How to make from Lego Machine: 110 photos and video Description How to build a machine from Lego cubes

Almost all children like to collect figures from Lego. Motivate the child to such classes is quite easy, it is only necessary to create conditions. Arrange the Club Designer House is not expensive and accessible to everyone.

Initially, Lego designers are a toy for children. But over the past decades, Lego has long ceased to be a children's designer.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are buying collectible leggue, because this is a whole culture not only for children, but also for adults.

In addition, from the detail of Lego, you can collect various complex mechanisms. Including cars.

In each special set there is an instruction how to make from Lego Machine (for example, for drift).


To collect the designer, first of all, it is necessary to explore the instructions for making the machine from Lego to a special set.

Of course, collecting much more interesting without the instruction, but some sets of Lego are complex even for adults and cannot do without tips.


Take the box with the designer should not get all the details immediately. Most often, the manufacturer packs them in a certain sequence to reduce the number of questions about how easy it is to make from Lego Machine.

Before starting assembly, first of all, check the presence of the following details:

  • wheels (4 pieces);
  • wheel;
  • Doors (in the required quantity).

Next, you must compare the number and list of these parts with the list in the instructions.

Sore details by their purpose. Set special details, such as wheels, doors, etc., and the general (universal) details decompose in size.

For example, if you are going to make a police car from Lego, then it is necessary to postpone special details specifically for this type of car (flashlights, etc.).

Special kits

LEGO company produces designers within various episodes (hollow, city, etc.). From the details of these LEGO designers, you can make a military machine, for example, and many other models.

Also, on sale there are highly specialized constructors "Machines". Such special kits include a variety of varied elements and parts, including special purpose details: doors, wheels, luggage compartments, headlights, etc.

Such sets sometimes include special parts that can help assemble an inertial machine, moving independently with a small acceleration, and large part of Lego from which you can make a large car.

How to collect convertible

Basis of construction

In order to collect a convertible from a similar set, you must start with the creation of the wheel foundation. You can take a block eight to two.

However, you yourself can decide on the size of your car. Upstairs on both sides, it is necessary to place parts with axes to attach wheels (two size two).

Blocks are needed like this: on one side, capture only one number of foundations, on the other - both rows. On the side where an additional row appeared, it will be located in front of the car.

In the distance between the wheels there will be about five additional rows. We take 2 blocks with dimensions one by four and four to four and place them in free rows. In general, the whole design should have nine rows.

Next, we take a bar of two for ten and we have it from above the design so that the extra row is located behind the future car.

Then we take one block size one by four, two blocks with dimensions one on three and two red blocks in size one per one.

From the last parts, we make headlights, adding two blocks one to four to them, and we place them from behind the car. Blocks one to three will be placed on the edges of the free rows.

Additional details

Next, we set the doors, the hood and the back of the car. To do this, you need to take two blocks with dimensions one by two, two doors and a stepped block of two four.

Step blocks need to be installed in front and rear design, high blocks - in the niche appeared.

Next, attach the doors to the future car, directing the handles to the Farm. The trunk will serve as a high block size one by four.

In order to arrange the front of the car, you will need a hinged part with a width of six rows and two details of one one by one (they will become the headlights, the color is yellow).

The headlights are installed on a M-shaped part and place the entire created design based on the machine. Next attach the steering and other wheels.

The last step is to give a car finished look. To do this, you need to take smooth finishing blocks and close all the brick columns available to the eye.

In order to collect any design from Lego parts, perfection, attention and resourcefulness are needed. There are even the championships in the assembly of LEGO designers, to take part in which anyone can.

Stock Foto Machines from Lego

The designer is good and fascinated, so it is an abundance of crafts that can be folded out of it. For beginners, babies and even skillful builders there are a lot of ideas for design. But the boys are most interested in cars: large and small, racing and freight, simple and model ...

How to make from lego

? And it is not too difficult, with a description or scheme, step by step explanation, etc. With the designer, the guys will be able to design any existing auto options or build their own. Limited as a selection of automotive


They will interest lovers to play with the designer, invent and incarnate unique ideas.

How to make from lego

The following master classes will give answers to a frequent question: " How to make a steep car ? " Whether it is the fruit of a children's imagination or a really existing model, a selection will help the designer lovers enjoy the automotive process.

- LEGO cubes are excellent material for creating different autoodets for any technique. They do not need to act with the instructions!

- The process of automotive modeling with LEGO is simple and fast. Inexperienced beginners fascinating him to master, experienced - improve.

