What clothes explained and asked in zero?

Full analysis of the phrase "Explain for Shmot".

Generation Z lives in a beautiful world where you can wear anything. Maximum risk to which zoomers go - a chance to get a fashionable sentence from someone from friends. In each city there are several exceptions in the form of particularly dark conjunction, but it is almost not considered. In zero dressing was much worse.

The era of "Stonikov" and colored shoelaces. What clothes explained and asked in zero? Antifa, fans, long

Founding in second, it was necessary to possess some set of knowledge about the extremist subcultures of the late 90s and early 2000s. Otherwise, the climbing shroud could easily turn around the request to "explain" from unwriting citizens with shaved heads. Today we will remember where it came from, what kind of clothing was a danger and, most importantly, what had to be answered.

Who "asked for Shmot"?

At that time, two are extremely similar, but the opposing subcultures are skinheads and antifraces. Both those and others were firmly connected with the near-football fan movement. Street fights between them were the daily norm, and some elements of clothing - recognized signs.

The era of "Stonikov" and colored shoelaces. What clothes explained and asked in zero? Antifa, fans, long

To carry a certain brand means belonging to the grouping. Thus considered the members of both the left and right movement. Roughly speaking, it was perceived just as if a civilian man suddenly spoiled military epaulets. Interested persons arise questions that are very quickly converted into strikes on the head.

So that the text is not an empty set of memories, I turned to people at that time connected with dangerous movements. Among them were former fans, anti-fascists and simply non-formals, which got the most. Important: Everything, as one, argue that the rules often differed in the regions. Usually the spoiled "phone" was to blame.

The era of "Stonikov" and colored shoelaces. What clothes explained and asked in zero? Antifa, fans, long

A man from the province was driving to Moscow or Peter, brought the necessary dress codes from there and told his own. Something was forgotten, something embossed, and part of the rules didn't have useless urban legends. But in zero, all this was truly important. Then subcultures existed much more brightly and apart than now.

What kind of clothes "asked"?

Lacing. Let's start with the classics. The color of the shoelains is not just a matter of taste, as you might think, and the most common sign of distinction for extremists. Why? Everything is simple. Change the shoelaces could afford everyone, but to snatch even Palo Stone Island much more difficult. We usually speech about high army boots, but Solva spread these rules on all shoes.

The era of "Stonikov" and colored shoelaces. What clothes explained and asked in zero? Antifa, fans, long

White straight lacing - right-bank theme. This species meant that the carrier beat the death of Eastern origin to death. But for the most part only in words. In fact, with white laces on Berester, everyone who was listed Skinheads. And about the difference between direct / indirect lacing only meticulous travelers said.

Accordingly, the red laces were distinguished by anti-antifractions. Unfortunately, some shoe brands did not care about consumers, selling the product at once with red shoelaces. I remember well, as a school friend ran to the market to change the color and rejoice: from sin away.

The era of "Stonikov" and colored shoelaces. What clothes explained and asked in zero? Antifa, fans, long

In earlier interpretations it was believed that the softleters were carried away including red shoelaces. They have already distinguished the experienced member of the group, which did not kill anyone. Then, with the development of the left movements, the red lacing went to the guys from the anti-antih.

Stone Island. It is already difficult to establish why the Italian brand Stone Island attracted the Italian brand of Stone Island so climbing. But Fashion accurately went from British organizations. In the cult film "Guligans of the Green Street" just can see citizens in "Stoniki".

The era of "Stonikov" and colored shoelaces. What clothes explained and asked in zero? Antifa, fans, long

It was believed that no one would wear the "moaning". Wear - somewhere yes. The original cost mad money, and beat for Palo, because the owner allegedly wants to seem to those who are not. And there were really many such. Sometimes the courtyard mods happened to grasp Stone Island in a section, for which he was then paid when meeting with fans.

The era of "Stonikov" and colored shoelaces. What clothes explained and asked in zero? Antifa, fans, long

But if you really liked the jacket so much, then the chance to remain whole was still. Bald citizens were interested in not so much the clothes itself, how many corporate patch - chevron with the logo. Running it, it was possible to solve a lot of problems, and even push someone for good money. Yes, some unicumes specially sewed "Stonikovsky" patches for a regular jacket from the market.

There was a canonic bow skinhead . In addition to shaved heads, the right guys distinguished the desire to follow the style of clothing given by their British predecessors in the late 60s. Checkered shirts Ben Sherman, suspenders, LEVI's 501 jeans. The shirt could be replaced with Fred Perry or Lacoste polo. In Russia, this particular option passed.

The era of "Stonikov" and colored shoelaces. What clothes explained and asked in zero? Antifa, fans, long

Attracted extra views, even each element of this onion is separately, and together and is suppressed. It is unlikely that you dressed in the dark, and everything so successfully coincided, right?

The era of "Stonikov" and colored shoelaces. What clothes explained and asked in zero? Antifa, fans, long

It's funny that the danger of such brands like Fred Perry, Lacoste and Burberry was also that they were driving both left and right. Some kind of miraculously fashion spread on all radicals: especially closer to the tenth of years. At the same time, the carhartt brand added to the piggy bank. Naturally, it raised the likelihood of rummaged "For whom you fight?"

