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In many festive snacks there is a red caviar. And in order not to spoil guests and their holiday, it is important to choose it to choose when buying, otherwise it can turn into unpleasant consequences. One day before the family celebration, I was very distressed by the fact that the Delicates bought on the eve was spoiled. Although I read the label, shook the jar. But apparently, I missed something. As the jar to cook sandwiches on the festive table, I was just shocked. A homogeneous consistency with a small amount of red balls and smelly smell was in the bank. Then how to choose a high-quality delicacy and not disappointed in the purchase? About this in detail in the article. We learn to understand the fish, not to give yourself to deceive, choose and cook!

No, I did not throw away the jar into the trash can. Although I was limited in time, I was not lazy and took back a jar, as the store was near. By law on the protection of consumer rights, sellers are required to take back the poor-quality goods and replace it with a good or pay cash equivalent.

And in order not to be mistaken with the purchase, I propose to use the advice of experts. The most important point when choosing a jar of delicacy - not to hurry and carefully read the information on the label. Perhaps for this you have to grab my glasses with you. As a rule, the most important information about the product for some reason is always written in very small font.

Red Caviar - Which Fish has the best and delicious

The market has such a concept as salmon caviar. But in the idea, there is no such product in nature, there are breeds of salmon fish, which are totaling 13 species. This is Keta, Gorbow, Nerice, Kizhuh, Trout, Chavik, etc. These are the main types of salmon, whose product can be found on the shelves in stores.

What caviar of them is better and how do they differ from each other? By chemical composition, they are all the same. Each of them contains a large amount of proteins and fats. Calorie 100 g is 264 kcal. This is a source of a large number of vitamins, especially groups in, and trace elements. But the size of the cheeks and their color, each fish is different.

  • The largest of the kates and challenges are, their size is sometimes reaching 7 mm.
  • Slightly smaller in the pink salmon, the cozy - in diameter it can be 4-5 mm.
  • The samme is small in trout and nurses, just 2-3 mm in diameter.

In color, they also differ. For example,

  • pink salmon they are light orange
  • Keta - from pale red to light orange,
  • Kizhuch, Chavik and Nerque - bright red.
How to choose high-quality red caviar

A bitter taste may be caviar at a bus. If you eat it at the pink salmon, Kets or trout, and she is grieving, it means that it is already falsification.

The most rare, tasty and expensive - Icra trout. Most often we buy humpbacks, it is no less tasty, but more affordable. And it is most fake.

The quality product will have inside the kernel - the embryo of a future fish. It can be seen on the lumen. When buying shake shake, it should not have a characteristic bugger sound. Embossed, if there is a lot of jus in the bank - burst eggs. Normally, it should not be more than 5%. Good products in an open bank, if you turn it over, should not fall out of it.

How to choose a red quality red quality caviar in tin cans

To properly choose a delicacy and not disappoint, when buying in the store, pay attention to the following. The ideal option is glass jars, it can be seen that it is put in banks. But more often there are tin jars. But the information on both must have the following information.

Name . Pay attention to the inscription. If it is written on the label "Ikra grainy salmon", put the bank back, it is falsification. As previously said, salmon does not exist. In such a jar there can be anything, namely the product:

  • Cheap fish
  • frostable fish
  • Old fish, that is, the whole andchor garbage.

It will be right if it is written on the label, the product of which fish in the bank.

Red caviar of different fish
Left quality caviar, right - falsification

Place packaging . It is better to buy the product of areas where it is produced, that is, where the fish is caught. This is Kamchatka and Sakhalin, Vladivostok. If the bank is written on the "Moscow region" or "Zhytomyr", think about what is there for delicacy.

Exterior of banks . It is clear that banks should not have any damage, dents, rust, bloating. Especially dangerous bombing (swollen) banks. Such caviar can cause such a formidable complication as botulism, which often ends with a fatal outcome.

Date of packaging . The correct date of the one that is knocked out on the tire from the inside. And it should be no more than 1 month after the ambassador, the label should ideally stand: July - August. This is the time when salmon go to spawning. If you see that the product is packaged in December - this is exactly fake.

Name of red caviar

Along the bank should be indicated by the change number, the code of the delivery and code of the product. They must also be knocked out on the lid of cans.

Document which produces this type of product. It can be GOST or TU. I only trust GOST, this is a guarantee that the product is natural. According to the banks can be anything.

Composition . The correct composition of the contents in the bank should include salt, caviar, as well as permitted additives: E 200 (sorbic acid), E 202 (potassium sorbate), E 211 (sodium benzoate), but more than 2-items. All that is written more will talk about falsified products.

Date of packaging caviar on the lid can

Often, in order to preserve the longer product, there is an additive E 239 (Urotropin), it has a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect and is often appointed by doctors for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the urine-excretory system. He should not be in the bank. Connecting in the stomach with an acidic medium of gastric juice, it forms formaldehyde - the strongest poison that has toxic effect on the body. His presence can be seen in a low-headed Icrea, it begins to be patterned. Urotropin has a feature - to change the construction of molecules in protein, which later can lead to the development of oncology. Therefore, it is prohibited during production. But unscrupulous manufacturers often sin it.

So that the product does not deteriorate, manufacturers add antibiotics. Although the presence of antibiotics may be, and this is regulated by sanitary standards. Their content is allowed not more than 3.0-3.5%. But sellers sometimes add it many times more.

