Softball: What is it, history, rules

Softball: What is it, history, rules

Softball: What is it, history, rules

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We tell that such a softball is what it differs from baseball, which equipment is needed for the game and how this sport is developing in Ukraine.

We tell that such a softball is what it differs from baseball, which equipment is needed for the game and how this sport is developing in Ukraine.

Softball: what is it

Softball - team sport with a ball. He is a kind of baseball. The softball can play both men and women. As a rule, this sport is popular among non-professionals. This is due to the fact that, unlike baseball, softball is adapted for less physically trained people and is not so trauma.

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Softball Rules and Baseball Differences

The match consists of 7 equal parts called Inning. They, in turn, are divided into half. The first blow makes a team of the guests, then the team enters the game. A player with a bat in his hands serve the ball. The feed may occur several times. Those who are in defense must accurately get on the ball and as soon as possible return to the home field. During the game, the athletes should not change their location, only if they did not tell this coach. In case of success, the team counts one score. The winner becomes the team that scored the greatest number of points according to the results of 7 innigods.

There are several types of games: "Fast Pitch" ( Fast innings ), "Slow-Pitch" ( Slow innings ) and "Modifai Pitch" ( average innings ).

Ball for softball softer than for baseball. It also has a lower speed in flight. Bit is thicker than in baseball, but it is not so long. Also in baseball are played not 7, and 9 innigans. Softball area has smaller sizes than for baseball.

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Equipment for softball

To play softball, you must have a glove, bat, helmet, boots and protective ammunition.

The glove for softball is made of genuine leather. Pights wear it on his left hand, and Leftches are on the right. Ketcher plays a special glove.

Bit for softball produced from aluminum. Each player must individually pick up a bit based on growth.

Boats must have a plastic or rubber sole. Metal boots are forbidden, because because of them, in the fall, it is possible to be seriously injured.

The protective ammunition kit includes special player gloves with bat and protection for chin and chest.

The history of the development of softball

Softball originated in 1887. At first it was called "Mashball" or "Kitten".

Official sport Softball became in 1920. At the same time, many were against it to allocate him as a separate sport, as it is very similar to baseball. In 1965 appeared International Federation of Softball. At the moment, the International Federation of Softball unites more than a hundred national federations of different countries.

The first world championship among women took place in 1965, and among men - in 1966. The program of the Olympic Games Softball has been part since 1996 to 2008. At the Olympics, he was presented to the game " Fast Pitch. "Among women.

Softball in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the softball appeared in 1989. Since 1991, the Ukrainian Softball Championship has begun. The development of the softball is engaged in the Federation of Baseball and Softball of Ukraine, which organizes all-Ukrainian championships for different age categories. The Federation members are about 30 clubs. The most actively in the softball is played in Kiev, Rivne, Kropyvnytsky and Lviv.

The Ukrainian Softball team takes part in the World and Europe championships.

Softball is a lightweight baseball species. It is possible to participate in the beautiful half, since it is characterized not so strong loads and reduced by injuries. Baseball and softball equipment is quite similar, as well as the rules of these games.

A bit of history

The year of birth of the game can be considered 1887, and the homeland is the United States. His creator was a journalist George Hancock. He also developed the process itself, set the requirements for the playing field and equipment. The game was akin to baseball, very popular among Americans, but to lead it was allowed in a closed room. It was originally called the "Kitten" or "Mashball". The first tournament was organized in Chicago, in the Farragot Bath club. In 1895, the first women's team was formed.


In the softball, the game was renamed in 1920, and in 1952 an international federation was organized. Today, in its composition more than 130 countries of the world. Tournaments of national teams among men have been held since 1966, and among women - from 1965. International competitions have been held since 1996. For some time, this sports direction was part of the Olympic Games Program.

As for our country, they learned about the softball in 1987, when several tournaments have passed in Tashkent, Krasnoyarsk and Belgorod. The USSR Championship in this direction took place only one, in 1991. Today, Russian softball players systematically act in the largest competitions between clubs.

Softball and Baseball - Differences

Originally, the softball was intended for the gym. But since 1985 he began to play in the fresh air. This sports direction did not require special skills, so beginners turned into it with pleasure.

Its main differences from baseball are as follows:
  • The ball is hurt much weaker, and it makes the way much less than in baseball.
  • The softball ball is softer and the diameter is less.
  • Bit less long and more thickened.
  • In the match seven periods (Innigov), and in baseball - nine.

The goals and schemes of the two these games are very similar. This is a contest of two teams of 9-10 players. The gaming area has a triangle shape and consists of two parts: internal, with a ground coating, and an external, covered with grass. In the corners of the fields installed "houses" or "bases". From two sides of the site there are teams, and in the center - the feeder (Pitcher). The first role of the strikers play guests, and the owners become defenders. Then the teams change. The feeder throws the ball (and the throw is not done on top, as in baseball, and below), and the participant of the team of attackers with a bat (Hitter) must repel it three times, then all "bases" and return to his "house". Defenders seek to bring three strikers from the game. To do this, they need to intercept the ball and deliver it to the base where the runner rushes.