Orange bombers . The main attribute of Russian skinheads of the 90s. Then the opportunities to go to the "Levis" and Fred Perry was much less, so Chinese bombers with an orange lining, mined in the nearest market, were accustomed as a uniform.

The era of "Stonikov" and colored shoelaces. What clothes explained and asked in zero? Antifa, fans, long

In zero, it was already more like an artifact of the era than combat uniforms. Orange linings and camouflage pants wore those who kept these trophies from old times. And until many corners of the province, this fashion did not reach, so we could be relatively calm.

The era of "Stonikov" and colored shoelaces. What clothes explained and asked in zero? Antifa, fans, long

Lonsdale sweatshirts. This is an explicit attribute of the skins fashion of the era of zero. Sweatshirts of the London brand can be found on the market in any city. And whether the owner of such a hoist will be provoked - the question is extremely difficult.

The era of "Stonikov" and colored shoelaces. What clothes explained and asked in zero? Antifa, fans, long

In general, it was possible to avoid self-relief, responding that you like the sweatshirt. But there is one important point. Being tuned under an essay jacket, Lonsdale's inscription turned into an NSDA abbiaviator - the National Socialist Party of Germany. It was a clear sign that was distinguished from other people's own.

There were also pure right brands. Basically, we are talking about two specific manufacturers - Thor Steinar and Sva Stone. Unlike the same FRED PERRY, which are trying to wash away from the sad fame of the Skump for skins, these brands deliberately did clothing for radicals.

The era of "Stonikov" and colored shoelaces. What clothes explained and asked in zero? Antifa, fans, long

"Ask" for them even more harsh than the Stone Island. First, due to a clear ideology of the manufacturer. Secondly, because it is expensive things that absolutely impossible to get in second-hand. There is a chance to get off for the usual zooaka in this form - zero. Moreover, the hunt for you in this dress would be opened both right and anti-fascists. No arguments and half meter.

How to "explain for the gear"?

If it is at all honestly, then in no way. At the moment when you came to you, everything already happened. Sometimes it worked the option to say that just liked the jacket. Everything is directly depended on two things - the alignment of the strength and mood of one who asks. Skill eloquence at such moments was especially important.

The era of "Stonikov" and colored shoelaces. What clothes explained and asked in zero? Antifa, fans, long

The previous paragraph is relevant for those who have not consisted in any organization. Real radicals existed two ways to confirm that clothing corresponds to their status. The first concerned exclusively exit ultras. You call the date of departure, the opponent and what ended the knee. Almost does not work for those who have several major teams in the city.

The second is saying who of the older ranks in the organization gave you the right to wearing uniforms. Seriously, it worked. The same who was in authority, knew so.

The era of "Stonikov" and colored shoelaces. What clothes explained and asked in zero? Antifa, fans, long

In the same lies and the secret way to salvation for those who ask uncomfortable questions. The closer the case was by the tenth of years, the higher the likelihood that the person who decided to "ask for a gear" is an ordinary emptyman, which either does not apply to any movement or is at a very low stage.

Many real skinheads and anti-fascists had actuators that in itself an excellent reason can not be removed. In addition, they often knew enemies in the face. A novice, who is not too understandable, was still possible. With a huge share of probability, he just tries to boast of his knowledge.

The era of "Stonikov" and colored shoelaces. What clothes explained and asked in zero? Antifa, fans, long
The era of "Stonikov" and colored shoelaces. What clothes explained and asked in zero? Antifa, fans, long

But the majority of young people of that time believed that the inscription on clothes was not worth all risks. We thought that those who lived in dangerous areas and daily saw someone from representatives of the grouping: both "red" and "white".

Why did everything end?

In 2010, the problem of radical movements slowly, but disappeared by itself. Large right groups broke up partly due to internal differences, partly because of criminal cases against their leaders. Some of these people, according to the expression of Yura Dudia, became the "fists of the ROC". And new trends and the Internet in each house killed fashion to xenophobia. Teenagers became uninteresting to join the ranks of dangerous organizations.

The era of "Stonikov" and colored shoelaces. What clothes explained and asked in zero? Antifa, fans, long

Anyone, tightly followed by football, knows how powerful power there were Russian fan groupings in nineties and zero. To find out what happened to their leaders now, you can read the oldest interview with the former chapter of the Ultras "Spartak" Ivan Katanaev. There are all the answers.

2010 was much calmer and cosmopolitan in terms of clothing. Loyalty to the concepts that are once spoken by street radicals have retained single marginals. But many and now with caution look at the darling "Stonik", found in the near secret.

CopyPaster https://click-or-die.ru/220/11/stone-island-age/

Stone Island, or Stone Island, today is one of the most popular brands of men's clothing. A characteristic feature of the brand is a removable stripe, which is mounted on the left sleeve of each model by two buttons. Yellow logo on a black background symbolizes a compass, or a rose of winds. Today, Stone Island is associated by many with aggressive moments of football culture, and some even with Nazism. And what really presents this symbol? Let's try to figure out.

