the link "From whom" .
  6. Use links from whom in the field of the official website of Mail.Ru postal service

  7. Now, at the very top of the message creation form, a new line will appear in which your email address will be presented.
  8. Ability to view the address in a letter on the official website of Mail.Ru postal service

  9. If necessary, you can change it to an e-mail of another user, whose account was tied to your.
  10. Ability to change the address of the sender on the official website of Mail.Ru postal service

As practice shows, this feature is poorly implemented in this system.

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After completing each instruction exactly, as described, you will not have difficulty with obtaining your own email address. If you do not work out in your case, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with the detailed article on a similar topic.

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One of the most extensive resources on the Internet is a Google system with a Gmail company postal service. In this case, you can learn your own data from the account without much difficulty, as the load indicator with a signature, which is part-time the email address appears during the transition to the box.

The process of loading the mailbox on the official website of the Gmail post service

The main page of the site can be updated the infinite number of times, always getting the download screen with your profile from your system.

If you for any reason you cannot update the postal service page, you can enter a slightly different way.

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  1. Open the main page of the Gmail mail, for example, on the tab "Inbox" And click on the photo of the account in the upper right corner of the Internet browser window.
  2. The process of disclosing the main menu on the official website of the Gmail post service

  3. In the presented card at the very top under the user, the full version of the e-mail address of this postal system is located.
  4. The process of viewing the email address in the card on the official website of the Gmail post service

Of course, as in the case of other systems, you can use the editor of new messages.

  1. On the main mail page in the main navigation menu on the left side click on the button "Write" .
  2. Go to writing a new message on the official website of the Gmail post service

  3. Now the context window will appear on the right side of the page, from which you need to get acquainted with the string "From" .
  4. Successful postal email address on the official website of the Gmail post service

  5. If necessary, in case of binding, you can change the sender.
  6. The ability to change mail on the official website of the Gmail postal service

At this point, you can finish with the description of the procedure for obtaining a mail address in the Gmail system, since this is more than enough to disclose the necessary information.


The Rambler service is used by the minimum number of users, because of which questions with the calculation of the email address are extremely rare. If you belong to the number of people who prefer the Rambler mail, the email of the electronic box can be calculated in the following way.

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  1. Log in in the mail service on the Rambler site and open the main menu of the electronic box by clicking on the user name in the right refund of the corner of the screen.
  2. The process of disclosing the main menu on the official website of the Rambler post service

  3. In the field that appears, in addition to the button to exit the account, your e-mail address will be presented.
  4. Successful postal email address on the official website of the Rambler post service

  5. Click on the button "My profile" To open your personal account in the Rambler system.
  6. Successful personal account on the official website of the Rambler postal service

  7. Among the blocks presented on the page, find the section "Email Addresses" .
  8. Search Email Address Block on the official website of the Rambler post service

  9. Under the text describing the purpose of this block, there is a list with all the emails connected to your account.
  10. Successful postal address in the office on the official website of the Rambler postal service

The main, as a rule, is the first e-mail in the list.

The recently updated design of the Rambler mail service to date does not allow to see the address of the sender when creating a new message, as implemented in other previously affected services. At the same time, you can still use the email exchange system to learn e-mail.

  1. Go to the folder "Inbox" Using the main menu.
  2. The process of transition to the folder included on the official website of the Rambler postal service

  3. From the message submitted list, select any letter and open it in view mode.
  4. The process of opening a sent letter on the official website of the Rambler postal service

  5. At the top of the page opened under the conversion theme and address of the sender, you can find an e-mail of your account.
  6. Successful postal email address on the official website of the Rambler postal service

As can be seen, in terms of the search for information on the account, the Rambler system is not particularly different from other similar services, but still has several remarkable features.

Regardless of the service used, being the owner of the account, you in any case should not have difficulties with the calculation of IMEYL. At the same time, unfortunately, nothing can be done if you are not authorized in the mail and addresses were not previously stored in the database of your Internet browser.

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