Softbol 3.

Rules of the game
  • The game starts Pitcher. His goal is to serve the ball so that the hetter from the attackers could not accept his feed.
  • The striker beat the ball, provided that he landed a strike area located in the area from the chest to the Pitcher's knee. The fact of entering the ball records the chief judge.
  • Hitter needs to determine a good throw and hit the ball so that he can fly as much as possible, but did not leave the territory of the site. With successful impact, it leaves the bit and runs through the bases to his home. Each striker who was able to rest all the houses and return to his earn a point for his team. If the hit of the hectifer sends the ball for the game territory, it has the ability to restore all the bases without obstacles.
  • Behind Hitter is Kether - a player accepting balls, not dismissed either not in the strike zone.
  • If the Hitter could not disconnect the three filings that were in the strike zone, he goes into Out.
  • Fight of the Pitcher and Hitter can end with one of the three options: 1) drops off beating if he missed the ball three times; 2) Hitter goes to the first base if the Pitcher filed 4 balls outside the strike zone; 3) Hitter makes the right blow and becomes runner.
  • After hitting the ball, players move on the site counterclockwise. To bring Hitter to Out, the participant of the opponent team must intercept the flying ball.
  • To bring the runner into Out, the defender should intercept the ball and touch them to the player, or send the ball to the base where the runner rushed.
  • According to the results of seven innings, the team wins the most points. If you played a draw, additional rounds are appointed.
Equipment and inventory

Softball is considered not so hiring like baseball. Nevertheless, the game participants are recommended to use the means of protecting the head, limbs and chest.

Traditionally, the equipment for the game in softball implies:
  • Glove.
  • Bit.
  • Helmet.
  • Boots.

Inventar Dlia Softbola.


The main element of the equipment of the softbolic. She is put on players of the team, which occupies the attacker position, right-handed - on the right hand, and left-handed, respectively, on the left. Gloves sew from genuine leather, and they have pockets for the ball. Skin - the material is sufficiently dense, so the new glove has to be swollen in front of the game. For softening, the glove can also be put on the sun or in a hot oven for a short time, and you can smear with oil.

Ketcher on the game puts on a special glove. It allows you to catch fast, with the strength of the balls of the feeding balls.


The dimensions of this accessory (length and weight) are selected individually for each player, taking into account its physical parameters. But at the same time, according to the decree of the Commission of the Standards of Equipment of the International Federation of Softball, its weight must be no more than 1.077 grams, and the length is 86.4 cm. The thickness of the bit must be no more than 5.7 cm.

Bamboo, metal, plastic, graphite, fiberglass, carbon magnesium, ceramics are used as a bit of the bit.

In order to choose a convenient bit, it is better to use a pair of recommendations:
  1. Selecting the length, you need to stand in full growth, straighten up and lower the bat. With a suitable length, its ending will affect the Earth.
  2. Aluminum bits are better suitable for new, they are light, but dense and fairly aerodynamic. It helps to beat the ball.
Sportswear and shoes

Shipped boots are purchased for the softball. The spikes are allowed from plastic or rubber. Metal spikes are prohibited by the rules, because they may cause injury to another player.

As for clothing, the form is not installed by its rules. Usually these are sports shorts or breeches, leggings, a T-shirt and a sports jacket. The main rule that must be respected in softball, as in any command game, the participants of the same team must be dressed in the same way.

Protective equipment

Zashchitnaia Ekipirovka.

Mandatory accessory for all players is a helmet. Its main task is to protect his head from injuries. If the team participant performs the function of the ketcher, it additionally needs uniforms to protect against accidental hits in the chin (protective mask), chest, and for legs, because the balls that fly into it do it at a speed of up to 100 km / h.

Zashchitnaia Ekipirovka 2.


Without it, the game is impossible because he acts as a projectile. The sizes of the ball are regulated by the rules: a circle of 30.2 - 30.8 cm, mass - 166.5 - 173.6 grams. It is softer and supple as baseball, therefore it is called Soft. But in size it is much larger, which makes it easier to hit it.

Softbol Miach.

To make it more noticeable on the field, the ball is made of yellow material with red stripes or threads on the seams.

This sport is suitable for all - men, women and children. It is most common among women, because excludes injury when complying with unacceptable security rules, as well as among adolescents. In Russia, the softball does not use so wide demand as in Western countries. There it is regarded as a way to purchase the necessary skills for subsequent occupations by professional baseball.