- LEGO machines do not lose their popularity, despite the wide range of ready-made toys and sets.

How to make from lego

Preparation of the "construction" site

Masters self-taught when creating machines from the designer love to experiment with form, sizes, color. But to work with what it is to work, find the necessary details from the existing, alternative to the original from the branded sets. If you want to repeat the model according to the existing instructions, you should make sure that the variety of parts should be presented at hand, so as not to stop at half-way. Or they collect around themselves what is, and are accepted for business! The minimum set for the simplest machine itself should consist of 4 wheels, 1 axes for their compound, parts for the case. Very convenient to work on Video "How to make from Lego Machine "Or connect fantasy.

It is important to choose a convenient place for construction! It must be spacious, with open access for light (or an additional light source). For small and rigging elements, you can take boxes or other containers. On the floor to build uncomfortable; Therefore, it is better to prepare the table. Construction assortment for

toys for boys

The Master folds in front of him, selects the required or size.

How to make from lego

How to make from Lego Machine. Model 1.

Next " How to make a car from lego "instruction offers the simplest vehicle version. For its axes, they take 4 wheels, 2 axis rectangles and a plate 4 * 12. In the future, in the selection of elements, they are focused on the magnitude of the remaining parts. To the axes (they are blocks with teeth on the sides) fasten the wheels. Thus, steam comes out in the form of the wheels connected by bridges. All mounts / connections should be well fixed and lay down to each other. The only exception is freely rotating wheels. Also during the work, check the proportional location of all structures and nodes.

How to make from legoHow to make from lego

For the body will need:

- 2 block 2 * 2,

- 6 pcs. 2 * 4,

- 4 things. 1 * 2,

- 1 PC. 1 * 4,

- 2 block 2 * 2 angular transparent,

- windshield,

- Steering wheel.

Cabin starts to front - hood. The basis of transport will serve a large plate of approximately 6 * 12. Next, they take two blocks 2 * 2. They put 2 transparent angular (can be replaced with one 2 * 4). The resulting node is fixed in the front of the car. Behind them is a rectangular block, and the frontal / windshield is installed on top.

How to make from lego

The cab is constructed from one rectangular element 2 * 4 and 2 pcs. 1 * 2. Also need a steering wheel. Blocks 1 * 2 put on sides 2 * 4. In the middle placed the steering wheel. The performed module is applied lowering windshield and secure.

For the body you need 1 pc. 2 * 4 and 2 pcs. 1 * 2. They are connected in the form of the letter "P" and installed on the base plate. From small bricks form boards and protruding back. Check that the elements on the edge do not perform, and were at a single level and was well attached.

How to make from lego

On the bottom of the transport, the axes with wheels are pressed. No details should interfere with their rotation! Behind the wheel of the car have a driver. If the instruction is redone under the model " How to make from lego military machine ", Then add armor, have a weapon in the bodies and make a reinforced hood.

For any of the options " How to make from little lego "There are several design tips:

- If the car is too slow or poorly driving, then you can replace the diameter of the wheels. Also correlate the situation by the formation of a new body. Maybe he is too cumbersome towards wheels and the ground overloaded.

- Specific value can be varied by experiments with the design of the leading elements and the chassis.

How to make from Lego Machine. Model 2.

Make a racing car - the dream of every boy. Let them help them carry out the following photo instructions " How to make from Lego Machine Racing " The necessary details will certainly be delayed in the box with the designer.

How to make from legoHow to make from lego

But how to play with a racing model without the finish line? It can also be built from LEGO on the proposed samples. Or come up with your own. Try, who will get more interesting?

How to make from lego

Model 3.

Next model inertial. It is driven with the help of ordinary stationery. Make it on instructions "

How to make a little car

"Will not work and will not cause difficulties. And the process itself is so fascinating as work on the toy

Tank with your own hands

. Boys will not be disappointed!

How to make from legoHow to make from legoHow to make from lego

Model 4.

It is impossible to bypass the police cars. Illustrated master classes will prompt several simple options How to make a police car from lego " And you can safely begin to build!

How to make from legoHow to make from lego

How to make from Lego Machine. Model 5.

And you can arrange real races, building drags, driven by balloons. Light, stable, low center of gravity. In the rear of the model, leave the hole where the ball is inserted. It is inflated and placed on the body, and the tail is kept with your fingers. The machine is placed on the racing surface and the ball is released. The air will quickly go out than the transport will lead. Everything is very simple! No more difficult than done

Keystone from the designer

Or a small house.