As part may also be glycerin, so that the caviar does not disappear and could be in excellent for a long time.

What better to buy caviar for the weight

For weight, more often sold restored caviar. If it dries, ugly and unappletent in appearance, unscrupulous sellers are trying to restore its vessels externally. To do this, they add egg protein, some fat, or the same glycerin. Stir and sell for fresh.

The greatest danger comes from egg protein. Since this product is an excellent nutrient medium for most microbes, and the product does not undergo thermal processing before use, there is a real chance to become infected with salmonellosis and spoil New Year or any other holiday.

How can I determine that there is a protein? With attentive consideration when buying, you can see a white foam liquid. This is a sure sign that there is an egg protein and this is a restored product. Therefore, be especially attentive when buying a delicacy for weight, there may be anything. It is best to buy it in jars.

Composition of products in a can with caviar

There are other signs of a poor-quality product when it is sold for weight.

  • Real Icrins are shiny, the same size and not glued together.
  • Clean between your fingers a few eggs. If they easily slide on the skin, he also added vegetable oil into the product. In addition, that by this reception they want to give the product to a commodity look, so they still increase weight. Natural delicacy is crumbly, does not glue.
  • Try to taste. Natural will burst, and artificial - stick to the teeth.

If you have doubts about the product as a product, ask certificates of quality from sellers (although it can be easily faked) and ask how it was stored before this product.

It is better not to take a commodity product, since in most cases it is a restored product. And in addition, the sale of its storage temperature is not observed. In the open form, it is quickly immunized by the pathogenic microflora from the air and can become an excellent nutrient medium for its further reproduction.

How to determine the fake of red caviar - expert advice

In pursuit of profit, unfair manufacturers make an artificial delicacy, which sometimes cannot distinguish from natural people who understand it well. It can just loose in good types of products, dilute and cheat. There are no prohibitions on the red caviar, as on black, so it is more often formed. Then how to determine, is it a natural product or fake?

Modern technologies of cooking artificial reached such an extent that even people who are well-versed in this topic make it difficult to distinguish natural from artificial. Because to taste, it can have a fish taste, burst during sinking and separated by a jelly-like component, leaving the film. And even on the appearance in it there are dark specks, which are very similar to the embryos in Natural Icra.

Experts advise to determine the natural product using the following ways. They do not require any special reagents, all that will be required can be found in your kitchen. And the result will be with 100% reliability.

  • Freeze several eggs in the freezer. After defrosting, if natural, it will save external properties and taste. The fake will turn into an incomprehensible mass, it will lose its shape and there will be a lot of separated fluid.
High-quality caviar for weight
Left - Natural caviar, right - falsification
  • This method is suitable for those who have a cat or a cat. Offer your pet a little delicacy and watch how it will react to it. Inhaled cat to artificially will not respond.
  • And this method is the most common and affordable. Take a small amount of boiling water and pour them several eggs. In natural water, it paces, as the protein in it contained, curled, and due to this, the water became muddy and white. In artificial - water remains transparent with small girms on the surface.
Checking the quality of caviar by freezing
Left natural caviar, right - falsification
  • According to the principle of boiling water, you can check the hydrogen peroxide. The result will be similar, that is, in a natural solution, it burns and becomes muddy, and artificially will remain transparent.
  • Put the babes on the dry plate and jump on them. If they stick to the plate - the product is bad if they scattered - good.

Video from TV shows "Test Purchase" on what brands of red caviar better

According to statistics, the main consumers of a delicious delicacy in the world are Russians. Nevertheless, we do not know that the red caviar is not red, but correctly - salmon. In addition, we often do not know how the price and quality of this product correlates. When there are several varieties on the counter, it is very difficult to choose something one, but high-quality. And in this you will help you the TV shows "Examine Purchase".

How to salute at home red caviar

This delicacy is not cheap and not everyone can allow you to buy a jar of delicacy to the holiday. If you are lucky enough, and you smoked red fish with jassays, then you can completely salinate at home. Jasteks are such bags inside the female fish, in which Ikrinka are located. But you will be confident in quality. It is done simply, the recipe is quite accessible and any hostess will be able to mask it. The valuable delicacy is better to cook from just caught fish, but if there is no such, then you can use a fleece of fresh frozen.

How to salute at home red caviar

For cooking, except caviar, you will need:

  • Clean water (well, spring, purified in bottles, that is, without chlorine),
  • Salt, you can take a small one, it will dissolve faster,
  • 1 Purified potato,
  • sieve,
  • Badminton type mesh,
  • 2 deep cups.

How to cook

Prepare and sterilize the jars in advance to which you will then fold the finished product. Lids also boil.

Prepare the saline solution. The amount of salt is not indicated, as it all depends on the number of caviar. But it is possible to determine the degree of concentration by purified potatoes, which is lowered into the saline. If the potato does not sink and pops up to the surface, then a sufficient solution concentration. If it drops to the bottom or still floats in the thickness of the solution, then you still need to add salt.


They pour warm water into another bowl, it should be warm, even closer to the cold. In warm (hot) water, eggs can burst and dissolve.

The next stage - omit the jaws in warm water, the film will melt on them and therefore you need to quickly collect caviar to the colander. You can proceed differently, pulling the jaws from warm water, they are carefully wiping through the grid (from badminton). So it turns out much faster to clean from the films.