The game helps to improve the physical form - from it, for several years, human endurance rises almost twice. And such requirements for players on the field, as attentiveness, resistance and agility are the fundamental necessary to any athlete.

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In the XIX century, American sports team games are interested in softball - simplified baseball. The new game was not as hidden, so it came up to women and children. In 2020, the softball was first included in the Olympic Games.

What is softball

The year of birth of the softball - 1887th. Place of birth is the American Chicago State of Illinois. It was originally assumed that this game is intended for the premises so that the athletes can prepare for the game in baseball. Nowadays, you use an open area, a bit and a hatched ball with a diameter of 9-13 cm. In the softball team consists of 9-10 players, the meeting consists of 7 innings, and those from two parts.

The task of the defending team is to take possession of a born ball and earlier rivals to deliver it to the base - thus the beating athlete leaves the game. Or need to touch the player's ball running between databases. Also goes to Out a player who washed down the ball whose ball was caught by the defender on the fly.

Strikers in turn until they missed three times or until the pitcher falls into the permitted zone ("Strike", that is, a good throw), with force, beat off the ball scored by the defender to manage the base (with touch), or move between databases and moves Run to "home". The run is performed around the field, in the opposite side of the clockwise direction. Such jogs are estimated with one point - myself. Rubberies are allowed to start when the defender caught the ball. On the basis it is allowed to stand only by one player.

The first beat "guests", after changing the fields - "hosts". While on the field, the players cannot be changed the appointed positions until the coach says, otherwise the team is punished by loss.

Softball varieties in which playing balls of different sizes:

  • "Fast Pitch" is called "fast feeding";
  • Slou-Pitch - "Slow Feed";
  • "Modifai Pitch" - "middle flow";
  • "Chicago-Bol".

In the "Chicago-Bole" in teams participate in 5 players.

Softball and Baseball: Main differences

Despite the seeming similarity, there are many differences between games.

  1. The main difference is the flow of the ball: baseball players pounce on the upper arc by 18 m, and the softball players are filled at the bottom of 13-15 m, which is influenced by the type of game.
  2. Baseball strikes are stronger and the ball flies on.
  3. The balls are also distinguished: in the softball, the ball is not as solid, the circle is 28-30 cm, white, yellow or neon-green. The baseball ball is hard, and the circle is 22.8 cm.
  4. The length of the bits for the game in the softball is 86 cm, the base is expanded, the material is to choose from. Bit for baseball in length is 106-107 cm and made of wood.
  5. There are also games in the fields. Between bases in softball 18 m, and in baseball - 27 m. Therefore, the first field of reduced sizes. The platform for the softerbox is made in the form of a flat circle. The baseball is standing on a raised 25 cm inclined embankment.
  6. In the softball, the game consists of 7 parts (innogi), and in baseball - from 9.

If you consider games in more detail, there are more differences - in judging, in the rules, even in the players' clothes and in the field cover.

Competition Rules

National Rules are compiled on the basis of official rules for which the World Confederation of Baseball and Softball is responsible. This arch consists of rules, sanctions in cases of their violations and applications.

The main terms and their definitions

Discipline is replete with terms. We give the main of them.

"Ampayra" - Judges in databases and near the "house."

"Appeal" Regarding the "living" or "dead" ball, a coach, a team player who did not violate the rules, or by the manager in a situation where the judge independently does not solve this issue.

"Outfielder" Call a long field player.

"Bases" - Three dates for the runner, the observed field for winning points.

"Bow-strike" - The ball is captured by a rebound from the substituted bits, the player of the shuffles does not.

"Forced auto" It is considered to be the base of the base without a rowing runner.

В "Forced game" Runner required to run away from the occupied base to free it for another player.

"Grand Bolom" called rolling or jumping after chopping the ball.

For "Double Pile", "Double Aute" In Out, two players are displayed simultaneously if there are no errors.

"Wild" (inaccurate) feed Make higher or lower, or further ketcher.

Innigan Corresponds to part of the game time, during which the commands change places, making three outs.

"Infielder" They call the player of the inner playing field, which is catches Infield-Flya - highly flying balls.

"Protection Team" Call the field command.

Team "Hosts" which begins with protection, determines lots or mutual agreement.

Team "Guests" Leave to attack.

"Katcher" They call the player of the defending team at the "House" plate, which returns the pitch of the balls.

"Team of the Attack" The team that knocks off the ball is considered.

With " Dead "Made that came out of the game, the game stop.

"Reverse replacement" - Returns player on the site.

"Pitcher" Call players feeding balls.

"Play Bol" - Announcement of the judge on the start of the game.

For "Randauna" ("Pagon") defenders try to defile the player running to the database.

Signal "Safe!" Means the occupation of a runner base.