1. Wear - not to transfer.

The founder of the brand, massifically, as many fashion designers, originally from Italy. In the creation of a brand, he invested his long-standing passion for the style of "Militari", more precisely, uniform, creating a completely new offer in the market of comfortable clothes. Starting from the very first models, Stone Island's clothing was distinguished by convenience, thoughtful to details, and most importantly - durability.

2. Stone Island, as a breakthrough.

Each brand model is relatively different from other clothes not only with an extreme design, but also an enviable quality that makes the thing almost eternal. Stone Island Jackets remained integer even after the brutal Drak of Football Fans. Unique development quickly found their fans all over the world, despite the fairly high cost of clothing.

Interesting Facts About Brand Stone Island

Photo on the topic "Why can

  1. Pioneers who popularized this brand became Italian fans, from whose light hand, or, in this case, shoulder, fashion shifted on fans of foggy albion football clubs, and further on the world.
  2. The cost of instances of this brand is large enough, it is difficult to find a model worth a cheaper than 500 pounds. That is why among the fans, this clothing is a kind of cult. Especially considering the fact that the audience of football fans is usually in the age range of up to 30 years. Therefore, even in stores class Stock, or Second Hand, these models are not delayed for a long time.
  3. In the late 80s of the fabric, the brand clothing is manufactured, has undergone significantly quality improvement. They introduced a material containing stainless steel. In addition, they began to cover the special layer of rubber, which did the jackets amazingly moistureproof. Moreover, models came to the market that could change color depending on the ambient air temperature.
  4. A separate conversation is needed about unfolding logos. The label with a rose of winds is defined in the fans of a certain symbol of prestige. They are broken in fights, collect and even steal. Fan without such a logo on the sleeve is considered a second variety. This patch is called the logo in their medium, is a symbol of a true fan, and absolutely independent of the belonging to any club.

It is because of its versatility in the medium of football fans, the Stone Island jacket began to acquire impartial fame. They were made to associate with inconsistencies, fights and asocial behavior inherent in some groups of fans. And since these products "tygged" representatives of aggressive subcultures, such as skinheads, Nazis and other supporters of ultra movements, wind roses on the left shoulder generally perceived negatively. In addition, visitors even dressed in such jackets did not even let into the bars.

Is it really impossible?

Clothing itself can not be angry, or goodwood. Only stereotypes, firmly sitting in their heads can make it. In the very wearing brand, the Stone Island is not bad, especially since things are distinguished by enviable scope, moisture resistance, practicality and comfort. But it should be borne in mind that, putting clothes of this brand, you may run into oblique looks or a direct rejection, and although the excitement around the emblem with the rose winds of the winds, individual rotated individuals always grabs. Well, the rest already depends on you. In the end, the logo can always be discharged, the creators of the models are truly taking care of it.

Mystery of the Origin of the famous Stone Island Patcher

Patch Stone Island.

Brand Stone Island is widely known in our country and beyond. But what does the Stone Island patch mean? In this article we will try to understand the question. Clothes Ston Iceland love connoisseurs of high quality and convenient products, but, first of all, the firm is associated with representatives of Casual culture and football fans.

Delighted in history, it was the Italian football fans that first drew attention to the original clothes of S.I. The designer of the designer of Massimo Osti since his birth in 1982 asked almost an inaccessible level for street and casual wear. Initially, a brand with a famous patch on the sleeve was a product of C.P. Company, but later gained independence and fame due to the unique quality of materials and technologies of their processing. After Stone Island fell in love in England, the branded shops began to appear in European capitals, attracting the attention of millions. One can say, Mr. Osti handled the revolution in the world of fashion, paying special attention to the details, and raising the comfort and functionality of casual wear to a new level.

Massimo Osti.

Origin and value of the STONE ISLAND logo

So where did the most famous logo Stone Island appear? The idea was born from the passion of Maestro Massimo from the military form. He long studied clothing manufacturing technology for the military, simultaneously experimented with new technologies. It is the combination of compass and roses of the winds that became the basis of the logo S.I. Thus, this is a reference to the sea theme and a fleet. The image is associated with the raging sea and sailors who wore durable and not blown up clothes, heavy bustlates. A kind of reminder of the sources of the company, when only the first jackets and races with hoods were made. Here is an associative series inherent Stone Island clothes - conservatism, comfort and simplicity.

At the same time, new materials were used in the production of clothing "Stonika", which were not previously used in the production of the male line. The present discovery was the nylon and its variations. Further, industrial fabrics were used in the production, which were used in military business - special material called "Tela Stella", which was commonly used for the manufacture of tents for trucks. And the next step was the successful experiments of Mr. Astasi with innovative materials. Thus was used monofilament nylon, light nylon fabrics, nonwovens, metal threads and a unique fabric changing their color depending on the ambient temperature - this is one of the brand's brand chips.