How to make from legoHow to make from lego

Combine with color solutions, design! Add Additional Details, Accessories. Change the appearance of your cars. The proposed instructions are just the basis. The rest of the invested your fantasy. Having 4 wheels at hand, a pair of axes and components for the body, it is easy to create any machine. Exchange in detail with friends, complete your collections with new cars!

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How to make from Lego Machine. Top -10 ideas with photos

"Already 0:

Lego quite well-known material not only among children, but also lovers to design as a whole. As a rule, in the formation of fakes from Lego does not arise difficulties, since it can be done absolutely everything from this designer, and today, the theme of our short review will be such an interesting and busy topic "as from Lego to make a car."

Typewriters are different

When it comes to the details of Lego, it's good when there is a variety and choice. If the choice of parts is limited, then you have to think and work with what is. At the moment we want to consider two options, the assembly according to the instructions from the set, and the self-assembly of the lego machine do it yourself.

Topics and ideas

Having said a few words about the designer you are of course you understand that in the assembly of the instructions there is nothing complicated, and now we smoothly treated our main body for fakes. For fakes from Lego, by the way, do special attention among children in the category of fakes in kindergarten and school.

And the parents are how much pleasure to help with work, there is no need to purchase paints, paper or other consumables. Everything is ready and is in access at the distance of an elongated hand.

For what cases may need a fake:

  • For work or presentation,
  • For the topic of homework to school,
  • For the development of motility in kindergarten.

What makes Lego so helpful?

  • Lego develops thinking.
  • Lego stimulates a small motorcy.
  • The lego designer is strong enough and easy to use.


IMPORTANT! Working with small details, follow the little children not swallow them.


  • You can leave a child one to play with Lego at the age of 3+.
  • Stimulates the child's imagination.
  • Expands the inner world.
  • Promotes the search for the passion.
  • Specifies the target task to get from the idea stage to the stage of development and completion of the fake.

This is not all that the LEGO designer is capable of, however, in this case, in this case, you are interested in the last item, namely, phased production, starting from the idea, ending with the finished product. Now, on the example of simple and interesting ideas, we will see how you can make a car house from Lego.

Police car

Surely many dream of becoming guarded by law and order or love the topic of catching "villains and criminals." Even take your favorite children's cartoons, which always accompany the topic of justice, the struggle of good and evil and justice.

A bright example and motivator can be a cartoon "ZverOd", which tells us the charming history of rabbishchi Hops and her better friend Nick. To melt the child, you can use this image and offer the idea of ​​creating a police car. How to make a police car from Lego, let's consider options for action.

To begin with, decide on the color of our transport. Canon cartoon police cars have black and white color. From this and repel, but if this color is not or the child insists on its fantasy - do not limit your imagination. Let the car be with the inclusion of bright, different colors.

Machine can be made big, or small, it should be paid attention to the number of available parts. If possible, make a convenient and compact model for you. Another question is when you work with a specific set of Lego. There we simply, you do not need to invent anything, just collect according to the instructions.

Similarly, you should approach the assembly of a police car, but, for the exception. Download or take a photo on which the machine model needs to be done. Firstly, this visually facilitates the child to the design, in the second, we will task the specific goal to stick to the color, the location of windows, scale and other parameters.

Where and what themes can make a car for a fake:

  • To work with traffic rules.
  • For professions, told, on what car the doctor goes, police or military.
  • For free theme.

As you can see, a lot of feed formats are quite. For additional ideas, you can take anything as a basis. Next, you just need to decide on the set of available parts and make the car from Lego.


  • Ambulance.
  • Fire engine.
  • Racing car.
  • Patrol services.
  • Fantastic machine.
  • Survival machine.

What interesting cars can be taken as the basis?

  • Lightning pop wines from cartoon "cars" and any other characters of the series.
  • Machine-jeep from the "Jurassic Park".
  • Original existing machines.


Please note that your fake from Lego can, how to contain the wheels and be made without them. It is not necessary that the car really went, although in this case the fake can turn into a favorite toy.

If you do not know what to make wheels or how to get out of the situation, when you need a machine on wheels, but you have an original typewriter on control or a small model, then take an idea of ​​weapons.

Creating a case for a finished machine

As you understand, work with the case will be volumetric, and implies the creation of an existing, ready-made basis.

Ideas can be how to make a car from Lego for zombie apocalypse from anywhere, but, for children at an older age, we offer an interesting motive how to make a car from Lego for the zombie apocalypse.