"Straight" They call the legal feed that Pitcher fulfilled and counted the judge, even if the beating missed. If the beating player missed three times, it goes into Out.

Team of the judge "Half!" Means that the ball is "dead", and the game stops.

"Finders" - Players of the defending team located in the field.

"Fly Aut" The ball is considered, which defenders caught from the air.

"Hitter" - hitting the player of the attack team.

Understanding the meanings of the above terms - the basis of the game in softball.

Requirements for authorized game

For the authorized game, 7 finished parties (innigov) are given with exceptions:

  • The game ends before, if the "hosts" scored a large amount of points in the sixth meeting, or when 3 outs were scored in the 7th inning.
  • With an equal account, the game continues to victory one of the teams.

The statutory game occurs in several cases.

  1. With five and more fully played meetings, with a larger amount of points for 5 parties from the team, driving in the second line, as well as when knocking ("ahead of ahead"). A timing of ahead means ahead of another team: after the three innigans played difference of 15 points, after 4 - 10, ahead of 7, when the 5th meeting was played.
  2. The judge is announced if the causes threatening players and viewers arise.
  3. With an equal score, when the 5th or 6th inning ended, or if the "hosts" equalized with the "guests" before the end of the party.

A stopless or authorized game with an equal score is replayed. When attacking players or fans on a judge with the use of physical strength, the guilty team on the basis of the decision of the chief judge consider losers.

Game Field Requirements

The softball game field is a clean and free platform, on the sides of which the table lines are underway at right angles. Far and side parts of the field expand due to a strip of 7-9 m wide. The radius of the female sector is 67 m 6 cm, male - 76 m 20 cm.

The inner part of the field is a ground coating on which the positions of the players are located.

  1. In the corner where the panel lines converge, in the circle - the place of Catcher Zone and for a beating player. On the right and on the left in the circles with a radius of 70.6 cm are waiting for the next beatings, and then the remaining attack players are located along the panel lines (in Dagaut). To beat the ball, the player comes to the area of ​​91x213 cm in size. "House" plate is a pentagon rubber area. The sides of each angle are 31.8 cm, the side facing a pyter is 45 cm.
  2. In the field opposite the house at a distance of 14 m there is a Pitcher's place. It also represents a rubber (or from a different similar material) plate 61x15.2 cm, lying on the same level coated. The plate is located in a circle, the radius of which is 2.44 cm. On the panel lines at a distance of 18 m 29 cm and opposite the house at a distance of 25.9 m stand three fixed bases, similar to the boxes.

The perimeter of the field before the fence is usually limited to a 3-4.5 m width strip, but it is not mandatory.

Equipment for the game

The main inventory for the game - bits. They are produced by solid and national teams. The material uses a tree (solid piece or glued parts), metal or bamboo, plastic or graphite, carbon or fiberglass, ceramics, or other composite materials. The surface of the bits is smooth and rounded with a diameter of no more than 57 mm in a wide place, and the weight is no more than 1 kg of 77. The length of the bits is up to 864 mm. If the bits are metallic, then it is impossible to pick it up a wooden handle and other slippery surfaces.

The dimensions of the officially approved ball in accordance with the rules are as follows: around the circle - no more than 30 cm 8 mm and not less than 30 cm 2 mm, weight - 166-174. The ball color is bright with contrasting threads, to stand out on the field.

Equipment of players

Leather glove for the left hand puts on Catcher - player of the attack team. Such a glove is needed to catch a ball scored by a pitcher and is equipped with a pocket in which the ball is placed.

A trap on hand is allowed to use any player. The length of the lacing on the trap is allowed not longer than 127 mm. In addition, the players can not wear traps with an image on the outside of the product circles of the ball, and the pitchera should not wear a trap of the same color with the ball.

They play mostly in boats with soft or hard rubber spikes. Other closed shoes with fabric or leather riding and rubber or plastic sole are also suitable. The hard and removable spikes screwed outside are prohibited.

There is no requirements for clothing, but more often play branches, shorts, walkrs, in a T-shirt or in a sports jacket. The only condition - the team should have a single form.

For security, players need to be protected:

  • head - helmet;
  • chest - bib;
  • The face is a plastic mask, without which the feed is not allowed;
  • To protect the throat to the bottom masks attach a wire device;
  • For the protection of the knees, special shields are put on.

The player who came to the start without protective funds is not allowed to play. The one who refuses to execute the order to wear protection is punishable.


The appeal is serving a coach, manager or team captain before making a decision of the judge. Rates for appeal:

  1. illegal replacements (without warning);
  2. the presence on the field of an undeclared player;
  3. illegal reverse replacement.

Serve such an appeal is required during the match, but not after the player's care.