Dissolve salt in water

Watering through the grid of eggs together with the liquid we shift on the colander and, gently stirring with a spoon, wait until all the water stalks. Once again, we check the films left and remove them.

Then, right in the colander, omit the caviar into the salt solution prepared in advance. It should be warm, rather cool. Carefully stirring with a spoon, keep in brine for 3 minutes, so it will turn out to be weakly salt. If you want to get more salty, then hold no more than 4-5 minutes. It is not worth keeping this time, otherwise the product will be very salty.

Then raise the colander from salt water and wait until all the water stalks out. To speed up this stage, gently mix with a spoon, and lay out on a plate. Here once again we check whether the films left or the burst shells left, finding them, we remove them.

Separate a film from caviar

Now we take a bit of olive or refined sunflower oil and add to the plate, gently mix so as not to damage the eggs. It is necessary so that they become beautiful, transparent, commercial species and did not stick together.

I lower the caviar in the saline

Ready delicacy decay on jars and remove for storage in the refrigerator. If it turned out a lot, we remove it into the freezer, where it can be stored up to 1 year. Turning out of the freezer, rearrange the jar into the refrigerator so that it gradually reassemble for 12 hours. If you get and immediately leave at room temperature, the eggs can burst.

Finally, a few words about how to store a red caviar. Because it is a perishable product, it is from the moment of packaging, during transportation and on the shelves in the store should be stored at a temperature of + 4 + 6ºС. After buying a jar is stored in the refrigerator not more than 6 months from the date of packaging. An open jar must be used immediately, or shifting the caviar into a clean dry jar and in a closed form you can still store 2-3 days in a refrigerator.

I hope that these tips will help you in choosing a high-quality delicacy and a holiday for you will be a holiday.

Enjoy your meal!

Red caviar from the fish of the family of salmon is considered traditional in Russia by a delicacy, without which it is almost impossible to present the New Year's feast. This product has a rich nutritional composition and a whole storehouse useful for the human body.

Nowadays, consumer abundance is sometimes very difficult to choose a really high-quality product at a decent price. In today's review, we will study the characteristics of seven popular salmon caviar brands, we take into account the reviews of ordinary buyers, as well as tell you what to pay special attention to purchasing.

Rating Top 7 brands of salmon caviar

As part of the market research, the 7 most sought-after stamps of red caviar were selected. Among them, we will choose the most decent samples for the family table to please close and enjoy the exquisite delicacy without prejudice to health and wallet.

  • "Avacha"
  • Putin
  • "RPK Nakhodkain"
  • "Made in the sea"
  • "Kamchatka Sea"
  • "Meridian"


Finished red caviar

Red grainy caviar from the pink salmon of the first grade. Secure on microbiological indicators, does not contain undeclared dyes, preservative antibiotics according to the examination of ruggedness. The product is made of frozen raw materials. Ikrinka whole, easily discontinued and homogeneous in color, without strangers. The high concentration of Jus makes the caviar of water, but does not cause special claims from taster.

Made according to the requirement of GOST. Shelf life: 12 months.

Weight, G. 95.
Energy value, kcal 232.
Composition Caviar, salt cooking, sunflower oil, preservatives (sodium benzoate, sorbic acid)

  • moderately salted;
  • without bitterness;
  • Large and elastic eggs

I bought a jar of this caviar and did not regret. Salt in moderation, not at all patched. The taste is excellent, on black bread with butter - sodium!

Avica caviar red salmon grainy



Gorbish grainy Caviar Gorbushi category "First grade" in a tight jar with a key. The ingredient composition is safe and corresponds to the declared one. Made from ice cream raw materials. According to the manufacturer, the caviar is made from the wild Pacific salmon in the Sakhalin region and in Kamchatka.

The standard of production is GOST. Product shelf life: one year from the date of manufacture. After opening the package, it is recommended to use for 48 hours.

Weight, G. 95.
Energy value, kcal 263.
Composition Salmon caviar, salt, vegetable oil, preservatives E200, E211


from 241 to 269 rubles to yyy

  • affordable price;
  • good organoleptic;
  • without harmful ingredients

In their taste, the qualities does not cause questions - not for sure. Ikrinka nicely burst in the mouth, as it should be. For me, too salted and liquid is too much, but for its price, the product is not bad.

The name has nothing to do with the Russian president. Putin (emphasis on the second syllable) means the season of mass migration of fish when its catch is produced on an industrial scale.

Putin Icra salmon grainy


Krasnaya Krasnaya "Avacha" - comparison with analogues

Caviar Gorbushi Grainy in Tin. Moderately salted, has a safe composition without antibiotics, dyes and heavy metals. Contains an increased amount of fluid from bunting eggs (14.4% at a rate of no more than 5% of the total mass). Ikrinka clean, without blood clots and films. The smell corresponds to this type of product. The composition contains preservatives, which the manufacturer warns on the label.

The product is suitable for 12 months from the date of production. In the open form is stored no more than 48 hours.

Weight, G. 95.
Energy value, kcal 232.
Composition Ikra, salt, preservatives E200 (sorbic acid), E211 (Sodium benzonat)

  • good organoleptic;
  • honest marking;
  • price-quality ratio.

The manufacturer honestly indicated that the product from frozen raw materials, it is only a pity that the place of catch is not indicated. For your money, the product is suitable, everyone liked in the family, ate for one sission, I would have bought it.