Patch value Stone Island

The main and most iconic detail of Stone Island's clothing is patch stripe with a company emblem in the form of a compass that symbolized love for the sea and a constant desire for new discoveries. It is usually attached on two buttons on the left sleeve (in some models - on the shoulder). In the mid-1980s, in many respects, thanks to this designer find, clothes under the brand Stone Island became popular in the environment of the same English football fans. As a result, the use of a patch on SI products is nothing more than the next brilliant course of unsurpassed Astasi, designed to give the products of the Mark of authenticity and uniqueness.

In the case of "Stana Island", this element of clothing has become something big than just the part. This piece of small tissue with the brand emblem has become a distinctive feature.

Over time, when Si's clothing penetrated everything deeper and deeper into the UK near football environment, the patch stripe became a family of differences, highlighting a person in the crowd and helping to understand the surrounding character to whom and what the character weighing this clothes. At the same time, the compass sign did not give any specific information (after all, among the fans of the brand it was full and inhabitants), and simply became an extreme way to distinguish in the crowd of the same rebel who loves to cheat for his favorite team at the stadium or relax with friends in the bar. In England even reached the point that some guys with these patches on the shoulder were not allowed into pubs. The hosts, knowing about the reputation of the holders of the Stone Island jacket, feared the noisy guides and the fight. Surprisingly, but in some countries, even now occasionally, you can notice oblique views of passersby if you are the owner of the cherished Stone Island.

Fake patch stripes

It is also worth noting that in our country, including in connection with the economic situation, there is still a batch of fake stones "Stek Islend". The method of fastening the patch was convenient for those who are engaged in the manufacture of low-quality brand replicas. Moreover, it is the string that is most often subjected to fake. The geography of counterfeit production is rather wide: fake patches are coming not only from China or Turkey and rumors are actively mutated that they are doing even in the suburbs.

Fake patch Stone Island

It is ridiculous, but if in search engines to introduce a request "buy a Stone Island Patch", you can stumble upon a frankly ridiculous product, where it is even difficult to read the inscription "Stone Island" on the stripe. Also, the fake is usually a rough design, absurd colors and buttons with four holes, whereas in the original, the center of the buttons is made in the form of cross-lines that form a cross.

Naturally things such a famous brand like S.I. It can not cost cheap, and most of the firm fans are young to 30 years old, and it can be understood that it is not for everyone to pocket. However, the very young brand fans, especially in the regions of our immense homeland, do not discern to acquire fake patches.


It reaches quite up to the absurd when teenagers, buying "Stone Island" patches, attach them to any clothes from their wardrobe, hoping that peers do not understand brand subtleties. This phenomenon even became a separate joke, or as they are expressed - "Mem". Yes, often in young people, common sense is lost somewhere, in pursuit of the desire to feel the most fashionable in the area or the hero of the cult film about the football fans of "hooligans" (he also "Guligans of the Green Street") from Elaja Wood.

Hooligans of Green Street

What are the patch of Stone Island

At present, Stone Island provides several clothing lines: Stone Island, Stone Island Denim, Stone Island Shadow Project and Stone Island Junior (Children's clothing line). On some things (polo, T-shirts), the company refused to use the compass branded patch, replacing it on a simple logo embroidered on the tissue.

There are three types of the famous Patch.

  • The first is a classic yellow-green patch with a compass image. Present almost on all overhead clothes, as well as jeans and some accessories. Classic patch Stone Island
  • The second is with a logo that is made by black threads. This type of stripes is used as part of the Shadow Project line, which is created in conjunction with specialists from the unique Berlin company to develop high-tech clothes Acronym. Stone Island Shadow patch
  • The third is a black and white patch. This view of Stone Island black and white branded stripes highlights unique things made using the most modern technologies. Often found on Ice Jacket jackets, which have a property of changing the color of the fabric depending on the external temperature. Black and White Patch Stone Island

By summing up, Brand Stone Island is not just convenient and functional clothing, but a real revolution in the fashion world. S.I specialists. They do not stop surprising buyers and street clothing connoisseurs Quality seeking to ideal, while continuing to improve their approach from the collection to the collection. And the patch itself became a kind of "cherry" of this appetizing Italian cake.

From year to year, designers of clothes, couturiers and fashion designers are trying to create something new, innovative and cult. Everyone's fashion collections of clothing, which combines classic style and advanced technologies. Italian manufacturers have not exceeded. They committed a revolutionary breakthrough among fashion lovers and football supporters by creating a Stone Island brand.

What brand Stone Island

Brand Stone Island appeared in the Italian town of Romanino in 1982. Its name is translated as a "Stone Island". This brand is engaged in the release of informal clothing. His designers are constantly experimenting with functionality, quality and appearance of products. The creator of this lineup, the legendary massifia of the ace, invented the products that embodied his personal innovative in иDenia comfortable and stylish clothing based on the study of military, sports and working form.