Zombies Apocalypse Machine

In modern cinema and shell, this topic is already quite widely known and does not scare anyone. With the dead, there are plenty of good-natured and interesting games, but now we offer you ideas for the subject of the zombie car.

On the topic you can find and see quite a lot of photos, where you can find inspiration and sample of what you want to do. Attention should be paid to the themes, since the machine can simply be feturistic or the machine can be modern, but with the addition of certain parts in the functionality. Which ones?

The subject of survival will tell you that the car should be large, where things can fit, spacious, durable, and most importantly, contain additional wheels, tanks with gasoline, water and so on.

In the version of the postpocalypsis machine, you can make a slope for assembling the machine from the rubble. Such a machine may contain several parts in one, such as in the subject of the film "Mad Max: Rare Road", or the machine may be frightened. It can be decorated with weapons and other details that will add a formidable appearance.

As you see, the topic of the machine for fake from Lego is quite large and diverse. Do not limit yourself and the child in ideas, try and experiment, create not just a car, and the plane car (the film "Taxi" immediately remembered Oldfagam fans).

Create and create the way you are comfortable and how you want your fantasy, and most importantly, then let's tell the child about your brainchild. Who knows, perhaps with this enthusiasm to be born the idea, and before you there will be the future architect of the new Formula 1 car.

Photo Examples of homemade machines from the designer Lego

Each new set of Lego is a joy of a gift, an enthusiastic game, free time for parents and a holiday for several days. And then the weekdays begin - tears from the randomly destroyed construction and small bricks throughout the floor, which hurts in the heel. Practical considerations suggest that the expensive designer has not worked as a cost. The game should continue, but how?

How to make from Lego car, house, robot? 6 secrets game with lego

How to organize lego design? The search for a response on the Internet gives a lot of advertising of children's circles. Details are not specified - you need to bring the child to the circle to find out. It seems that the design is a secret available only to selected teachers. But you have so many details - it's time to open your circle!

Children love to build from Lego, you just need to create conditions. If you figure it out - no obstacles, so that the child does the house of Lego-creativity. No need for investments or ambitious efforts. Home Design Club is available to everyone.

The following tips are not step by step guide. Rather, important techniques to circumvent the emerging difficulties. The child loses interest in many reasons at different stages of the game from Lego. Fortunately, there are recommendations of designers lego and experienced parents.

Lego - Instead of Montessori classes for children and meditation for adults

What can I think about an adult person who makes architectural structures from small details of Lego? It seems that he has a lot of time goes to sort the details and construction. Probably he does not do anything else.

Nothing like this! Tom Alfin wrote a book about Lego architecture and leads a blog. But this is just a part of his life. Tom is a programmer and user interface manager in Microsoft. And he is a traveler and photographer. Just amazing where so much energy and where does he find time?

This is one of many cases when Lego Fan is successful in other areas.

Lego cubes are not enemies, but friends of parents. With Lego, you can make a lot of useful and even organize home the developing game that works on the autopile. Lego bricks are able to replace expensive montessori benefits, teach mathematics, reading and music.

It is noted that children who are seriously fond of Lego-design, easily overcome difficulties such as "speech development delay". Training in small motility helps to master the mathematics and letter, understand solfeggio and play the first plays on musical instruments. They are more successful psychological testing in kindergarten or at school. Little lego fans are calm and balanced, tests show a high level of happiness.

The passion for the child Designer Lego is worthy of promotion and support. But adults notice that, starting their home club design with reluctance, they are drawn and starting to enjoy. Sorting parts, assembly, joint search of ideas - it frees it for time from endless adult worries and gives energy in the main job.

A modern man is difficult to understand what meditation is. "Sit as the idol" - what does it give? But a hobby that requires concentration and attention, relieves the cargo of the uncontrolled work of the mind. For a while you are completely immersed at the moment. Such an occupation treats better than any medicines and gives a powerful influx of energy.

And it is worth it from the simplest: to find time in your diary for sorting bricks ...

Store Store and Design Table

The biggest obstacle to the successful creativity - boxes with toys, in which the whole fellow, including Lego. It is impossible to build in such conditions. Children do not understand what to do with this mass.

Eliminate bricks in size in storage containers - this is the first step from which parents are usually started. Simultaneously with such a sorting, it is convenient to build anything according to the instructions. The son gives orders for the detail - Mom is looking for and gives out. It turns out cheerful sorting! Immediately it becomes clear what details are most in demand, and what should be kept separately.

To start well. But later it turns out: the containers are not quite suitable, the place for them is not quite successful, it looks like this system is not very neat. Do not stop. Read on to create the best of the available LEGO storage systems.