Preservatives E211 and E200 are present in almost every sample of caviar to one degree or another. Their use is due to the fact that such a product as caviar is not subject to sterilization. These preservatives are safe and allowed for use in the food industry, subject to the requirements for their dosage. They allow you to preserve the freshness of the product to 12 months and secure the consumer from the threat of poisoning.

Tungutun Icra salmon grainy

"RPK Nakhodkain"

Icra salmon "Putin" in the top of the best products

Salmon Caviar The first grade is made in the Primorsky Territory, the city of Nakhodka. Large elastic eggs of red with a golden overflow is rich in protein, phosphorus, fatty polyunsaturated acids and vitamins of groups A, D and E. Contains salt, sunflower oil and preservatives.

Caviar is made of frozen fish for technical conditions (TU) of the manufacturer. The product is packed under vacuum into a tight container with a key. Shelf life: 10 months.

Weight, G. 140.
Energy value, kcal 232.
Composition Icres, salt, preservatives: E200 (sorbic acid), E211 (Sodium benzoate)

  • little liquid;
  • Large eggs;
  • Excellent taste;
  • Whole grains.

Excellent product, Ikrinka to Ikrinka. The bank is filled with home, liquid is not enough that plus. Caviar is made in Nakhodka, which is already a guarantor of quality.

RPK Nakhodka Ikra salmon grainy

"Made in the sea"

Icra "Tungutun": Price-Quality

Caviar Gorbushi Grainy first grade in tin container. Ikrinka small, but clean and whole, do not glue among themselves. Frozen raw materials are used for production. It has a characteristic brightly pronounced fish smell and taste. Jus content exceeds the recommended values ​​(12.4% instead of 5%).

The product is suitable during the year from the date of production. After opening, it is recommended to use for two days.

Weight, G. 140.
Energy value, kcal 230.
Composition Caviar salmon grainy Far Eastern fish, Sunflower oil refined, salt, preservatives: E200, E211, E415 stabilizer

  • reliable labeling;
  • safe microbiology;
  • salts in moderation;

To taste good, Ikrinka is small in size, but integers. It smells good, for me brane, but not critical - but it's an amateur. Considering the weight of the jar 140 g, the price is very acceptable.

Made in the sea calm fish calf

"Kamchatka Sea"

Granular caviar "RPK Nakhodkinsky" in the ranking of the best

Grainy Caviar of Narki "First grade" in tin tire. Does not contain pathogenic microorganisms and non-marking preservatives. Grains are small dark orange shade, solid and without blood clots.

Made in accordance with GOST 18173-2004. The product is recommended for use within 1 year from the date of manufacture.

Weight, G. 140.
Energy value, kcal 263.
Composition Caviar salmon grainy, salt, vegetable oil, preservatives: E200, E211

  • low-salted;
  • Easy separated eggs;
  • good consistency;
  • pronounced bitterness in taste.

Icra is small, the texture is very gentle, the taste is thin, salt minimum. The taste liked, the smell without an extraneous dull, there was almost no liquid in the jar.

Kamchatka Sea Icra Salmon Grainy


Review of caviar "Made in the sea"

Salmon red caviar from the humpback category "First grade" in a glass container with a rejected lid. Contains a moisture-hold agent - glycerin. Antibiotics and dyes are missing. Jus content is minimal and corresponds to the norm of rumor.

Made according to the manufacturer. Shelf life: 12 months. In the open form it is recommended to store no more than 36 hours.

Weight, G. 90.
Energy value, kcal 260.
Composition Salmon caviar, salt (contains an E536 anti-cereal agent), Sunflower oil refined deodorized, moisture-hold agent glycerin, preservatives E200, E211

  • high-quality and safe packaging;
  • High evaluation of organoleptic properties;
  • minimum liquid;
  • Low-salted.

In my opinion, this caviar is an order of magnitude tastier than selling in tin cans. It grieves that there is little and expensive, but for the holiday you can afford.

Moisture Agent Glycerin E422 is frequently used in the food industry additive. It is a sweet trochatic alcohol, in small quantities, safe for human health. It is characterized by high moisture-hold properties to preserve the correct consistency of the product and the extension of its expiration date.

Meridian calf salmon grainy

Comparison of the best products

After a detailed analysis of each sample of the caviar, we propose to refer to the comparative table below. It contains the most important characteristics of the product that can be visually compared and summarized the preliminary results.

Model Weight, G. Energy value, kcal Composition Price, rub
Avacha 95. 232. Caviar, salt cooking, sunflower oil, preservatives (sodium benzoate, sorbic acid) from 363.
Putin 95. 263. Salmon caviar, salt, vegetable oil, preservatives E200, E211 241-269
Tungutun 95. 232. Icra, salt, preservatives E200 (sorbic acid), E211 (Sodium benzoate) from 257.
RPK Nakhodkinsky 140. 232. Icres, salt, preservatives: E200 (sorbic acid), E211 (Sodium benzoate) from 479.
Made in sea 140. 230. Caviar salmon grainy Far Eastern fish, Sunflower oil refined, salt, preservatives: E200, E211, E415 stabilizer from 429.
Kamchatka Sea 140. 263. Caviar salmon grainy, salt, vegetable oil, preservatives: E200, E211 from 557.
Meridian 90. 260. Salmon caviar, salt (contains an E536 anti-cereal agent), Sunflower oil refined deodorized, moisture-hold agent glycerin, preservatives E200, E211 from 560.