The main feature of these things is handling using advanced technologies. Engineers on tailoring are constantly experimenting with coloring methods. Finished products are painted with one of the 60 thousand methods. The corporation claims that all components undergo research in their own Sportswear Company laboratory and are absolutely safe.

The brand history began with chance. Massimo Ashti conducted experiments with a very rigid two-color material. The designer tried to transform it into a more flexible, pleasant touch and wear-resistant fabric. For this, the maestro has repeatedly erased the material along with pimples. The result exceeded all expectations. After treatment, the fabric received a exquisite appearance and a mass of technological advantages.

From this web was sewn the first collection of jackets consisting of seven units. The elements of the wardrobe were absolutely unique. In appearance, maritime themes were traced. Therefore, the name was required catchy and memorable.



Reference. One of the favorite authors of the marine novels of an outstanding fashion designer was Joseph Conrad. Re-reading his wonderful works, the astate noted that the "Stone" and "Island" became the most encountered phrases. It is due to this that the name of the new brand arose.

The company specializes in the manufacture of clothes from the most unusual fabrics and materials.

About stripe Stone Island

The collection was ready, but Massimo still remains a sense of incompleteness. As if lacked something small, but at the same time significant. The passion for military form helped make a decision. Mark lacked its distinctive feature - unique stripes with a logo. She became a rose of winds and a compass. This combination symbolized the raging marine element as the eternal attribute of the opening of something new and unexplored. As well as sailors who have long been wore high-quality unproduced clothing.

Stone Island stripe.

@ Archivio85.

The most often patch stripe with the brand emblem is attached to the left sleeve. Sometimes on the shoulder. It is thanks to this exclusive detail the clothes got highly popular among the football fans of Great Britain. Over time, the emblem has become a distinctive feature for supporters of a football club, a symbol of rebellion and protest against ordinaryness and triviality in any way. There were cases when Stone Island's clothing owners were not allowed into pubs, fearing Drak and Deborce. And now some yarn fans, putting on clothes with this logo, may not let the stadium.

Reference. In recent years, the options for fake branded things have become more frequent. Stripes are manufactured in China, Turkey and Russia. The fact is that patches do not sew to things, but they are attached to them with two small butchers. Therefore, fraudsters produce emblems and sell them as original. They, in turn, are attached to counterfeit products.


@ Archive1820.com

Why this question arises

The tidy look does not guarantee approximate behavior!


@Moscow casual

By itself, the clothing of Stone Island is a premium brand. It has high quality, technological and stylish design. However, due to its legendary stripes - the wind rose and the compass, it became the brand of the Bunlet spirit and aggressive informality.


@ Aesbi.ru.

The clothes of this brand are often worn by representatives of various subcultures and football fans, and sometimes even hooligans, skinheads and the Nazis. Therefore, acquiring things S.I., you should be prepared for the manifestation of claims and even aggression from those or other people. Of course, the likelihood that the jacket will want to remove, and its carrier beat, is small. However, it is! Nevertheless, you can not provoke informals, but simply remove the patch and wear a high-quality designer thing absolutely calmly.

To date, branded shops opened in many cities. Flagship Clothing conquered Milan, Rome, London, Paris and Seoul. She is seduced for adults and children. The purpose of the company is still the manufacture of high-quality, comfortable and unique products.

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And rappers.

It seems the only thing that unites Pepa Guardioole and Alexander Grigoryan - the love of things of the Italian brand Stone Island. Si things easy to identify the patch with a compass on the sleeve.

Stone Island is part of a football culture from the mid-80s, then English football fans brought luxury brands from France and Italy as trophies with eurocupcovy trips. Thanks to Casuals and music, Si stuff firmly strengthened in British culture, and a couple of years ago, the borders of the USA struck by Drake. In Russia, Stone Island also became a cult brand.

Who founded Stone Island

Italian Massimo Osti began in an advertising agency as a graphic designer. Successfully worked with the brand of the Anna Gobbo clothing brand, for which he made several T-shirts with prints, the ocean hit the experiments with the print and staining the pastes, and then moved to shirts, pants and jackets.

In 1971, Astasi, together with a colleague, Trabaldo Toner founded Ravarlyn Chester Perry brand. After seven years, due to the Collective Claim of English Brands Chester Barry and Fred Perry, the brand name has been reduced to C.P. COMPANY. The brand is still alive, branded item C.P. Company - Jacket with lenses on the hood.

To differ even more from all, Massimo invented its own Garment Dyeing technology (staining of finished products). At that time, colored things did, using colored threads. Osti first thoughtful to take a ready-made thing from white or raw tissue, dip it into a special Chan with paints and process special means - a painted thing was obtained. Thanks to the garment dyeing clothes received an unusual color and a non-standard look.

In 1973, experiments overlook the new level: Massimo hires a regular chemist Julio Balboni. Inside the company build a laboratory where the shirts, sweaters and jackets made from different materials (rubberized cotton, nylon, flax) are built. "Each tissue and fiber type reacted to the staining process in different ways. Some fabrics sat on 8%, others - only 3%, dense tissues acquired a lighter shade than less dense, the polyurethane coating received only a "contaminated" effect during color, nylon became darker, acquiring a more rich brown tint than Len, " - remember in CP COMPANY. To date, the company has developed more than 60,000 ways to color.