If the team goes on the field with a smaller, which is required by the number of players, then the victory is awarded to rivals. If you find a illegal player during the game, it is obliged to remove it along with the trainer, and replace legal. At the same time, the bolsters and strikes of the illegal player are moving to a legal replacement. When there are no replacements, the victory gives another team that did not allow violations.

If the illegal player was found in the defending team, the attacker team accepts the result of the meeting, or Bater and ranners return to previous places. With the return of an undesirable player, victory gives another team.

Quantitative and age composition team

In the Russian championships and team cups consist of 12-20 players with 5 coaches and other assistants. On championships - 11-18 players and, the same number of coaches with assistants.

There are no restrictions on the upper age threshold, but the minimum age of athletes in adult competitions is 16 years old. Violation of the minimum team is punishable from participation in competitions.

The composition of the judiciary and their responsibilities

Judges for the game appoints a federation not from the players. The main referee consists of the chief judge and deputy, from the General Secretary and the Deputy and the Commissioners of the Games (technical delegates).

The chief judge is entrusted to conduct competitions, draw up schedules, appoint judges, assert and sign documentation and protocols. In addition, it is obliged to check the inventory and the state of the field, submit reports and convene the meetings of the judicial brigade.

The Chief Secretary works with protocols, reports and other documentation, and provides information on the mass media competitions. Deputies help the chief judge and the Secretary-General to fulfill their duties. The Commissioner of the game is controlled by the work of the judiciary and the fulfillment of rules by players and judges. The judge "Houses" is allowed to decide independently, how to do if the situation arising is not provided for by the rules. Help this judge is the basic judge.

Defense Command Conference

The protection team is allowed to use the three conferences until the end of the game in 7 innigov. These situations are cumulative, but, being not used before the end of the game, the conference "burn out". In additional parties, one (no longer accumulative) conference is also given.

For violation of the procedure for holding conferences, punishment is provided:

  • Pitcher is declared illegal if the number of conferences is more than three or, in extra time, more than two. Following this, the feed executes another player, and the violator goes to the position.

The conference does not consider the conference of protection:

  • if the decision was made to replace the pitcher;
  • when crossing the panel lines after the replacement report;
  • During a conversation between protecting players at a time when the attack conference is valid;
  • when transferring instructions from Dagaut Zone;
  • When the fielder is applied with a player coach, which is punishable by removal during a repeated impairment;
  • If the game is stopped by judge.

With the transition of the command in Dagaut, the conference ends, and the players receive new instructions.

Requirements for legal feed

In order for the ball feeding the right, the PITCHER cannot be linger if the movement has already begun; Making the hands of the "Mill", it is allowed to restrict ourselves to one turn (not counting Zamha). Serve the ball from the bottom-forward, pulling the hand and not reducing the brush to the side. Optionally, you can simultaneously rearrange the back leg, without leaving the plate line. It is allowed to jump from the plate, but the feed is possible only after landing on both legs. It is impossible to deliberately perform with the ball other actions, having a batter batting. After the pitcher received the ball or permission to start the game, the feed must be performed for 20 seconds. Before serving the ball for 2-5 seconds. Keep both hands in front of them.

Legal feed is considered if the players of protection do not cover the ball with unauthorized substances. Also, you can also serve the ball with wet fingers. It is preliminarily required to dry the hands of the rosin (powder lies behind the plate) or special napkins. In addition, the pitch is prohibited to wind the braid on the fingers, the use of a swelling or bracelet. If there is an injury, the bandage is allowed, but it should not be covered with a sleeve.

Workshop feed

Before the start or after replacing the pitcher, 1 min is given to the warm-up. And limit it with 5 shots, and before the second half of the party, 1 min is also provided, but 3 throw. After this time, as well as in the event that no one catch the balls, 1 test feed is given. If a new pitcher, the ball is allowed to throw 5 times, but not longer than for 1 min. The warm-up time is not limited if the game is delayed by the judge.

For the performance of "extra" throws, Bater wins more. Pitcher, who returned to the game after the output, does not work out, except when the restrictions were removed and the feeding did not fall into illegal pyter.

No feed

This team suits the judge with continuing films when the game is stopped, and also if the feed is "fast," that is, Bater did not have time to get into place or get ready. The feed is not counted if the runner has started running before the release of the ball by a pitcher, or the feed is completed until the runner is returned at the "dead" ball. If Pitcher reacts to the team or agencies of an outsider, the judge will say: "There is no submission." In this case, the intruder team is punishable, and the achievements are canceled.

Furious ball

If Pitcher, performing the feed, drops or loses the ball, then Bater is awarded to Bolom. At the same time, the judge leaves the ball in the game, and the raneram is allowed promotion.

Return pitcher

Pitchera is allowed to return to the feed unlimited number once until it is excluded from Lainpa or will not fall into illegal pytchers.