Lists of the best

It's time to draw conclusions and select the best instances of caviar in three categories. This can help the consumer in the future at such a difficult choice among all the diversity with the same type of identical, but different in the quality and price of products.

"TUNGUTUN" - ratio of price and quality

One of the most famous manufacturers of the Red Ikra family of salmon "Tungutun" does not always demonstrate a stable quality, but according to recent audits of "Roskachka", the brand has shown himself from a good side. The product was recognized as safe on microbiological indicators and received a high organoleptic assessment. Among other things, the product is in demand and confidence of buyers, and the price for the proposed quality is more than moderate - less than 300 rubles per jar of 95

"Meridian" - the best packaging

The only instance from today's rankings in the presentable glass container. Such packaging allows you to see the appearance of the source, evaluate the number of Jus before buying and thus not run into the cat in the bag. Among other things, this sample receives good reviews about taste, so it can be safely turned on in the top three.

"Avacha" - high organoleptic properties

Perhaps the most sought-after sample of today's rating, as evidenced by the number of estimates of buyers, mainly positive. Buyers highly appreciate the taste properties, smell and appearance of caviar. According to "Rings" there is an excess by the number of Jus, however, there were no criticism among consumer reviews of this parameter.

Tips for choosing calf salmon grainy in the store

Caviar Granular "Kamchatka Sea": price and brand review

Almost any product from fish and seafood is one way or another associated with increased risks of poisoning. The choice of caviar costs it is extremely serious and carefully: it is not necessary to keep on too low and marketing tricks of the manufacturer. This is what it is recommended to take into account primarily:

  • It should be borne in mind that salmon is not a specific type of fish, but a collective name. The salmon family includes: Keta, Gorbow, Keta, Narki, etc. Depending on the specific type, both the appearance of grains and flavoring qualities may vary. If the product is made in accordance with GOST, it obliges the manufacturer to indicate the type of raw materials - so carefully read the packaging.
  • In no case should the tin container and have external signs of any deformation. Try to press on the cover with the index finger - a safe package should not be rebuilt.
  • High-quality caviar should not freely swim in the brine: the packaging must be filled with grains. To check it, gently shake off the jar before purchased.
  • Explore the ingredient composition: there should be nothing in the composition, except for the caviar itself, vegetable oil, salts and permitted preservatives - sodium benzoate (E211) and sorbic acid (E200). It is not recommended for buying a product with the addition of Urotropin (E239) - it is recognized as toxic and prohibited for use in many countries.
  • The tin can must be marked with convex numbers, and not imputed inwards. Print marking should include the following information: Date of the Sign, the Sign "Ikra", the factory number of the manufacturer, the number of shifts and the index "P" (Fish Industry)
  • Finally, pay attention to the date of manufacture: Fresh caviar is produced during the spawning period - from May to December.

Comparative characteristic of red caviar.


  • Red caviar: what happens and how is different?
  • What calm caviar is the best, delicious, large, valuable, useful, most expensive?
  • What red caviar is better: big or small?
  • Ikra Gorbushi and Narki: What is better, tastier, larger, more valuable, more useful, more expensive?
  • Ikra Keti and Kizhić: What is better, tastier, larger, more valuable, is more useful, more expensive?
  • The smallest and largest red caviar: what kind of fish?
  • Video: Red caviar

Red caviar - Delicates, which is valued with its chemical and energy value. Now in stores a huge amount of such a product, and caviar differs not only at the price, but also to taste. The chemical composition is also distinguished. In this article we will tell, what caviar is the most delicious and useful.

Red caviar: what happens and how is different?

Now on the shelves in the shops of the most delicious and useful, red caviar is considered. It has a pleasant delicate taste and a small bitterness. The cost of the product depends on the variety of fish and taste. Also on the price of the product affects the amount of fish caught. The more rare species, the more expensive the caviar.

Red caviar get from the fish family of salmon. Now about 6 species that are used for product production:

  • Chavilla. . This is one of the most expensive varieties of red caviar. This is due to the fact that the fish is listed in the Red Book. The size of the iconic is the largest, about 7 mm. In this case, the product is characterized by light bitterness. Find goods on store shelves is almost impossible due to limited quantity. You can find this kind of caviar in Primorye.
  • Pink salmon. The most common view in Russia. It is found in any supermarket at a fairly democratic price. Taste neutral. The ikrinka themselves differ in the oil structure and burst with stirring. Product color bright orange.
  • Keta. In our country, the caviar of this fish is considered to be festive. It is believed to the class of suite, as the balls hold the shape and do not burst with stirring. In this case, taste can be with light bitterness.
  • Red salmon. In Russia, there are not so many caviar of this fish. This is due to a small amount of transportation. The taste of caviar is spicy enough. It is distinguished by bitter and slightly sharp taste.
  • Kicheh. Inexpensive caviar, as the size of the icon is small, and the taste is slightly grieved.
  • Trout. The caviar of this fish is distinguished by a pleasant bitter taste and a small size. It is found for sale often at a democratic price.
Red caviar: what happens and how is different?
Red caviar: what happens and how is different?

What calm caviar is the best, delicious, large, valuable, useful, most expensive?