How to appear Stone Island

Stone Island appeared in 1982 completely by chance: the company was delivered to the company TELA STELLO, usually tents were made for trucks. The fabric looked interesting, but contrasted with the style of C.P. Company, so massifically created a capsule collection of 7 jackets within a special project, which turned into a Si brand.

  • The name of Stone Island Askst took from the novels of the English classic Joseph Conrad ("heart of darkness"), which wrote a lot about marine travel.

  • Logo Si - stylized image of wind roses. The emblem symbolizes the love of the sea and the eternal desire for discoveries.

The first collection of Stone Island's jackets differed militari-style, and the sleeve decorated with a removable patch from the buttons as a tribute to military chevron. In Si, military fantasies were realized Massimo. "He studied overalls and military costumes, where in total there was some reason, each element was functional, no aesthetic pieces and decorations," says Lorenzo Osti, Son Massimo. - Father said that he studies the fabric, from which military wear is also sewn and because they have no problems with the budget, they do not save. They are only interested in the highest quality and functionality. For him, it was the perfect source of inspiration. "

Saint did not park fashion and style, Stone Island's philosophy held on technology, functionality and innovation. For example, the Jacket ALU C had a metallic appearance with the ability to reflect the light, such an effect of massifically achieved due to the use of silver polyurethane.

Italian Retro Hypbists love Stone Island

Stone Island appeared at the right time. After the economic boom of 1950-70s, the Italian youth had money - including good clothes. Subcultures appeared, the participants of which identified themselves through brands, one of those - Paninari.

Paninaries - the first subculture that tried Stone Island. This is something like today's Hypbists: Italian teenagers with money that loved America, luxury clothing and drive on the mopeds by fast powdes. Teenagers wore Stone Island and C.p. Company together with premium brands like Moncler, Versace and Timberland shoes. A removable si patch helped identify each other. By the way, Paninaro was the first to come up with jeans: Some demonstrated a naked anklet, and others - socks from Burlington.

The first Paniniary appeared in Milan, the name of the subculture happened from Panino Cafè, teenagers and spruce sandwich were collected in this institution (in Italian - Panino). Paninari were not interested in politics and professed hedonism, from music loved British Pop-type Duran Duran.

The track about Paninari is in the Great British Pop Group Pet Shop Boys

Paninari respected football: most of the representatives of the subculture were in the Fan Group "Curva Nord" of Milan "Inter" and "Curva Sud" "Milan". As it spread across Italy, Paninari penetrated the fan groups of other clubs, for example, "Curva Nord" "Lazio".

British fans loved Stone Island

At the end of the 70s - the beginning of the 80s, the fans of Liverpool were the first to go to European carcers to France and Italy. They were impressed with shops and premium brands, purchases in local luxury boutiques became a tradition. They were impressed with the stylish European youth, including Paninari, the trips for them became like shopping tours. Things of premium brands from Europe became trophies with departures.

Over time, a whole fan subculture was made in Britain - Casuals. They accompanied the team on the departures and did not wear Jersey of the beloved club, but preferred dear designer clothes of European brands.

Frame from the film "Hooligans"

The initial style of Causuals consisted mainly of light tennis clothing - Sports Suits Sergio Tacchini, Fred Perry Polo. But in such things it is hard on the December roadway to a rainy Newcastle. With the Stone Island clothing there were no such problems. Strong, warm and waterproof jackets, raincoats, Anoraki protected from rain and cold, they were strong enough to not break in the first fight. Ceo Stone Island Carlo Rivetti confirms: climate is one of the reasons for the popularity of the brand in Britain. "There is terrible weather compared to Italy. We sell very well in the north of Europe, but tight with sales, for example, in the Middle East, where the weather is not at all for Stone Island. "

Former hooligan "Manchester United" and the author of the book Casuals: Football, Fighting and Fashion Phil Thornton explains that the fans valued Stone Island for a quality product: "Most people do not quite well understand the culture of Casuals. First of all, we were talking about aesthetics: appearance, texture, how clothes sits on you, and not its cost or exclusivity. "

90s: Another SI popularity peak

After the tragedy on the "Eisel" and the riots in Keniluort Road in 1985 - when the dead fans after the quarterfinal of the Luton cup match - "Millow" broke the chairs and twisted everything - the government Margaret Thatcher pressed football hooligans: now you could sit for fights to jail.

Moves around football hooligans bitch, but in the mid-90s Stone Island penetrated mainstream thanks to the British era - in particular, Oasis. The founders of the Gallachera group of the Gallachers are drowning for Manchester City and adore Stone Island until now. Last summer Liam Gallacher threatened at Twitter to a person who had stone from his room the Stone Island Park.