  • Sort the color. At first glance, it is illogical. But it is so recommended to sort the details of the designers. Big lack of Lego is a noise that creates multicolored bricks. No, it's not about sound, but about visual noise. Even decomposed in size in containers, cubes look not very attractive. And the children love when beautiful. Love when their handicrafts look neatly and stylish.

Megan Rotok (Designer Lego Groups and the author of Lego Adventure) noticed that while the details in one multicolored heap, children do not know what to do with them. When they are decomposed in colors - there is interest and ideas. Sorting in color inspires on creativity, so it is important. It is convenient to use wide and flat transparent containers. They have all the details on the surface, and they are easy to find.

In order not to complicate, it is enough to organize sorting at the most common colors: black, white, dark gray, light gray, yellow, blue, red, beige. Leave others in a common container.

  • Is it necessary to sort the part of the details? The design experience shows that sorting in size and type makes sense. That's just ... The designers of Lego About 4,000 species of parts . Each item is available in several colors. If each type of details are sorted by color and type, it is scary to imagine how many thousands of containers will need.

It is convenient to store separately small frequently encountered bricks. Tom Alphin, which we mentioned above, did directory At the most common small details and even pointed out the most frequent coloring (at the bottom of the page). Use them as a storage assistant.

  • Baby Storage System . It should be able to independently maintain order. Too complicated storage system, a lot of effort to maintain order kill motivation. Who wants to build, if then it is so difficult to clean?

Independent creativity will be in joy if the building material is available at the distance of an elongated hand. This can be organized using a special game table.

Solution 3 in 1: game table, temporary stand for ready-made models, organizer for storing parts. Here everything you need at hand. At your table, the child is building and reflects.

To organize such, you need a suitable table (for example, from IKEA) and construction boards of Lego. Building boards are attached to the table on superclauses or double tape. The textile fastener Velcro is also suitable. Ikeevsky tables are so diverse that there is a solution to any design and size of the children's room. You can embed organizers for storage.

Details may be greater than the table organizers can accommodate. Then at hand you need to keep the most sought-after.

To content

Take pictures ready-made models

Many children refuse to disassemble the finished buildings, painfully experiencing accidental destruction. But changes can not be avoided. Fragple buildings, because creativity is a process. Do not get tied, relative to change - this is one of the wise lessons of Lego. To keep the construction, it is not necessary to turn apartment into a dusty museum. Designers recommend parents to start a photo album for their buildings. So you can go back at any time. Models that move can be removed on video.

Instructions for Lego: Why store and where to find?

When the details are sorted, creativity is gaining momentum. Usually the child does not stop - he really wants to collect something ambitious. He is trying to come up with something himself, but it turns out not so beautiful, as I would like. Until the design techniques are not worked, instructions are needed.

  • Save the old instructions to Lego Sets in file folders. New is well forgotten old. If you saved instructions from constructors, you will always find excellent ideas for the design.
  • Download instructions on the manufacturer's website. You can choose by the articula of the model or the favorite series.
  • Look for ideas and author's instructions on .

In the children's circles of lego-design not only build, but also invent fairy tales. Try the same way. Choose songs that inspire role-playing and inventing stories. And then go to the next step.

How to collect lego without instructions

Lego recommends Trying ordinary pictures instead of instructions. What is your favorite child? Domok, robots, animals and cartoons of cartoons - everything can be collected from Lego. The assembly without the instruction is the next stage. For him, you need to master the main techniques. If the child collected a lot according to the instructions, he is ready for independent creativity. LEGO bricks are a storehouse of interesting chips and techniques.

How to make from Lego car, house, robot? 6 secrets game with lego

Higher Class: Create your instructions

Do you know that right now can you try yourself as designer Lego? The work of designers go legends, but one thing is clear: they use computer programs. Similar programs are freely available and free. Program LEGO DIGITAL Designer. Releases LEGO. there is Good analogs .

In this program you can easily find the necessary details (you do not need to search for containers) and make your own model. Then your actions can be reproduced as instructions.

  • So how to maintain interest in your home-based home club?
  • Organize storage of parts.
  • Sort the color - it reduces the visual noise and stimulates creativity.
  • Get the game Lego table - so everything will be necessary at hand.
  • Keep old instructions in file folders.
  • Start hunting for ideas: Pinterest, instructions on the manufacturer's website, ideas books.
  • Take pictures ready-made models.
  • Teach the constructing techniques on the instructions, then go to independent creativity.

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