All red caviar is obtained from fish species of salmon, that is, from red fish. As for taste, there is a controversial question here, because everyone likes his own. The most interesting thing is that the whole salmon caviar differs in size. Icra Chavochi is considered the most expensive, because the fish is very rare and its catch on an industrial scale is prohibited. At the same time, the size of the cheek is the largest and reaches 7 mm. The taste of this caviar is neutral.

The benefits of red caviar:

  • Enhances immunity. This product contains unsaturated fatty acids. They help improve immunity, increase hemoglobin and organism resistance to various infections.
  • Improves skin condition. This product is ideal for fine sex representatives. The fact is that caviar improves the condition of the skin, making it more elastic and young. Promotes the restoration of normal skin fat.
  • Prevents the appearance of Rakhita. A lot of vitamin D is a lot of vitamin D. It helps better assisted with calcium, preventing bone fragility. It uses the product, women after 50 years.
  • Improved vision. Icra contains vitamin A, which helps people who have bad eyesight.
  • Improves the nervous system. Due to the high content of fatty acids, the caviar helps to cope with stress and nerve disorders.
What calm caviar is the best, delicious, large, valuable, useful, most expensive?
What calm caviar is the best, delicious, large, valuable, useful, most expensive?

What red caviar is better: big or small?

It all depends on the preferences of the buyer. It is believed that the most delicious and expensive caviar with the large size of the eggs. The most popular can be considered to the Keta caviar. It is not the cheapest, but it has a neutral taste and a pleasant aroma. Does not grieved and perfectly holds the form. Irk size of such fish 5 mm. The smallest - trout, but not everyone likes her taste, as bitterness is often observed.

What red caviar is better: big or small?
What red caviar is better: big or small?

Ikra Gorbushi and Narki: What is better, tastier, larger, more valuable, more useful, more expensive?

Of course, the cost of hostility above, rather than caviar humpbacks. This is due to the fact that there are not so many product in Russia. At the same time, the cost of transportation costs are reflected. But the pink salmon is more neutral to taste, and does not have a bitter taste. But the ICC is a spike - spicy, is distinguished by a little sharpness and bitterness. Regarding use, the energy value and the composition of the products are similar. Icra has a smaller and useful. Due to the small size of the grains, the fish is forced to saturate each eggs with a mass of the useful substances.

Ikra Gorbushi and Narki: What is better, tastier, larger, more valuable, more useful, more expensive?
Ikra Gorbushi and Narki: What is better, tastier, larger, more valuable, more useful, more expensive?

Ikra Keti and Kizhić: What is better, tastier, larger, more valuable, is more useful, more expensive?

The taste and cost of these types of caviar is different. For the inhabitants of our country, Keta caviar is more familiar. Its taste is neutral, without a pronounced mustard. At the same time, the size of the eggs is large, but the shell is solid. Despite the small grain size (2-3 mm), the cazyuch caviar is more useful. It has more vitamins and minerals than in the Keta Icre. This is due to the small size. The taste is quite piquant and bitter. If you are looking for a product for a feast, the perfect version will be the Keta caviar.

Ikra Keti and Kizhić: What is better, tastier, larger, more valuable, is more useful, more expensive?
Ikra Keti and Kizhić: What is better, tastier, larger, more valuable, is more useful, more expensive?

The smallest and largest red caviar: what kind of fish?

The keys and keti caviar is considered the largest. Ikrine size reaches 7 mm. It is customary to consider Kichuga and Trouta caviar itself. Grain size is 2-3 mm.

The smallest and largest red caviar: what kind of fish?
The smallest and largest red caviar: what kind of fish?

As you can see not all red caviar is the same. It is characterized by taste quality and nutritional value. It is recommended to eat no more than 3 sandwiches with a product for all feast.

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Icra "Meridian" in the ranking Top 7

Ranking and Roskontrol summed up the results of the study of the Red Ikra Salosyov, in the banks of five trademarks experts discovered the substitution of the type of fish.

Red caviar in stores is presented in a huge amount: from different manufacturers, in different packages. Not surprising - this is one of the most popular delicacies. Unfortunately, according to the studies of caviar, which regularly holds Roskontrol, mainly this product is not only not high-quality, but also dangerous. At the same time, the red caviar is completely expensive. Especially insulting, posing a round sum, to get serious food poisoning - namely, it is threatened by the use of red caviar, which was checked by Roskontrol and Rings.

Salmon caviar: What to choose in the store

In the framework of the study, 29 popular trademarks of Russian caviar of salmon fish in the price range from 230 to 750 rubles per 100 grams and from 300 to 2000 rubles per package. The study included caviar of different types of salmon: Narki, Kizhić, Gorbushi, Kets.

Experts checked the caviar of 32 quality and safety indicators, of which: microbiological indicators - bacteria of the intestinal stick group, Kmafanm, Klostridia, Staphylococcus, mold and yeast, mass fraction of sorbic acid, sodium benzoate, the presence of cadmium, arsenic and mercury, dyes and preservatives, Mass fraction of sludge - Jus, and also evaluated organoleptic indicators of caviar: taste, smell and color, in addition - the amount of salt. According to the test results, the products of trademarks from St. Petersburg and the Sakhalin region became the best caviar.