Carlo Rivuti says that Si's popularity in Football England has helped Eric Canton. "This fantastic French gentleman became a key person," says Rivetti. "He bought Stone Island in an English store and gave a few television interviews in our clothes." I guess the canton advanced the brand. "

In 2000, Stone Island things moved to British Garidge and appeared in the wardrobes of Grahim-Emission: they were driving in black sports, Nike Air Max sneakers and baggy jackets of the Italian brand. The connection of the brand with football is also preserved. The most famous fan of Stone Island - Pep Guardiola (although now because of the Sponsorship Contract "Manchester City" with dsquared, he rarely sparkles in Si things). Stone Island respects the coach of the Spanish national team Luis Enrique. Strasbura head coach Thierry Lore in a sweater with a patch Si recently won Thierry Henri in the debut match with Monaco. From Russian specialists Stone Island, Alexander Grigoryan respects.

Stone Island in Russia

Fashion on Stone Island with time reached Russia. Sports.ru contacted a collector of things Si Alexander Vlasov to deal with the movement around the brand things in the country. Vlasov collects Jackets Si, C.P. Company and Acronym (the founder of this brand Arrolson Hugh makes the Shadow line in Si). In total, in his collection about 40 jackets, things Stone Island (including T-shirts and trousers) - 25-30. Alexander Topit for Moscow "Spartak" since 1995, and came to the tribune in 2003.

"I belong to people who remember the very birth of SI fashion in Russia. There were two sources that began to bring this brand to Russia. As for the football themes, this Fott store and Internet Community, which was the avant-garde of the Casuals style in the early 2000s in Russia. Community formed in connection with a similar movement in England, but, as always, in the subcultural plan, this British wave came to us with some delay .

Both then and now, for the Si football subculture was a sign of identifying his . In the early century of the 2000s, there were no more than 300-500 people in Moscow. Therefore, seeing each other on the street, first of all tried to understand, from whose a man's man in front of you. It was often recognized from each other at a meeting where anyone took out one thing. In general, it was such a narrow group of like-minded people, regardless of club accessories. Now, of course, there is no such atmosphere, clothing has become much more affordable, and the football subculture itself took a sharp roll toward the sport, seeing and style in the stands.

Of course, Si has always been a cult brand in the environment of football hooligans, it was so heard in England, so it became in Russia. Maybe so coincided, and maybe it really became a catalyst, but The film "Football Factory" in 2004 caused a massive transition to Casuals-culture and radical growth of SI popularity . But this will not be compared with interest in the culture of football hooligans (and, accordingly, Si), which caused a lot of the domestic film "otfutball" from the younger generation, released in a wide box.

The second direction where it was possible in Russia in the early 2000s to buy not only Si, but also C.P. - LEFORM shops and later Bosco . In the first one was collected, perhaps the best conceptual fashion of 2000s (and the SI things, taking into account the advanced materials, could be attributed to it), the second specialized in Italian brands. Things of these brands began to wear people in Russia who have nothing to do with football hooligans, "said Alexander.

Vlasov says that before the opening of the Fott and the start of the official sales of Stone Island in Russia, he mined things through acquaintances who brought them out of foreign trips. The special direction was Ukrainian second-handers, where many things have come in excellent condition. As social network develops, there have been many sellers or mini-stores that are brought under the order or small parties from Italy or other European countries. Alexander calls three main buying channels:

1. Auctions in Japan (there are a lot of rare new or almost new things).

2. Community of Si lovers in VKontakte.

3. Shopping in Europe.

The image of Stone Island in Russia is not quite positive, all because of the flood of fake and fake patches, which are easy to buy and boot on any clothes. "In the early 2000s, when the brand was not as popular in Russia, he was not formed. But with the past time, the fakes began to appear more and more often, and they traditionally buy unsecured and young segments of the population, which are still at the very beginning of both the social formation and the hierarchy of the football subculture, "the Vlasov believes.


In September 2014, Si released a collab with Supreme, and the New York brand himself came out on Italians. "Street clothing market is an increasingly growing and constantly developing international movement, and it has accepted us," says Rivetti. - But this [Collab with Supereme] is not the result of a marketing strategy. Supreme is an undisputed legislator and standard in the world of streetwear. They came to us because they consider us a authentic and unique brand.

I am proud that other cultures appreciate us. I think the companies work with us because they cannot find other similar products on the market. The uniqueness of our production process makes us an exclusive brand. "

In February 2016, Si announced a collaboration with NikeLab, and in 2017 he was again united with Supreme, expanding the line: down jackets, anoots, hooded sweatshirts, T-shirts, caps.

Stone Island and Rap

In 2015, when British Grahim became a world phenomenon, the main star of Skepta genre became friends with the main rapper of the world Drake. Soon, Drake began to appear in Stone Island everywhere. In the summer of 2015, Drakes spotted in a Stone Island sweater on Wimbledon, he wore SI in Berlin and Copenhagen, in Antwerp, Amsterdam and Sacramento. On the stage, he appeared in the vests, jackets and costumes of the brand. Drake dressed in SI on basketball matches, parties, parties with Travis Scott - another megazvera rap, adoring Stone Island. By 2018, Drakes at least 50 times in Instagram laid out photos in the clothes of the Italian brand.