Pitcher is announced illegal if the protection team exceeded the rate of permitted conferences. This player is no longer allowed to serve the ball, but it is allowed to take another position. If this rule is violated, the Pitcher is excluded from the game. If such a player managed to make feed or feed, then the attacking team to choose from:

  • takes the result of actions;
  • Cancels and returns Baeter to chopping, keeping screamers and strikes.

Ranners in this case go back to bases engaged earlier.

Conference team attack

The conference does not count:

  1. If Pitcher put on a warm-up jacket, without leaving the base.
  2. When the Protection Conference is valid, and the attackers meet.
  3. If the strikers are ready, but the judge suspended the game.
  4. By the readiness of the defenders.

In one Inning is allowed to make one conference. If this rule is broken, the guilty manager or coach is punishable by removal.

Next Bying (Bater)

The "next beating" is considered a participant who, before the start, is in a circle to wait for a call to the Bater zone. After the start of the game, this is the next player on the list.

The next running player is allowed to: expect in a circle to choose from, but not in front of the batter, and to warm up with two official workflowing basic bits with permitted fasteners. If the player's warning is violated.

Another beating player leaves the circle:

  • With the transition to the Baeter platform, it is assigned to 10 seconds.;
  • If the participant runs to the house is blown up;
  • In order not to create interference when fishing.

The player awaiting the queue is punished by removal, if he refuses to wear a helmet after the order, and also if during the warm-up it uses illegal inventory. When creating interference, the defender judge stops the game, announcing the "dead ball"; Ranee, the nearest to the "home", is removed in Out, and other runners are returned to the base, if it is not forced care.


Lists with disintegration disorders are pre-served by the judge or assistant judge, who is responsible for the "house" and the transfer. Those, in turn, must pass them for familiarizing the rival team. You can not break this sorts until the end of the game or before replacement. At the beginning of the new inning, the first beating is the next player on the list after who before finished chosen. For violation of the sequence, an appeal is given, which defeats the defenders who have gone from the field to the Dagout zone.

Bringing player is forbidden: Play without a helmet; make imperceptible line of beating; To remove the legs from the zone before it arrives at the ball, or before the judge signal. Batera is counted Bol, and the ball remains "alive": if it is not made by the scaps on the beat when the ball is incomprepanned into the side zone; when touching the surface of the surface or plate "House"; When the ball is delayed by Kether or Pitcher longer than 20 seconds.

Beter should not beat the illegal feed, because the ball is "dead." If the blow is performed, the result is not accepted. It is impossible to beat the violator until the current inning is over. If such a player receives three auto, it does not hurt in the next party. A participant who missed the player without a queue is punishable by the auto, and the fools, other autumes and glasses are considered valid.

Batter-runner (Bater Rainan)

Batera is allowed to run on the 1st base in the following cases:

  • After legal confusion of filing to the playing field;
  • After the missed ketcher on the third strike;
  • If the base is free.

Sometimes the defenders after the warning of the judge admire the batters deliberately. In this case, the runner cannot put an out after touching the base. If there were two intentionally missed beatings, then running to the base is allowed in turn, other Raners at this time of the mining is prohibited. Upon interference runners from the Ketcher or other defenders, if the runner reached the first base, even without touching the ball, and other players made the fuses, the judge does not interfere.

Beating-runner can not be interfered, the defenders are forbidden to take and transmit each other, pick up the ball. To do this, it is allowed to minimize from the corridor. Also deliberately leaning the ketcher, throw a bit after chopping and touch the ball on the Fair-territory. As a punishment, the conclusion is applied to the Out of the Nearest Runner. For other disorders during the run around the field, the runner returns to repeated confusion if it has two outs.

Using illegal trap

If the phylder (player in the field) uses an illegal trap against batter rain or raner, possibly:

  • take the result of the meeting;
  • Bater Raper can continue to beat, keeping bolsters and strikes, the rest of the Ranem is allowed to return to previous bases;
  • If the trap was used against Ranner, the judge resets the score with the return of the runners to the base.

The decision is given to the deposit manager of the attack team.

Slot removal

With the "live" ball, the helmet cannot be removed. The guilty player is punished, except for the case of an inadvertent displacement or falling a protective agent from the head of an athlete.

If the ball during the flight or the defender concern the shot of a helmet, the runner is obliged to go to the base where stood before. The player is also punished if his inadvertently fallen helmet prevented the game of defenders.


The year of the founding of the International Softball Federation (ISF) - 1952. However, only in 1965, after the election of the governing bodies, it was allowed to organize the female first, and a year later, the men's championships.

World Soft and Baseball are managed by the World Confederation , Abbreviated with WBSC. The year of its education is 2013. The creation of WBSC occurred by the merger of two international federations. The confederation includes over two hundred national associations. WBSC is managed by the highest confederation body - the General Assembly, which is convened with periodicity in a year. WBSC consists of executive councils, permanent technical departments, commissions and nine continental federations.