Which red caviar is the best Which red caviar is the best Which red caviar is the best

"In the whole studied Ira, experts did not reveal molds, sulfituted clostrids, as well as pathogenic microorganisms, including Salmonella. In addition, pesticides and heavy metals were found - their source could become marine water and bottom sediments, larvae, nor traces, Neither excess of tetracycline group antibiotics, sulfonamide and quinolone groups, as well as Levomycetin, "said in the message.

Foreign impurities in Ires not a single brand experts also found.

At the same time, experts emphasize that indeed in every bank it turned out to be a real caviar. "Also, all brands have been perfectly inspected for the presence of dyes - as the tests have shown, none of the manufacturers told caviar with artificial dyes. To organoleptic indicators - taste, smell, appearance, consistency and condition - no comments did not have any observations - added in russia.

As for the species substitution of caviar, the test results showed that in most of the caviar, the claimed type of fish is not different from the actual. "The exception was the products of five trademarks," notes Roskhatka. At the same time, in the production of two of them, a pink salmon was declared, but in addition to DNA, the humpback experts found in this keta DNA and DNA. "As you know, Keta is more expensive fish, so the speech here is not about cheating of products. Perhaps this trace amounts of Keta, who came to the bank by chance in production," specified in the organization.


In the calamine of another brand (Narki caviar 1 grade grain salmon), in addition to the declared embarks, the specialists also found Ketu: according to experts, it does not look like a narrative reduction of the product. But in Ires, two more brands of the substitution of the fish type are more similar to the cheapestity of the cost of the product: the cheaper pink salmon turned out to be where the game of a society and rainbow trout were announced.

In addition, the study of caviar revealed the problem of growth of microbiological indicators in ten products, added to the organization. Thus, several trademarks did not pass on the bacteria group of the intestinal stick, an increased number of microorganisms (KMAFANM) was recorded in the Icrea of ​​six brands, goldstock staphylococcus was found in the co-brands. "These problems may be associated with temperature regime violations on the entire distribution chain or sanitary condition in production. It is important to note that the risk of buying a product with exceedances by these indicators is significantly increasing if the caviar is stored at a temperature above zero degrees," the russia noted.

Experts of Roskontrol on the eve of the New Year also conducted a study of red (salmon) caviar. From seven proven samples, one turned out to be a fake, two more - dangerous to health.

Samples of products of brands "Meridian", Salmonica, Aro, "Kamchatka Sea", "Tungutun", "Russian Sea" and "Russian Fisheries" were tested by more than 50 quality and safety parameters.

It was found that the "Kamchatka Sea" is not a caviar of his narki, as the manufacturer is declared. The product found DNA rainbow trout.

Based on the fact that Nerque is a wild and rare fish, while Trout is aware of aquaculture, there is a desire for the manufacturer to save and set a unreasonably high price of its product, noted in the organization.

In addition, an intestinal wand was discovered in Icrek "Kamchatka Sea" and Salmonica.

Red Caviar: Ranking Rating Red Caviar: Ranking Rating Red Caviar: Ranking Rating Red Caviar: Ranking Rating Red Caviar: Ranking Rating

Samples of brands "Tungutun", Aro, "Russian Sea", "Russian Fish Mir" did not correspond to the claimed first grade: their caviar contained a slight sucks - a liquid consisting of a tuzluk residue and the yolk mass of eggs.

And the caviar "Tungutun", in addition, turned out to be fermented.

According to the results of the expertise, Salmonica and Kamchatka Sea samples were added to the blacklist of Roskontrol, as incorrect security requirements, and the latter was also recognized as a falsification.

Caviar "Tungutun" is listed in the list of products with comments because of the proof odor and the taste.

Samples of products of trademarks Meridian, ARO, "Russian Sea", "Russian Fisheries" received only minor comments from experts and were recommended for purchase.

How to fake red caviar

Police and Rospotrebnadzor officers covered a large underground shop for the production of red caviar. On the new year's nose and this traditional delicacy is the same mandatory on the festive table, like Salad Olivier, tangerines or a bottle of champagne.

Of course, all kinds of adventurers and our story about one of the workshops of packaging, which later fell on the sheeks of hundreds, which later came to the counters of hundreds of stores, including large networks, could not go past the light money. Naive and fellow citizens, as well as forever chasing the pensioners, fraudsters attract the price of goods, offering 100-140 grams of surrogate for 160-200 rubles.

The video on which the entire process of manufacturing fake caviar is captured. Peziusiy in the conditions of absolute antisanitarian shamans are that then in the squeezed on the crust of bread the form falls into the mouth not only adults, but also our children with you.

On the New Year's table, it is customary to put a red caviar, but people rarely think about what kind of fish it is obtained. Roskkaya specialists told than Crair Gorbushi differs from oscra of Kets, Narki, Trouts and Kizhić, and also gave recommendations on the right choice of red caviar of various fish of the salmon family.

What is the difference between the red caviar of different fish?

Red caviar differs in size, color, nutritional properties and, accordingly, the price depending on which it is fish. Thus, the most popular caviar of the humpback is considered, since it is one of the most prolific fish in its family and its most often use manufacturers. Icres humbush have a neutral taste, the diameter of the eggs of about 5 mm and bright orange. Since Irk sheath is not very durable when the caviar is stirred, it bursts and forms a jox (Ichor Juice).

The second most popular - Keta caviar. Ikrinka large, correct spherical shape, about 5-6 mm in diameter, have a bright amber-orange color and a well-noticeable fatty german. Ketovaya caviar is often used to decorate dishes.