In the winter of 2016, American rappers were clung to Stone Island: a $ AP NAST presented Travis Scott, which he was the first to bring brand things to East Coast, and Travis brazenly copied his style.

Stone Island snuck into Russian rap culture. "The eyes are full of sadness, I am filled with dreams of those days when the Stone Island jacket will be on me - this is a Bread Group. Raper Obladaet has a Stone Island track. Basta chases in Si in tours, and recently photographed in a T-shirt and Italian stamps for Vogue.

Like si with money

Carlo Rivuti says that Chinese brands constantly run up to Stone Island, but it's not interesting. "They say that we will sell billion dollars a year. But I do not want to just chase for money. " Nevertheless, in 2017, the Italian company for an unnamed amount sold 30% of the shares of the TEMasek investment group from Singapore. The purpose of the transaction is to strengthen the effect abroad.

In the third quarter of 2017, Stone Island first entered the top 10 most popular brands based on Lyst Index. LYST analyzes the behavior of more than 5 million buyers online per month. The index takes into account the number of requests to Google, the statistics of interactions, conversion factors and sale worldwide for 3 months.

Thanks to the exit to the American market and shops in New York and Los Angeles, 2017, the Italian company closed with a turnover of 147 million euros, which is 35% higher than last year. Profitability is impressive: EBITDA indicator (Donalogo profit) rose to 37 million, by 92.6% compared with 2016.


Jacket prices on the official website of Stone Island - from 500 to 3.5 thousand euros. Hoodies - from 183 to 543 euros, shirts - from 189 to 300 euros.

Photo: globallookpress.com/andrew Parsons / Zumapress.com; kinopoisk.ru; Pinterest.ru; Stoneisland.com; vk.com/fcluch; facebook.com/stoneisland.

Hello everyone, today I will tell you about one of the most popular "Patsansky" brands. Created in the Italian designer, the brand was rapidly popular. In the 20th century he began to wear English fans, because of this, the brand is tightly associated with it, although it is really Great clothes.

What is Stone Island and explain whether for him in 2k20

Thus, in our time, the brand has recently recently recently reached Russia. At first they "drove" only the same football fans. But then our markets began to sell fakes. And many schoolchildren began to buy some patch patch of 200 rubles and looked at his shirt. It looked scary and stupid. Now in 2020, in 2020, the entire Haip in Painted Stunikov passed, only the fear was left to the fan. In St. Petersburg or Mo, you can even wear a palm tree and will not ask with you. In the other cities, it is better to wear the original for him only a schoolboy for 12 years. Of course, Stone Island, a magnificent brand. But the associations with him are not the best.

What is Stone Island and explain whether for him in 2k20

Hello everyone. Increasingly and more often on the Internet, you can see the titles by the type "beat the child for the gear" or "the boy scored to death for things." This is a "fashionable" movement, as I see, gains momentum. In this article I will try to explain why it became important to wear a "fashionable geek" in modern adolescent society.

Explains for gear. The picture is borrowed from the Yandex. Martinki service
Explains for gear. The picture is borrowed from the Yandex. Martinki service

The fact is that fashionable "gear" is worn, as a rule, cattle, which hangs out all day on the street. An adequate teenager who has something to do, except to smoke and plump, will not become "fashionable". And cattle, who has nothing to do, invented a new trend - "Ask for the gear".

What does it mean?

Imagine that you go down the street in the sneakers of Nike and the Stole Island Cap (for example). You go, you do not touch anyone, and here you have several aggressive teenagers. You do not care, you are nervous, and then you are asked: "Why do you wear Stone Island?" Most likely you will be surprised and answer something by type: "Wanted" or "like the appearance" or "conveniently". But such answers do not need to be fashionable. They are interested in the concepts and knowledge of modern trends . Therefore, because of the wrong answer you will most likely be bought and remove things. There is no universal answer. All Gopniks have the right answer to their own.

As a rule, such gangs exist in some provinces. In major cities there are few of them, but still such groups exist. Therefore, one walk on some unfavorable areas of an unfavorable city becomes trite dangerous.

Why is it all done? Well, this is a kind of entertainment for the cattle. People like violence, so humanity constantly invented ways to show its strength. Only for adequate people there are sports sections, halls, and for cattle - Street.

Brand Stone Island. For such a badge on your clothes most often beat. The picture is borrowed from the Yandex. Martinki service
Brand Stone Island. For such a badge on your clothes most often beat. The picture is borrowed from the Yandex. Martinki service
Brands for which you can beat: Stone Island, Adidas, Nike, US Polo, The Nord Face, Reebok are just the most popular I know. There are others known only in this narrow circle. But I'm not a fool, because I do not interest this topic. But in the class I have "Fashion". It looks very stupid, as for me.

Output. Do not give strong attention to the brand. Do not affect trends. See primarily for convenience and appearance, and not on the logo. After all, you buy a thing not so that you start to respect the mods on the street, and so that you were comfortable. Good luck!

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