1933 - the reasons for the American Association of Softball Fans - the largest governing body of the United States. The Association sponsors the annual section and world championships.

The Russian Federation of Softbol has registered in 2002. The Federation is included in the Russian Olympic Committee and the International Softball Federation. The tasks of the public sports organization are as follows: develop and popularize softball, organize national competitions, form national team teams.

History of softball

Softball, a game for enclosed premises, was born in the United States in 1887 thanks to Journalist George Hancock. When the football match ended between universities, students jokingly began to rush to the boxing glove and knock her stick. The journalist present at the game later formulated the rules, field requirements and equipment. Two years later, Hancock introduced athletes with the rules.

At first, the new game was called the "whatever", or "mashball", and only after 25 years began to call softball at the suggestion of the paratrooper Walter Khakanon. In 1895, the first female team was formed, and Lewis Robert-Elders in Minneapolis organized games for firefighters. Here the game was called "Ball-Kitten". They played using a soft ball with a diameter of 30 cm.

The year of the appearance of softball in Russia - 1987, when Tashkent, Krasnoyarsk and Belgorod organized tournaments for this game. To participate in the USSR Championship Russian softbolists had to once, it was 1991.

Literature on softball

Tutorial "Softball" The authors of Kozhevakin and Kovaleva talks about the content of the game and the rules. These are the first Russian authors who made the classification of technical techniques of the softball with descriptions. Details described training with newcomers and experienced athletes, as well as health control methods.

In the book "From Russian laptom to softball" Kovalev and Tkachenko about the Russian lapto and softball, published in 2009, described technical techniques and training techniques of these games. Techniques, examples of advocacy, special, supply and gaming exercises are given. The manual is useful for coaches and for students.

The book of Alexander Bow is offered to coaches, athletes and lovers of the game Baseball. IN "Baseball School" The author, who played this game for 30 years, and in 2000 he moved to coaching work, a lot of visual photos were given, a detailed analysis of the technical elements and action for protection and attacks was carried out.

In conclusion, we note that basically schoolchildren of Western countries love to play the Softball game for sports entertainment. Young athletes use softball as preparation for professional baseball. Uncomplicated rules and low trauma allowed to play softball to women and unprepared lovers.

Softball - What is it, how to play and what is the difference between baseball and softball?

softball what it is

Most recently, lovers of the rolling sport are interested in a new game, softball. In other words, this is a simplified version of baseball, which is less traumatic. It began its own in the XIX century in the United States of America.

Softball - what is it?

Many are interested in the question, softball - what is this sport? Some believe that he does not deserve the title of a separate type and although it is not famous, but in 1920 he received this title. This is a type of baseball that is suitable for men, women and children. But he enjoys greater popularity in women, because the ability to get injured is practically excluded there.

Given that such a softball is, you can tighten your physical data well. After the development of this species, it is easy to move into baseball, because the endurance of a person after a year of workouts increases almost twice. The main thing is to be attentive, persistent and clever - it is considered that these are the basic rules for athletes.

Softball and Baseball - Difference

Softball was originally developed as a game intended for the hall. Blows, which came across the ball were not too strong and therefore the trajectory of his flight became somewhat less. Such sports is great for non-professional and beginners, because it does not require any skills, but the question is what the baseball differs from the softball:

  1. The size of the ball. In this game, a softer ball, the size of grapefruit.
  2. Bit in thickness is slightly increased, but shortened along the length.
  3. Little area.
  4. The duration is limited to seven inning, and not nine.
Softball is something

Rules of the game Softball

The match is designed for 7 equal innigans, broken down at the same time, called harslers. First, the ball is discouraged by the city guests, then the team owning the field is played. A player with a bat ball is served until there are three spans by the gloves while the athlete will wash with the side of the side, or before the opponent's auto. The defenders of the team are trying to more accurately go on the ball and quickly run a circle on the field, to return to the home base. If everything passed according to the rules, the team receives a winning score - Point.

Sportball sports game comes to an end at the end of 7 innigov. The number of points is calculated and the winner is detected. If their quantity remains equal, the additional round is assigned, until someone from the bill in its direction. Surprisingly, for the existence of the game, such cases were registered no more than ten times.

Softball - how to play?

Softball game, what it is - oddly enough, to understand the question you need to know some subtleties. For example, strict distribution of positions. Athletes nor under any pretext should not leave their places, without specifying the coach, otherwise it can count as a loss. Before the competition you need to train yourself to agrees of the reaction and the speed of running - these are basic requirements. If you know how to play softball, you can achieve good results and significantly improve confidence.