The caviar of the sparkle is bright red and smaller than the pink salmon (medium diameter - 4 mm). In Russia, this caviar is rarely found: we do not have a common fish, and the imports of nonsense to Russia is prohibited. The largest populations of the nights are found along the American coast (from Alaska to California).

The smallest caviar from all representatives of the salmon family - in trout (about 2-3 mm). The color is not only red, but also yellow and dark yellow. As a rule, Forelevable caviar is served on canapes and sandwiches, since its nuts sticky and fairly salty.

The last kind of caviar - from Kiju. Ikrinka measuring about 4 mm are dark red with a predominance of a burgundy shade.

What caviar is tastier and more useful?

The first place for nutritional properties is occupied by Kizhić calish, however, it tastes bitterly. The second in nutritional properties and the most popular from the point of view of taste is Ikra Gorbushi. Keta caviar like not everyone because of the too dense shell at the icon, and in Ires trout there is a small mustard and fish aftertaste.

  • When should a red caviar be made?
  • In russia, first of all, they advise paying attention to the production date of the product. Good is the caviar, produced in those months when the fish goes to spawning. If the package shows the date that does not correspond to the spawning period, then, most likely, the caviar is prepared from frozen jaws (thin durable frozen films with caviar) and loses in its flavors and nutritional properties. Depending on the type of fish, the spawning continues from mid-May to October-December:
  • The pink salmon on Western Sakhalin is mainly going to spawn in June-July, on East Sakhalin - in July-August, on South Kurilh - in August-September;
  • Keta begins spawning in the river Northern Primorye in August, and the mass occurrence occurs in the second half of September, October;

Nerque begins to enter the spawning in May, and he continues until the end of July;

Kizha slaves spawned in autumn and winter: in September-October, in November-December, and December-February.

What else to pay attention to the purchase of caviar?

It is best to buy caviar with the marking "GOST", as well as the Salosyev, manufactured in the places of traditional catch: in Kamchatka or Sakhalin. If the caviar is sold in a transparent jar of glass or plastic or for weight, it can be estimated in appearance. Ikrinka of the first grade should be integer, the same color and size and not slip. When charging the can, caviar should not instantly begin "crawling" through the walls.

On the bank should not be external damage and bloating. Caviar is considered not very high quality if there is a large volume of tuzluk (brine). To understand this, just shake the jar.

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On New Year's holidays, it is customary to decorate the table with a red caviar. However, do not everyone know that the beautiful name on the label "Callery Salmon Grainy" is only a common name for caviar of different fish species. To make it easier for you to make a choice, tell me today, what caviar is considered the most useful and tasty.

What is the callery caviar

Perhaps someone may seem that the whole red caviar is the same. However, it is not. Each species is different: starting from taste and ending with the color and size of the cheek. Ikra Gorbushi Most often you can find on sale. She has Delicate taste With barely catchy notching bitterness. Ikrinka medium size (3-5 mm), bright orange. Thanks to the gentle wall, the eggs are easily bursting in the mouth. It is worth noting that too big eggs say that caviar


And is not the highest quality. Icra of Narki. It has

Spicy taste with mustard.

Ikrinka are small enough (only 2-3 mm). Due to the predominance in the diet of a certain crayon, her caviar and meat have a bright red-orange color. Kizhi caviar The taste of caviar is distinguished by special piquancy, as in it

Mustard prevails.

Due to the fact that the catch of Kizhi is limited, caviar is not easy to meet on sale. Therefore, the price is appropriate. The color of the iconic closer to the burgundy, the density is average.

Caviar trouta

Since the trout is now actively growing, the caviar of this fish is not a scarce product, so it can often be found on store shelves. The size of the iconic is the same as in the bush (2-3 mm), the mustard is also dominated in taste. Keti caviar Delicious product

creamy taste without any bitterness.


Icres Keta are the largest eggs (5-6 mm), which means that it is more juicy, literally melting in the mouth.

  • What caviar is the most delicious and useful Red caviar has the following beneficial properties:
  • Immunity increase: Red caviar is rich in fatty acids Omega-3 and 6, which are saturated and strengthen the body. All this forms the protective functions of the body and helps it cope with various infections.
  • Strengthening the nervous system and brain: Red caviar is rich in such a trace element as lecithin, which has a beneficial effect on the work of the brain and the nervous system.

Rejuvenation: Microelements contained in Icrea contribute to the development of collagen, which is involved in skin regeneration and improves its condition. It is believed that the most delicious caviar must have the largest eggs, because they have a lot of juice. That is why many choose Keti caviar. In our assortment

Online store Presented a magnificent caviar Keta. It has a delicate creamy taste, which will not leave anyone indifferent. At the same time, Kizhi's cazhur is the leader in the usefulness and content of vitamins. It has the greatest number of different useful trace elements. For example, it is especially rich in

Vitamin D.

which is necessary for the development of bone tissue, normal operation of the thyroid gland and control blood pressure. However, the taste of cazyuch caviar will appreciate the connoisseurs, because not everyone likes the mustard characteristic of her.


Speaking about what caviar the most delicious, the exact answer is unlikely to succeed, because there is no taste and color - no comrades. If we talk about benefits, all kinds of red caviar are rich in vitamins. But still the maximum benefit from cawrous caviar. In taste, the caviar of the Keti leads. What red caviar do you like? >>

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