Softball - Ecupation

Lovers of this game species should be carefully referring to their appearance during the game. Although the softball is less attendable, rather than baseball, yet, you should stick to the main ways to protect your head, arms and legs. In some cases, it is even worth covering the chest. The standard form for softball includes the following items:

  • gloves;
  • bit;
  • helmet;
  • boots.

The glove is worn on the left hand and in front of the game it is advised to spin and spread out, otherwise the ball will slip out of it. The bit is selected individually for each player, given its growth, weight and length of hand. Helmets wear any, preferably with a good overview of the playground. Foot seats shoes on rubber or plastic sole.

Softball game

Softball - Inventory

Inventory is selected for the game according to the law of the combined sport. For example, bits are purchased only with the mark "for softball." Gloves purchased for player of the first base is allowed to wear only players first base and in rare cases of ketchers. Those ketchers are obliged to wear a protective mask for the face and the helmet of the Bether, but the helmet is obliged to wear all field players. The ball for softball is used with a size of 30.5 cm, and with red threads in the seams.

Softball - what is it? In fact, the game is a lightweight baseball species. During the participants, more gentle physical exertion turns out. In addition, the softball, which can be seen in the presented material, is characterized by reduced injury.

softball what it is

Brief excursion in history

Softball originated at the end of the 19th century in the United States. Initially, the game was called "Kitten", or "Mashball". Modern Name Sports entertainment has acquired only in 1920. It was at this time that the International Softball Federation was officially founded.

Competitions between national teams are held in this sport among men since 1966, and among women - from the 1965th. For some time, the softball was included in the Olympic Games program. Thus, international competitions in the presented discipline were organized at worldwide forums from 1996 until 2008.

How popular in domestic expanses was softball? What it is, a broad audience in our country learned in 1987, after organizing a number of tournaments in Tashkent, Krasnoyarsk and Belgorod. The only USSR Championship took place in the 1991 season. Currently, domestic softball players regularly take part in the largest club competitions.


So, softball - what is it? The match here consists of 7 innings. Each of them is divided into two half. In the first beat the ball, the guest is engaged in the guest, protecting the party. In the second part of the inning - a home team.

Softball Ball

Pitcher continues to throw the participant's game projectile with a bat up to three misses while the enemy does not turn out to be in the way or until the ball is incomprepanied to the Bear zone. To bring a running rival to Out after a successful chopping of the projectile, the feed side needs to catch the ball, after which it is to deliver it to the base where the player seeks.

The participants of the defending team are trying to get along the ball, after which they try to make a run around the playing field and return back to the home base. If successful, the team gets pointing in its favor.

When is the game in the softball? The rules of the game suggest counting points from the results of 7 instruments played. If the number of points is equal to both commands, additional colors are assigned.


What is used as a projectile for a softball? The ball here has a softer, pliable structure compared to baseball, which fully matches the concept of Soft. At the same time, it possesses large dimensions. Large dimensions greatly make it easier to hit the softball bat.

Softball photo

There are differences between the above sports and in the method of filing a game projectile. So, in the softball, the ball is made to throw from the bottom, and in the baseball from above.


The main object of the equipment of the softbolic is the bit and glove. The latter is put on players of the feed side. It is made of genuine leather glove. It is on the right hand in left-handed and, accordingly, on the left in the right hand.

The new glove necessarily needs preliminary swollen before use during the game. It takes it for softening the skin. In these purposes, the glove is left to lie down in the sun, rub in oil or at some time placed in a preheated oven.

Ketcher is a player who is located in the Stretk Zone behind the chopping enemy, is a special glove designed to capture quickly, strongly directed balls when filing.


In the softball, the length, dimensions and weight of the bits are selected by each player individually, in accordance with the body parameters. There are several recommendations that allow you to decide on the appropriate ball of the ball:

  1. To find the right length, it is enough to straighten into full growth and lower the bat. If the end of the product is slightly touched by the Earth - a suitable model is selected. When the player has to reach a bat side on an elongated hand or lift the elbow, in this case the game projectile is too long or short.
  2. There are several varieties of bits on the market. Some are made of combined materials, others from aluminum. The latter are especially good for novice players, because they have a dense structure, good aerodynamics and light weight, which makes it easier to beat the ball.
Softball Rule of the game

Sport shoes

Softball uses boots with plastic or rubber spikes. Metal elements on the sole is prohibited by the rules. The use of such shoes is fraught with an injury to the opponent during slip towards the game bases.

Protective equipment

The softball game is pretty attendant. Therefore, all participants are obliged to wear protective helmets without exception. If the player is trusted by the role of Kether, in this case it additionally requires equipment that protects against random strikes into chin and chest.


So we figured out how to play softball what it is. Finally, it is worth noting that sports entertainment is popularly in schoolchildren in Western countries. As a rule, the softball is considered by young athletes as a good preparation for professional baseball occupation.

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